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Tenant tips

Landlords and residents discuss state rental laws

September 19, 2013

More than 50 people, mostly landlords, attended an informational meeting on state landlord-tenant laws held Wednesday evening by the Williamsport Lycoming Landlord Association at City Hall. State Rep....

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Sep-19-13 7:19 AM

I was only there for half the meeting if anyone thought about joining this group this meeting clinched their decision to nix that idea, B O R I N G! If u becae a landlord yesterday maybe u w0uld have learned something?? The woman on the front page is not even a landlord, these people do not live in the real world.

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Sep-19-13 7:21 AM

Check tenants credit score on trans union?? Most tenants have a credit score of 2. Do these people really in the real world??

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Sep-19-13 7:23 AM

Epic waste of gas and time.

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Sep-19-13 7:59 AM

"One homeowner asked if there is a law limiting how much landlords can charge for rent as the gas industry has helped inflate rent in the area. Attorney Scott Williams said there is no restriction."

And this is why many locals can't afford to live here anymore. With the jobs available, how is a local to afford the outrageous amount for rent?

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Sep-19-13 8:01 AM

Mim, attitudes like yours give landlords a bad name. With regards to credit scores, judging by your opinion that all tenants have low credit scores, it sheds some light on the types of tenants you choose to rent to and why you are constantly complaining.

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Sep-19-13 8:11 AM

Don't tell mim that she rents to bad people, she rents to good ones....hahaha! Ones that stiff her bills and destroy her "nice" properties hahaha. Don't try to argue with her or debate. She doesn't understand rational thinking or logic. She only looks at her wallet. And if she claims that her places are nice and bashes the city constantly.....she doesn't even live in the city.

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Sep-19-13 8:13 AM

In my opinion from past tenants, their credit score was lower than desired to be able to get a home loan. Even tenants that have a good job or pay their rent on time still had a lower score. Mim was not completely wrong in saying tenants have lower scores. What I want Mr. Mirabito to tell all of us Landlords is the State Govt is enacting legislation to give us more ability to get our back rent from deadbeat tenants after a judgement in out favor! Help us recover our losses and in turn these deadbeat tenants wont do this to other Landlords.

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Sep-19-13 8:15 AM

So, landlords and govt are trying to work together on common problems that will benefit all concerned. And this is a bad thing because.....? Some reality: There are always going to be those who have difficulty finding shelter within their means. This is just the way it is. Often this is brought on by life choice--education, training, having children either at a young age or out of marriage. Choices have consequences and no amount of feel good programs can alter that. 2. A rental is an investment. The landlord has every right to maximize his investment, get in the game if you want to rent at lesser rates.

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Sep-19-13 8:27 AM

as alway s caprihorny and magic merlin are missing the point, i am not even gonna waste my time I love u guys as a mom would love a naive 2 year old.

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Sep-19-13 8:47 AM

I believe it is you Mim, who is missing the point. You claim to have great rental properties, yet crime just seems to happen in the neighborhoods you do business in. You claim to have great tenants, yet you complain about repairs and being stuck with water bills. You constantly gripe about Williamsport and its governmental practices, yet you live in DUBOISTOWN! Sell your properties and stay on your side of the river!

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Sep-19-13 9:00 AM

Mim, the bottom line is you choose to be in the business of property management. Unless you went into the business with blinders on, you should have known both the pros and the cons of that business. I'm also quite sure you take advantage of the numerous federal tax write offs at the end of the year such as advertising, depreciation, mortgage interest, professional services such as attorney fees and maintenance expenses. There are also many property management services that you could utilize that do the leg work for you as far as finding good tenants and managing your property. Of course that comes at a price so I guess it's just easier to do it yourself and complain about it.

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Sep-19-13 9:11 AM

Sheeezzzz back...for some comic relief!!!!

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Sep-19-13 10:39 AM

And they walked away still baffled and confused sorta what mirabitoweiner is all about clueless

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Sep-19-13 10:42 AM

Well if you read the sungazette the gas play is having no effect on the economy so their shouldn't be a shortage of places to rent affordably and I just read that today

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Sep-19-13 11:19 AM

Uh oh mim! You have been just given facts about your rentals, statements you've made, and situation. Are you going to debate logically and smartly? Or are you going to name call and act like a child? I'm guessing the latter!

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Sep-19-13 6:10 PM

I'll tell you what's pure BS from a landlord's prospective. If I steal an 85 cent candy bar from Wegmans I get arrested, charged with retail theft and have to stand in front of the magistrate. When convicted I have to pay fines/restitution, etc. Tenants can steal hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from me with no repercussions at all.

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Sep-19-13 6:33 PM

Every business has risk involved! If you don't want to be landlord knowing those risks then don't go into that business. Yes it's horrible when tenants don't pay an you lose money but that comes with the business.

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Sep-19-13 7:18 PM

The police and courts mitigate risk other businesses face. The offender is brought to trial and forced to pay restitution. A tenant can run up a bill well over a thousand dollars, breaking/stealing items in my house and the police can't do a thing about it. Why is it perfectly fine to force someone to repay a retailer for a stolen candy bar yet no one does anything when over a thousand dollars is taken from me?

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Sep-19-13 7:32 PM

You chose that business! You know the risks! Plain and simple if you don't wanna be stuck with damage or loss of money rent to better people or get of the business. What about me? What about mine? I'm tried of people whining about this, take the lumps that comes with the business or don't rent to people of section 8. If not not get out of the business

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Sep-19-13 8:00 PM

So magic, let me understand what you're saying...if you owned a store, someone came in and you provided a service then the customer failed to pay you would just say 'oh well' and do nothing about it? Something tells me you would prosecute. With the help of local law enforcement. Other businesses get this assistance and hardly anyone dare steal from a storee. But its fine if its from a landlord? Fuuccch that.

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Sep-19-13 8:39 PM

Justsomeguy, good point why is it stealing and a crime when it is a retail buisness but not a crime when you dont pay the landlord.

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Sep-19-13 8:42 PM

Guy, I have some rentals and pay a realtor to do background checks, credit checks and draw up the contracts. It costs a few bucks but is worth every nickle. It allows me to charge a better rent and get better tenants.

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Sep-20-13 1:00 AM

To those crying about rental prices from the gas industry, do you think it is right for the gov't to step in and control the rent prices?

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Sep-20-13 7:42 AM

Justsomeguy, good points from you. I feel the same way. Magic1, getting shafted from deadbeat tenants is not the risk of this business. Renting homes to families who need them is what this is about. Having a good relationship with the tenants, everyone parting on good terms is. Maybe thats my pipe dream, buts that how it should go. The only problem I have with my rentals are the ones in the City, go figure. All in all I still try to provide a good home with minimal problems.

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Sep-20-13 9:33 AM

Rick Mirabito is concerned about his wallet as any landlord is. Just for the record, no one has any right to stiff the landlord, destroy his/her property and think that is acceptable behavior. Question for anyone......what is this rental ordinance really about????

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