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Gas money?

September 28, 2013

So far I have and many others have not seen the gas companies money being distributed to take care of property taxes and other items in our city being issued....

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Sep-30-13 11:14 AM

It is the state fault that the impact fees are not spread out evenly. the water is not going to be destroyed either. yes some times accidents happen, just as any thin else. The gas industry has created so may jobs and helped so many locals. Sadly due to our greedy government there is not many gas jobs left around here. They have moved on out. So the local economy will go back down the drain where it was. There is so many people that only listen to one side of the story, get both sides!! All the documentaries that have been done that people are actually watching is the cons and one sided views! GET BOTH SIDES! This is why our communities are so divided on this issue.

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Sep-29-13 7:26 AM

The impact fees are just like the tobacco settlements. They were supposed to go for education, prevention and medical care. It was just another pile of money pols used to stay in office. This is what happens when you put your trust in politicians. Why do so many fail to see that?

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Sep-28-13 4:26 PM

Soon our grand kids will be pledging their allegiance to the republic of china

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Sep-28-13 4:23 PM

Wow so many people disagreed with the Ed Rendell post I made. Do you people forget what happened here for the reason you disagree it's plain and simple that old porky Rendell promised the elimination of property tax with gaming revenue it's all their in black and white and he stood at the slop trough preaching to all the morons I mean lying to the ill informed voters who voted him in office and their has been no repercussions only thing is philly getting the revenue to pay for transportation to bring their trash here and dump it on us

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Sep-28-13 12:21 PM

I had to also laugh at " city being rundown like Pittsburg " if your referring to little Philly aka Williamsport you already have a problem and its not gas.

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Sep-28-13 9:38 AM

M. Aderhold,

Your ire seems to be aimed at the gas companies. Why? They have paid their taxes; they can not help it if the taxes haven't been used to fund the activities that you think are priorities.

I would suggest that you channel your energy towards the public officials that are responsible for allocation of funds.

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Sep-28-13 9:34 AM

radioactive.. thank you too, I guess I got tired of all the bickering, anyway I'm off to the farmers market everyone enjoy your day!

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Sep-28-13 9:33 AM

I have long said ACT 13 is a joke. I am glad to see others finally agree. It was never intended to lower property taxes. The county I now live in receives money and I have no idea why because there is no drilling. I do feel that people should be compensated for loss in property value do to drilling in their neighborhoods and paying for water because their own water supply is now no longer usable.

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Sep-28-13 9:32 AM

Could the State just be "banking" the deposits in Bucks and Montgomery counties? You know, bring them on line later to maintain gas industry money and jobs in the State? Don't over-react!! Just a thought here..........

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Sep-28-13 8:22 AM

Thank you gavin, coming from you that means alot.

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Sep-28-13 8:10 AM

BornHere, although you and I disagree on the drilling here in our state, the one thing I can say is that your posts are very hard to debate against as they are usually based on fact and not emotion. I have a lot of respect for your posts.

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Sep-28-13 8:02 AM

I know why I got the disagree gavin, I obtained my information from The Marcellus Drilling News July 1, 2012.

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Sep-28-13 7:53 AM

Not sure what the disagree was for on BornHere's comment, but did anybody really believe that the Philadelphia area wasn't going to get a cut?

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Sep-28-13 7:53 AM

We all know that if you give more money to politicians, they act like crackheads and waste it in short order.

The answer is not higher fees, but better fiscal management.

But too many never ask for fiscal responsibility of the crackheads we have elected (from both parties).

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Sep-28-13 7:51 AM


Every county gets some impact fee money.

It was the only way to get votes to pass the impact fee.

I agree it is stupid and the money should stay close to the activity, but there is no perfect solution.

The other alternatives were far worse and would have resulted in more waste of impact fees with less going to the most affected areas.

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Sep-28-13 7:38 AM

Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law a moratorium on drilling until 2018 in the Southeastern part of Pa. for the counties of Montgomery and Bucks.

The reason for the moratorium is so scientists and engineers can better study the gas deposits and that the counties MUST be given the opportunity to have a greater say about things happening in their backyards.

So these area's have zero drilling and zero impacts but still received ACT 13 money when they should have received NOTHING.

Bucks County-$524,925 Montgomery County-$673,442

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Sep-28-13 7:37 AM

I got an idea lets just pass another law raising the tax high enough for pork barrel spending so that eventually we just push the industry out of here and we go back to being 100 percent relying on our foreign neighbors for heat

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Sep-28-13 7:32 AM

Funny that fat slob you voted in as governor also promised the slots would abolish property taxes so how that working for you and fat boy Rendell

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Sep-28-13 7:27 AM

"We're actually agreeing....I think?" - Francine

A few minor differences, but we're pretty close.

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Sep-28-13 7:17 AM

The local Governments have a pretty wide area in which the funds can be used. -Gavin

And that is exactly my point.

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Sep-28-13 7:16 AM

Francine, I do not care if the fee is increased or not (although in my opinion, it would be nothing more than a grab at some "free money"), but let's not fool ourselves, giving a Government entity more money isn't going to lower taxes, they are just going to find new ways to spend it.

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Sep-28-13 7:14 AM

Francine I think you got Shaman's comment confused with mine. No worries, we all make mistakes.

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Sep-28-13 7:11 AM

Understand Cap, but the infrastructure improvement doesn't have to be anything that was impacted by the drilling. The local Governments have a pretty wide area in which the funds can be used.

A lot of the spending looks like it is those "wish list" projects, i.e digitizing the Prothonotary's Office records, funding for the jersey Shore Library, etc.

Give a Government more money, they will find a way to spend it. If you think they will cut taxes with it, Santa Claus will be here in a few months.

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Sep-28-13 7:11 AM

Don't pull a Hilfirty here Capricorn1! Everyone,including you, knows that the roads in and around Williamsport and Lycoming county have deteriorated significantly in the last 5 years. Why hasn't the impact fee kept up with that? -Francine

What the heck are you talking about? Have you even read my comments? I've already stated a couple of times that this Act 13 money is being used for projects that it was never designed for and that areas that have been impacted are not being attended to, such as roads and bridges. Is the impact fee sufficient to cover all the infrastructure affected? I don't know since much of the money is being funneled out for purposes it was never intended for. And as Gavin stated, you can't blame the determination of all the roads in Williamsport on the industry because they have been in bad shape for a very long time. And in all honesty, roads in outlying areas are affected a heck of a lot more than those here in town.

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Sep-28-13 7:03 AM

Wlliamsports and the surrounding roads were crap before the gas industry got here. The tax base of the area and state have not been able to keep up with the increasing costs associated with road repair.

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