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Energy games

September 15, 2013

I wasn't at the Pennsylvania Energy Games the whole day but when I was there a man who got up on stage before the performers started singing and one thing he said stuck in my head for awhile....

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Sep-16-13 11:29 PM

Oh give me a break Texas. Surprised you haven't quoted some scripture to me yet. I would assume you forgot the high prices of NG in the 70s and the shortages. Yes NG in the late 70s. Back then people were converting to oil because it was cheaper. Same thing will happen again as the demand goes up so will the price of NG. Ship it overseas, get more pipelines, fuel vehicles.The price will go up and up and people will come on here and complain. Green and renewable energies are the way to go. Sorry you don't see that but of course working for big oil you got the blinders on. Have a nice evening. and yes I am enjoying the clowns.

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Sep-16-13 9:58 PM

I almost forgot the material balance.......take domestic ethane and make ethylene instead of importing oil to make ethylene.

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Sep-16-13 9:51 PM


The clown is in the White House. He won't put forth a national energy policy that best fits the US citizens. Instead he provides expensive political favors to his political supporters and campaign money laundering businesses.

We ought to have an energy policy that focuses on domestic resources that are cheaper and technologies to reduce pollutants.

1. Coal and nuclear for base load power plants.

2. Natural Gas for peak shaving power plant loads.

3. Expand natural gas pipelines to residences to replace fuel oil

4. Expand natural gas to use in local, commercial vehicle usage (CNG)... Ie school/public transportation city/county buses, waste management trucks, city vehicles, etc vs. gasoline and diesel.

5. Expand propane for rural residential use vs. fuel oil.

You would rather kill eagles, other birds, bats, and insects, and have people freeze.

Why don't you go attacked the person that wrote the article on German electricity.

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Sep-16-13 8:34 PM

Enjoy your evening Rick. Watch out for the clowns.

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Sep-16-13 8:17 PM

Amazing bornhere, truly amazing. How is that energy independence lie the gas industry claimed when they marched in here. And here you have these two clowns. One that even works for big oil.

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Sep-16-13 7:27 PM


Good article; consistent with what some have advertised here in the past.

The poor will not be able to afford electricity; they will have to make choices between medications, food, and a warm home or lights; just what some segments of our population want. I guess that it is just another "justifiable argument", to borrow Rick424's terms.

I know, let's try a novelle idea to tax the middle and upper class to provide electrify to the poor. Everytime we raise taxes, the percentages of the poor in the US increases. NOT!

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Sep-16-13 7:01 PM

Google "Germany's Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good". Germany's headlong plunge into renewable energies (wind and solar) has now made electricity a luxury item.

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Sep-16-13 6:57 PM

Hey rick...check out Dominion Cove in Maryland on EcoWatch.

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Sep-16-13 9:15 AM

omg, erik....enough, you are the same old record over and over...we know you are the gas industry and that says enough about you! I could not agree more with the letter or LeisureSuitLarry, I live among the gasholes everyday and that is exactly what they are "gasholes". Gee I could think of a better word but it would be blanked out! The energy games were nothing more than propaganda by the gas industry..****e into the area,throw some bucks around to the people, lie to them, and then take away the beautiful life they had. Destroy the area and then leave and go back to what "Texas" the land of polution and no grass...lovely isn't it!

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Sep-16-13 8:38 AM

Rick, I agree and I'm totally against the export of natural gas in large quantities unless we are at the point where we have more than we could ever use. I just read an article describing how natural gas prices are starting to rise again, yet they are making preparations to have the capability to export huge quantities of NG. This is just wrong IMO.

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Sep-16-13 8:19 AM

Fine, but we are going to export this fuel, It is all about the money. Always. As for those wars, I have said that all along yet those on the right said I was wrong. Had we poured all our money in R and D during the oil embargo of the 70's we would all be singing a happier tune today.Instead we will wait for other countries to advance in green energies and the same thing will happen again.

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Sep-16-13 7:38 AM

Maybe if some of you had sons and daughters that had to deploy four or five times to foreign wars in the name of oil, you may feel differently about the steps this country is taking to be energy independent. We stick our nose in volatile middle eastern affairs because our only national interest is their oil that we are addicted to, and we think nothing of using our young men and women to protect that interest. Personally I would like to see the day when we can turn our backs completely on that region that has brought us nothing but oil and bloodshed. If that means making sacrifices here at home, then so be it. Too many have sacrificed a heck of a lot more than we are.

