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Open Carry

September 24, 2013

After seeing a couple of stories on F/B about people over-reacting to residents openly carrying their firearms, I need to comment....

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Sep-26-13 9:05 PM

Yeah Bobbie we understand how much of a propagandist tool you are.-CMReeder

It is a sad state of affairs, but I believe it is all she has got. I would not doubt that her goldfish flushed itself down the toilet just to get away from her. Have a nice night-Scott

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Sep-26-13 7:55 AM

Yeah Bobbie we understand how much of a propagandist tool you are.

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Sep-25-13 8:30 AM

You know if you go looking for trouble and expect trouble you are going to find it.

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Sep-25-13 7:09 AM

I am a proud liberal and understood perfectly what you said.

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Sep-24-13 11:58 PM

Had to think about that one MSG. If a guy walked in to a restaurant and started shooting I suppose that would be good to have someone there with a gun, I guess a trained security guard would do. But on the other hand this could turn out to be a shoot out and more people could get hurt. there are arguments for both sides but my view stands, if someone is carrying a weapon in plain view I am leaving.Could you imagine guns in bars? talk about the old west. Here is another scenario, suppose two law abiding citizens in a restaurant, carrying legal firearms get into a heated argument? Now you have a situation that could become deadly, even for the innocents. My scenario is just as valid as yours.

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Sep-24-13 11:16 PM

So Rick, would you rather be in a restaurant with a crazy with a gun who starts shooting and nobody else is carrying, or would you rather have others with the option of carrying to defend you and them at the same time?

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Sep-24-13 10:47 PM

You too Rick...

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Sep-24-13 10:38 PM

Just looked, you are actually have a better chance being injured by a bullet than by lightening. Cap, if I may call you that, I have my opinion and I won't change, you have yours, I will leave the restaurant. I am not mental, although my wife might disagree. Have a pleasant evening

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Sep-24-13 10:25 PM

Like I said Rick you are certainly free to have the feelings you do with regards to carrying guns. But I will sat that you probably have a better chance being struck by lightening than being involved in a shooting resulting from some crazy person that just goes off and starts shooting people. The fact of the matter is, if you research the statistics, law abiding people that are legally carrying weapons are not the ones that are the cause for your concern. And as far as carrying them openly, I can almost guarantee you that criminals choose to conceal them.

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Sep-24-13 10:13 PM

"What I do fear are the crazies that own guns."-Rick424

See Cap, you try to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and he promptly removes any doubt. He believes that only 'crazies' own guns. That's his rationalization that he's not afraid of guns. He says it's not the guns, it's the crazies that own them. Classic displacement. But he's not mentally ill, not at all. At least he's convinced.

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Sep-24-13 9:51 PM

And Bobbie, just one thing,

Bobbie said on September 21, 2013 "Sorry Gunny, I'm not really interested in respect..."


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Sep-24-13 9:46 PM

Capricorn1, thank you for reason, but I have never had any issues with guns, They were not in my home when I grew up and they were in neither of my grandparents. I have never personally witness any crime by a gun. My brother does not own guns but my sister does, both are die hard Obama hating conservatives, if that means anything. I have no problem with guns, in fact some are pretty cool. What I do fear are the crazies that own guns. The formal police chief of Gilberton comes to mind. If I am in a restaurant and that guy with a gun snaps for what ever reason that is what I fear. So call me mental, if I see that gun I am leaving that place of business and never coming back.

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Sep-24-13 9:15 PM

I may be mistaken, but I believe Rick may be embellishing somewhat regarding his stance on this issue in order to make his point. The reason I believe that is because Rick was a member of the armed forces and was required to be proficient with his weapon. I don't think he fears guns, but he may have had the unfortunate opportunity in his past to see the results of a gun's power. I don't think he has any mental issues, he just chooses to distance himself from any memories he may have. I believe he's a rational person and he knows there's a very good chance that he comes across people all the time that may have concealed weapons, he just strongly believes that people shouldn't choose to reveal them. That's your choice to feel that way Rick, but please don't label anyone that chooses to carry. They are not irrational or out to kill anyone. Most do it to so that they feel safe and they want their loved ones to be safe.

