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Pass job bill

October 6, 2013

Whether you are a Democrat a Republican or an Independent, I’ll bet you either used or relied on some form of transportation toda....

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Oct-09-13 10:29 PM

"How'd that work fer ya in Detroit?" A little Palin channeling there, eh! Yo Bobbie, how about asking Californians how things are going? Full Democratic control and running surpluses! Go ahead with your little conservo-knee slapper in regard to Detroit, but remember... as Cali goes, so goes the nation!

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Oct-06-13 10:54 PM

Calling out John Zook on your rhetoric. It doesn't match with the facts. According to the official website, I don't see "unions" as even a category of recipients of the stimulus money. Go there and peruse it and see for yourself. Its actually quite well detailed and broken down into what went where.

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Oct-06-13 10:43 PM

Spend it more wisely? What are your suggestions? Don't just throw it out there like some rhetorical dogma. I'm honestly asking. Pennsylvania is situated geographically as a drive through state. Whether it's going east to west or north to south, there are an enormous amount of especially truck miles who are just passing through. So our roads and bridges take a heavy beating, despite efforts to keep up with maintenance.

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Oct-06-13 9:47 AM


Mr. Reeder thinks if liberals are controlling the money, then it is managed fine, but there is just not enough.

Mr. Reeder then thinks if Republicans are controlling the money, it is fraudulent and full of malfeasance.

He is not smart enough to see politicians from both parties are corrupt and just love to play with our money.

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Oct-06-13 9:25 AM

This is a very good letter and it will be completely lost on those oppose to taxes. -Reeder

Chuck, your unwavering devotion to the democratic party has you totally blind to what's going on around you. Like many liberals, your idea to fix any problem is to throw more money at it before even stopping to evaluate if the money already coming in is being managed responsibly.

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Oct-06-13 9:02 AM

We have thousands of bridges in this State that are crumbling and miles of inadequate roads and the State spends millions on "streetscape" projects! Just one of many money wasting projects in this country that would be great projects for a country that was flush with excess cash. We are not such a country, stop wasting our tax dollars. Then when the taxpayers see their taxes spent wisely they might not object to a small increase to offset inflation!

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Oct-06-13 8:33 AM

Taxes were increased......look at Act 13. Why isn't it going to repair roads and bridges?

Free money and where is it going?

Many taxes are going to politician's pet projects. It is time to put politicians on notice and follow through at the voting polls.

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Oct-06-13 8:27 AM

Unfortunately you can't trust the gov't Machine. All the gas tax money that Rendell sent to Philly to fund mass transit ridership rates and who knows where else or what for. And I'm sure Corbett plays politics with the tax money as well. Oh, and the Presidents Stimulus Package? Went to unions to keep them employed during the 2008 meltdown and overseas to pro up banks in Europe. More taxes- what a joke!

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Oct-06-13 8:23 AM

This is a very good letter and it will be completely lost on those oppose to taxes.

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Oct-06-13 7:47 AM

When gas/diesel prices increase, every working person who drives to work pays. Every person who buys anything in a store that was delivered on a truck pays.

I agree with Francine. Our elected officials need to find a way to spend tax dollars more wisely. After all, that's what many of us have to do. My hourly wages have increased $1.03 since 2008. I've had to cut back and cut back some more to make ends meet due to rising prices.

The government should do the same.

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Oct-06-13 6:50 AM

I don't mind money going to fix our roads..... but why is my tax money going to pay bus drivers in Philly?

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Oct-06-13 4:06 AM

"The gas tax in Pennsylvania has not increased since 1997 and then it was by only three and one half cents."

Here's a few things Mr. Abbey failed to mention. According to the American Petroleum Institute, Pennsylvania currently has a gas tax of 50.7 cents per gallon, the fourteenth highest in the nation. Pennsylvania’s diesel tax is currently the seventh-highest in the nation. Yet we have some of the worse roads and bridges in the nation. Uncapping the Oil Company Franchise Tax would cause the wholesale price to rise by 28.5 cents a gallon for unleaded gasoline and 38.5 cents a gallon for diesel, making PA the highest taxed state in the nation for both diesel and gas. Seems to me you don't throw even more money in a system that is already being financially mismanaged. But that practice seems to be standard operating procedure for government.

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Oct-06-13 3:59 AM

The tax is on each gallon of gasoline and has not been changed since 1997.

But we consume more gallons of gasoline every year. meaning revenues have increased dramatically.

Unfortunately, the cost of road maintenance has outpaced the increases in revenue.

The focus needs to be on reducing the cost of maintenance. One idea is to eliminate prevailing wage in these projects.

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