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Sep-16-13 7:32 AM

As for cutting back my carbon footprint, yes I have. I cut it way back and I am enjoying the extra money in my pocket.

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Sep-16-13 7:28 AM

Rick had land, he refused the gas people when they came knocking on the door. Several times. Rick no longer lives in the area. He sold his house and the land with the mineral rights to the new owners. As for the LTEs against the gas people before they got here? Well that is true, only because there was no interest in this area before that. Pretty much true with any subject.It doesn't mean that we don't care, just means must would not know what we are talking about.

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Sep-16-13 7:08 AM

The fact of the matter is, I never saw one letter to the editor or heard any complaints from the anti-gas crowd regarding drilling and fracking BEFORE it came to this area. Where were all of you and your concerns for the environment during the drilling of thousands of wells across the nation? Your goal for a moratorium on drilling in PA is pointless and insincere because you couldn't give two hoots about the drilling nationwide. That's evident in your silence on the issue up until they came in your backyard. How have all of you cut back your own carbon footprint that you speak so loudly against the industry? Have you researched everything that natural gas is used for and boycotted those products and services? I'm sorry, but your sudden concern for our environment doesn't impress me and many of you are going against the President's visions that you so highly admire.

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Sep-16-13 6:14 AM

I see Rick either has no land in play or he took a early lease and got one with his pants down. As for the Chesapeake that is a ongoing problem long before big gas got here so don't blame the black spots on the bass on gas as I as a avid fisherman have seen this spotting on the Susquehanna over 10 years ago. Probably from the people living on the creeks whose sewers are piped over to the edge. You who live near the creek or river will soon be subject to septic system inspection and possible replacement at your cost when it is found they don't work. Then you'll be glad to get some of that act 13 money and ill sit back and laugh when your refused and forced to pay thousands out of pocket. Sounds almost like healthcare being pushed doesn't it well anyway enjoy your day

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Sep-16-13 12:03 AM

ACT 13 is a joke, I have said that from the beginning. As for your other arguments, same old arguments that you use all the time. I call them justifiable arguments.

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Sep-15-13 11:09 PM

"protecting the environment, imagine that."--Rick 424


"Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, but the figure could be much higher, according to a new scientific study by government biologists.

The research represents one of the first tallies of eagle deaths attributed to the nation’s growing wind energy industry, which has been a pillar of President Barack Obama’s plans to reduce the pollution blamed for global warming. Wind power releases no air pollution."

And this is only eagles. What about the other species of birds and bats? Where are the death counts on them. You can see the increased carbon footprint (bodies) on the ground around the windmills.

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Sep-15-13 11:01 PM

"You are joking right? Let us talk about the property rights of the neighbor who has to put up all the crap from a gas well near their house because his neighbor wanted to exercise is so called property rights.--Rick424


Act 13 addressed these issues and increased the spacing of the wells from buildings, streams, lakes, etc.

I guess that it is okay to have a cell phone tower, electrical transmission line tower/lines, or busy highway next to your home.

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Sep-15-13 10:36 PM

Oh my Bobbie, protecting the environment, imagine that. This is a victory for the rights of those that utilize the Chesapeake.

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Sep-15-13 8:38 PM

OK show me how many cases of small time property owners that won against the gas industry. I am not talking class action. I am talking one on one. To make a comment that I don't believe in the legal system is just stupid. However I do believe if you have lots of money the better your chances of winning are.

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Sep-15-13 7:54 PM

Now we not only have someone that doesn’t believe in property rights, he doesn’t believe in the legal system. Yea, discussing anything with someone with a mindset like that is truly pointless.

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Sep-15-13 7:32 PM

Court of law, yea, good luck on that one. This industry has a strong foothold in this area. With the blessings of the politicians they can get away with a lot. As for tights, do I not have a right to piece and quite? or does my neighbor's rights trump mine? You guys and property rights. Whatever.

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Sep-15-13 5:43 PM

Tedeaux, well said. I used to bartend part time a couple years ago and we had quite a few gas workers from out of town that came in. I spoke with them at length about the effect that the industry would have on the job market. All of them were in agreement about one fact, they were having problems finding local talent because they either didn't want to work the long hours or they couldn't pass the drug test. Many that were sent here temporarily ended up having to stay much longer.

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Sep-15-13 5:01 PM


Thanks for confirming that liberals have no respect for property rights, one of the most fundamental human rights.

Instead, I am sure you see healthcare as a human right.

Liberal thinking on display folks!

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