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Sep-24-13 8:55 PM

Tell me if an Muslim looking person came walking through your neighbor carying an assault rifle, would you smile and wave?---CREEDER

Please tell everyone what a "muslim" looks like. That statement is about as as brilliant as the LTE's you are constantly sending to the SG!

A muslim is someone who adheres to ISLAM and can be ANY color or ANY nationality.

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Sep-24-13 8:34 PM

Rick, Your extreme and irrational fear of guns indicates that you do have a mental health problem. All irrational fears are mental health problems. If you have a fear which doesn't allow you to function normally, i.e. leaving a restaurant because of some perceived, but non-existent threat, then you have a problem. Fortunately, it is treatable, but like most mentally ill people, you will deny that you have a problem and will not get treatment. There is no reason to deny it. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. The only shame is in not getting treatment.

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Sep-24-13 8:33 PM

Rick, leaving a restaurant in the middle of a meal because you see another citizen has a weapon on his side is irrational behavior.

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Sep-24-13 8:31 PM

"Ah, Shaman, wasn't it you who pointed a gun at an unarmed female a little while ago and claimed "self-protection?" Your argument here is invalid." - twinder

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I see a nerve has been struck. Looks like there are a few people who know what twinder is referring to.

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Sep-24-13 8:22 PM

Assumption Ritty, my apologies. I have no problem sitting by the kitchen. In fact during cold months that is a great place to sit. Oh I don't have a mental problem, that, apparently, is an assumption on your part. Unless of course your into name calling as some are on here.

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Sep-24-13 8:03 PM

Who said I wouldn't go if there were no guns allowed? Try arguing the facts. I don't choose with whom I do business based on their gun-control stance.

Are you afraid to sit by the kitchen? Couldn't a cook come out with a big knife, grab you by the comb-over, and slit your throat? If you sit back-to-back with the gun carrier, is that OK then since you can't see the gun?

You have a mental problem. Period.

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Sep-24-13 7:07 PM

My wife and I would pay the bill and leave, ritty, and never return. Just as you would not go in if they told you no guns, so who is correct? So it is not such a ridiculous statement after all if the shoe was on the other foot.

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Sep-24-13 6:53 PM

Hey rick, I wanted to let you know this summer we rented a house on Lake Erie and the owners had a sign in the home that said "No guns were permitted in the rental house or anywhere else on the property". So I had to leave mine in the car. That was the first time we had ever run into that.

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Sep-24-13 6:21 PM

enigma, I have to trust them, and I do. The guy sitting next to me in the restaurant I would not. You are wrong on the Obama comment quick research shows me something different, more of a big business problem and was it not the republican controlled congress that wanted to cut funding for police across the nation while Obama wanted to increase their presence?

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Sep-24-13 6:18 PM

"If I am in a restaurant and a guy/woman sits at the table next to me with an open firearm, I will asked to be moved, or leave the restaurant." —Rick424

Stunning. That has to be the most ridiculous statement I've read on these pages, topping even your other assertion that "NRA members are terrorists." If it was my restaurant, your only option would be the latter.

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Sep-24-13 6:06 PM

"I don't believe most gun owners train all that much."-rick424

If that's your concern than you should run from most police officers. Most of them do the minimum training required, which for most departments is once per year, and with the ammo shortage (Thanks Obama) many departments are cutting back even on that. That probably accounts for why we hear of times officers fire 50 or more shots to stop one criminal and sometimes take out innocents in the process. But if that's what makes you feel safe....? I prefer shooting to be a bit less random, more focused on the bad guy.

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Sep-24-13 6:03 PM

Capricorn1, that is a fair question. Yes I would have done my duty for my country and killed the supposed enemy. I was trained to do that. I would have followed orders. Would I have felt quilty? Absolutely. I would see the faces of every father, son, mother, daughter and it would haunt me the rest of my life. Fortunately I was not faced with that as I was in the ASA branch of the Army and although I was in Southeast Asia I never saw combat. As for going into the Army ? I had no choice as my lottery number was under 20. So I elected to get as much schooling as I could.

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