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Rental law goes forward

Ordinance goes to council

October 2, 2013

A proposed city rental ordinance, meant to combat drug and firearms crimes and improve neighborhood quality by monitoring who’s living in rental properties, took a first step Tuesday....

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Oct-04-13 9:08 AM

jsteg47 sorry,I don"t have any rat holes?? for u to rent, pictures of all may units are on facebook Williamsport landlords, I wouldn"t rent to u for several reasons, sour grapes??

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Oct-03-13 10:25 PM

A few years back I looked at an apartment owned by this Mim lady, what a rat hole, needless to say I instantly declined, and the fact that she is in ANY landlord advocate group, well, what a joke, a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

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Oct-03-13 12:37 AM

THEN theres going to be a homeless issue, because no one will rent to people, and people will be out on their hind parts. or, someone like MIM will have a personal problem with their tenant and FIND a reason to evict now that she has the backing of the police... yep, i see the pros AND the cons.

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Oct-02-13 3:20 PM

Magic, How? I'm not disagreeing with you that that's how it should work... but where does that information come from? I don't see anywhere in the ordinance proposals or discussions where that point has been addressed.

If after 3 offenses you can't rent from anyone in the city... YES... that WILL resolve the problem. Otherwise, it's just a revolving door.

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Oct-02-13 2:35 PM

It's not a revolving door! Obviously the next landlord would have the records of the renter and know they are a problem and can choose not to rent to them. Instead of finding out after the fact when you're stuck. That's the point of the ordinance to drive the problem people out.

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Oct-02-13 11:58 AM

I don't understand.... what are the people who are getting thrown out of the house suppose to do?

So, as a landlord I have 3 tenant offenses at my rental. I evict the residents. Now what? They go rent somewhere else.

How has this solve the problem? There will just be a revolving door.

And what happens if John Doe is the one who has the drug complaints? Do we also evict Jane Doe and Jr. Doe?

Finally... if there are 3 or more gun or drug violations in a 6 month period... why is this person not in jail???

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Oct-02-13 11:32 AM

Again, the mayor is saying that renters are the cause of all of the crime in the city. I really take exception to that statement. I rent, I pay my taxes, I work hard in the city and I and my family participate in our neighborhood watch. We don't want crime in our neighborhood. But, I guess because we rent, we are part of the criminal element. I guess people who own their homes never commit crimes. I guess their guests from out of town don't bring in drugs or bring violence. Just those of us who rent because we can't afford to buy. Thanks Mr. Mayor and all of you who support this plan. Thanks for your trust. Now I and my family know how you feel. Maybe I need to take my family and go pay our taxes to another town or city who don't look at us as criminals just because we rent!

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Oct-02-13 8:26 AM

Next to strip searching everyone that enters the city limits everyday for drugs and guns, this is a start. It may not be perfect or what everyone wants, but it is a start.

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Oct-02-13 8:23 AM

It would be nice if the Sun Gazette would use spell check. Fazes ---- REALLY??????

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Oct-02-13 8:16 AM

Wow Mim, good for you. However I'm still a skeptic. I'll be convinced if they are able to bring a reduction of crime and more grant money as a result of this ordinance; the two results Campana promises.

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Oct-02-13 7:37 AM

I was on WNEP cap I got more air time then the mayor, man, I got to use that gift card for a haircut I got last Christmas.

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Oct-02-13 7:35 AM

I mainly asked the price of the license and funny I am agreeing with this one, I looked into the ordinance and we do not have to register our tenante just have to give our lease, If someone other then my tenants move in the police will now back us in court for removal, this is good and I am all for it they also said we have chances to do the right thing by removing problem tenants and we are not held accountable as long as we cooperate which is what we all want anyway cooperation!! i am backing this ordinance get up off the floor cap

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Oct-02-13 7:23 AM

I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see ranting from Mim coming in the very near future.

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Oct-02-13 7:09 AM

IS there a problem with sentence structure and SPELLING...who's watching the hen-house?

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Oct-02-13 6:42 AM

Council meeting, October 10th. See you there.

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Oct-02-13 4:51 AM

Most of the "criminal Element" they are trying to weed out aren't on a lease. They are "visiting" friends or relatives.Landlords have no control over who thier tenants allow in thier homes.

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Oct-02-13 4:10 AM

Landlords already have to have an inspection every 4 years, are they now proposing an inspection every time a tenant changes? How much will it cost to register tenants?

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