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October 13, 2013

Here in Pennsylvania and in the whole USA, it is down-right disgusting and impossible for any normal minded person, to grasp how unbelievable and incomprehensible our uncivilized laws are, that......

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Oct-15-13 11:57 AM

Crimes like this and the recent armed robbery at Uni-Mart in Hughesville (which hits close to home) are the reason my wife and I recently purchased her first firearm. Along with firearm safety she learned how to properly use the firearm. If you break to our house we will shoot you! Have a nice day!

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Oct-14-13 7:55 AM

I am not one of these sheeple who think that a home invasion cannot happen to them. I have sensors all around my house, in my attached garage and breezeway, motion sensing lights, window alarms, and last but not least I am well armed. I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who breaks into my home. (Castle Doctrine) If more people had the situational awareness necessary to thwart this sort of thing, there would be less of it. Bad guy's are not too bright, but they are at least smart enough not to enter a home that is well protected.

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Oct-13-13 5:00 PM

Arm every senior citizen with a double barrel shotgun .No more break ins

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Oct-13-13 3:38 PM

Alsever - 12:19 PM

"If the Gov't would stop giving these old people money every month, no one would bother to rob them"

I am one of the old people getting money from the government every month. However, they are not GIVING it to me. I paid into social security my whole life, as did two deceased husbands who never collected a dime. Had I been able to keep all that money, wisely invested, I wouldn't need a SS check!

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Oct-13-13 12:19 PM

Believe there is much more to the story---Understood that the victims were thought to have a lot of gas lease money available. Was it truly random?

And if it wasn't gas money, it could have been just another robbery. If the Gov't would stop giving these old people money every month, no one would bother to rob them

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Oct-13-13 8:59 AM

Intersting post Cave. The others need a clue.

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Oct-13-13 8:48 AM

If I remember correctly, the woman perpetrator used the ruse of genealogy to get inside the home. Others have pretended to be from utilities.

In talking to a friend last weekend, she told me of 2 elderly relatives who fell for scams: one was the "help me Grandma, I'm in jail in Canada and they won't let me out without bail money". Yes, the woman sent money via Western Union. It's gone. The other woman fell victim to a phone scammer who said her computer had a virus, and she gave them her credit card number to pay for "help".

We cannot rely on the police to protect us 24/7/365. A little common sense goes a long way.

Mr. Cohick seems to be on top of things. Perhaps he could work with the Office of the Aging and set up talks/workshops for the elderly so they're more aware of scams?

I am only 50, but I never let anyone into my home if I don't know them. I don't even unlock the door. They can talk through the glass and then leave. Promptly.

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Oct-13-13 7:43 AM

The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you.

As we have seen many times, even when police arrive at a crime in progress, they setup a perimeter and wait while the perpetrator(s) finish their crime.

The lesson:

You must take responsibility for your own safety and the protection of your family.

Liberals hate to hear anyone say they have to be responsible, so they denigrate the concept by saying we are paranoid, gun-nuts and will create murder and mayhem in our streets.

Liberal predictions, as always, are wrong and based in lies.

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Oct-13-13 6:54 AM

Art, I couldn't agree more. News media and many of our politicians like to use shock and awe anytime there is a tragedy involving a firearm in an attempt to place even more restrictions on law abiding citizens. They don't realize (or maybe they do) that their sensationalism instills unjust fear in many against firearms. Personally I always felt it was my responsibility to protect my family, and not law enforcement. I'm intelligent enough to know that they are a reactive force and can't be everywhere all the time.

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Oct-13-13 4:55 AM

Teach the folks that it's legal and proper (and in a polite society, really smart) to arm themselves and use those arms if threatened. You never know when some nut job is going to invade your space and threaten you and your loved ones. While there is no sense in being paranoid, there is also no sense in being a clueless sheep. Even the very young and very old can learn self-defense in one form or another. Personally, I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried out by six.

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