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Rights trampled

September 17, 2013

I know the mayor really wants the rental property ordinance to be approved by City Council. The mayor wants his city solicitor to review the ordinance....

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Sep-17-13 6:22 PM

@enigma - I was really taken aback by the story. I cannot believe that's legal, and it's excessively punitive to the landlord. One time and the unit is shut down for 6 months? And this was done without the defendants being adjudicated. They were arrested and charged, and 2 days later, bam, apartment shut down.

I could understand if a law existed to help a landlord more quickly evict a drug dealer in the event the police are called and the person is caught with drugs, etc. and they're charged with drug dealing.

Also, what about a hotel room? Will that room be shut down for 6 months? What about government housing? In Lock Haven a few years back a guy was shot and killed during a pot deal gone bad, right in government housing. Would that apartment be shut down, too?

Until we get to the root of the problem, the people wanting and taking h e r i o n, this will continue to be a problem. Dealers go where the money is.

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Sep-17-13 5:43 PM

Sorry but you missed the Land of the Free because "the people got fat and grew lazy, and the vote is just a meaningless joke, we continue to fight a war overseas, but no matter who wins we never can pay the cost, 'cause there's a Monster on the loose, it's getting ready to loose, and we just sit there watchin'" Steppewolf- "Monster"

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Sep-17-13 1:25 PM

Sounds like conservative republican Campana is becoming a talk radio liberal - trampling our constitutional rights. I simply can't believe that after reading his Wikipedia page.

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Sep-17-13 1:00 PM

Cavefelon, I am so glad I wasn't watching that news report. My head would have exploded. Who in the world believes that punishing a landlord for the tenants crimes is a good idea? There are laws to stop landlords from 'discriminating' in renting and now we make them responsible for the people we made them rent to. If the goal is to drive all private landlords out of business, then it will work. That is even dumber than what Campana has come up with. Let's hope he doesn't hear about it.

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Sep-17-13 12:25 PM

I've been reading stories on WNEP's website about Wilkes-Barre and their attempts to curb the crime and shootings that have been happening with more frequency. Today's story is titled "Crime in Wilkes-Barre And Recent FBI Stats".

They have a 1 strike ordinance now, from the article "City leaders recently passed a new one strike ordinance, which they said should help curb crime. It means rental properties can be closed for six months if there is a drug or weapon violation at that location."

To my knowledge, the first apartment was shut down last week. I haven't seen a response from the landlord yet.

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Sep-17-13 11:25 AM

These ideas are just copies of ideas used by other cities, and they didn't work there either. Enigma

Exactly! The mayor nor his police chief have yet to provide hard facts from other communities that have this ordinance on how it helped reduce crime and change federal census numbers to increase grants. And you can bet, that if these positive facts were available, they would have been shared with the Sun Gazette and City Council long ago. I agree Enigma, these initiatives by both the Mayor and Council are a waste of time and money.

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Sep-17-13 9:43 AM

Did you see the front page article this morning where the Mayor took cheap shots at the top Council members? He sounded like Obama in his press conference yesterday. Shame on you Campana. This is not leadership. If you can't promote your plan over another by using facts, then your plan is bad and needs to go. Of course the plan from Council is horrible too, but that doesn't make the mayor's plan good. If these clowns are the best that Williamsport can do, the city is doomed. The Mayor wants to violate your rights, the Council wants to increase the size of the bureaucracy when they can't afford the one they have and neither plan would do a thing to decrease crime. These ideas are just copies of ideas used by other cities, and they didn't work there either.

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Sep-17-13 9:37 AM

Francine, you forgot your coffee before you posted. By the way, we are going back to the same reason we had a Revolutionary War. King Obama the First and the Lords and Ladies in Congress, above the law and enriching themselves on the taxpayers dime.

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Sep-17-13 7:10 AM

Hey, this is just a method of sweeping up data on everyone in order to catch a few. Gabe is well on his way to making himself a nice career in the federal government. I hear the NSA is hiring.

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Sep-17-13 6:05 AM

I believe we need not to pass any laws infringing on our rights although they seem to have a way of just pushing them through and then have no way to enforce them. It's very sad

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