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Pools and contractors

September 16, 2013

The Memorial and East End Pools serve their respective neighborhoods. I find it hard to believe that it will cost an estimated $1.3 million dollars to repair East End and Memorial Pool....

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Sep-16-13 6:01 AM

The problem is the people in working in parks and recreation are not pool installers and nor are they pavers and their work comes with no warranty. So that being said the city or I mean we the taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for any swimming pool or such period!!

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Sep-16-13 6:12 AM

It's obvious the two of you never used these pools when you were a kid. Either that or you are being incredibly selfish. Personally I used east end pool everyday I could during the summer, weather permitting, as did most of my friends. It's just sad that they find money for every other venture to build up center city or to try and attract tourism, but they can't find the money for the children in this city.

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Sep-16-13 8:12 AM

pools are wondergful for kids and young parents, We live downwind of one of the most dangeroouse chlorine plants in the ation, why culdnt we make a deal for free chlorine from this plant? they would be glad to donate the chlorine?? , anyone who ever ran a pool know this is a big expense with the size of these city pools

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Sep-16-13 9:27 AM

Pools are nice, but the city is broke. I know that money is being wasted elsewhere and it shouldn't be, but that's no reason to spend money they don't have on luxuries. It's a shame that the city has gotten to the point where it cannot maintain the pools, but that's where it's at and no amount of whining by the citizens will fix that. Williamsport is in a death spiral and you whine about pools. You don't need a pool, you need a plan, and the ones coming from the mayor and council won't work. It might be too late, but in case it's not, city officials need to get serious and stop playing stupid games.

BTW Mim, The big expense in pools is insurance, not chlorine.

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Sep-16-13 10:12 AM

We gre up just fine without a pool no one shot anyone because we didnt have a pool no one raped anyone because we didnt have a pool no one robbed and stole because we didnt have a pool and the taxpayers shouldn't be burdened in to paying baby sitters(lifeguards) because some parents are too doped up or hung over to entertain their offspring period. I wonder what the kids back in the 1800 and 1900s did for recreation? The government whether local or state or federal doesn't need to be in business period .....

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Sep-16-13 10:50 AM

The city and tax payers should not front the money for these pools, but capicorn if you are using the pool and concerned about the children why not do a fundraising effort and raise private money for the pool. And once the pool is open again would you support a $10/person/day admission fee so the tax payers that dont use the pools dont have to pay for it?

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Sep-16-13 11:56 AM

Fromtheport, I was talking about my younger years as far as using the pool. I understand money is tight. I just think it's sad after so many years of having the local pools for the kids to enjoy, that they have to eliminate them completely. Especially when I read about other projects this city takes on that doesn't benefit everyone either. Now they are using Act 13 funds for everything except what they are designed for, such as water lines for the hospital and YMCA and beautifying neighborhoods on Memorial Ave. Yet when it comes to having a pool for the kids, no money is available. I've lived in many communities over the years and a lot of them made activities for children a much higher priority than this city does. JMO.

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Sep-16-13 12:38 PM

Forced taxation for schools is bad enough for those without children in school. Taxation for pools - no way. Fill them with concrete and make them a parking lot.

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Sep-16-13 1:11 PM

Taxation for pools - no way -krazyk

But I guess you feel that spending 400k for unneeded renovations to bowman field ok? How many citizens actually go to bowman field for the games? I'm sorry, I think using the excuse of not using tax money for the kids because not everyone has kids, is weak.

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Sep-16-13 1:19 PM

I think the parents in this city should organize an event at city hall with all of their children so the mayor can speak directly to the kids and tell them face to face why he is taking their pools away. It's easy to slash things from the budget when sitting behind a desk, but not so easy when you have to look in the eyes of all the kids that he is disappointing.

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Sep-16-13 1:36 PM

Cap, Are you taking a lesson from Obama, using the kids for your political purposes? Citing stupid spending (Bowman field renovation) does not justify other stupid spending. If the money was there, I would favor the pools over the Bowman field boondoggle, but it isn't. The correct answer is not to choose between the two, but to spend whatever money is available on getting the city back on its feet. Rather than getting the parents to haul their kids to City Hall, maybe they could do something to raise money which they could then contribute to the city, earmarked for reopening the pools. That would be constructive, while your protest would be symbolic. Symbolism will not get your precious pool opened.

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Sep-16-13 1:55 PM

Cap, Are you taking a lesson from Obama, using the kids for your political purposes? Enigma

Now that's hitting below the belt. LoL NO Enigma, I have no political purpose or agenda. I just feel bad for the kids because I have so many fond memories of all the good times I had growing up and going to east end pool every day. And I'm sure that is the case for many in the city and I just think it's sad that we are taking that away from the kids in the future. Oh and btw, I was an avid Campana supporter, we grew up together. But I'm disappointed with a lot of his decisions lately.

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Sep-16-13 2:32 PM

Just an idea...maybe the city should sell these pool "properties" if they can't afford to maintain them. Maybe if they were run as a legitimate "buisiness" they could actually become profitable to someone who was willing to invest in the repairs.For example, look at the pool at Knoebels, always full of people, you know they make enough $$ to maintain and a nice profit.

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Sep-16-13 4:19 PM

I like grammie's idea. The city cannot maintain the pools at this point and if they go very many years without maintenance, they will be beyond repair. I too feel bad for the kids, but if feeling bad was all it took to open the pools, they would be open and new pools would be built. But it takes money; money the city doesn't have. Another idea would be to lease the pools to a private enterprise with the guarantee that the pools would be kept well maintained and open to the public.

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