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City Council candidates sound off on public safety

October 20, 2013

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Today starts a seven-installment, question-and-answer series involving candidates for Williamsport City Council that will run over the next two weeks....

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Oct-20-13 12:34 PM

We need to reduce costs for small mom and pop landlords we are paying extravagant taxes for a full paid fire & police department, the water authority is ripping us off , and the richest ceo"s in the county are living here and contributing nothing (non profits)this is a total scenario for disaster. this has already occurred in all small towns across pennsylvania, take a ride down any small town street s and see tons of empty properties We got lucky with the gas industry.

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Oct-20-13 12:31 PM

"...time for a change on City Council" - that's code for "elect the Democrats". Public Safety and "tough on crime" is not synonymous with "Democrat". But as Ms. Hirsch said (referring to police officers): "I really do believe MOST are hard-working BUT.." Toss a few more obstacles in their way while placating your liberal (the real victims) constituency and voila "new people, new ideas".

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Oct-20-13 12:30 PM

rental properties definitely a problem when landlords are faced with mortgages, insurance& high tax bills due and they have empty units.Fill the units to pay their bills , supply and demand is hurting the low end rentals because of all the fix up that occured because of gas industry, who have now left! The pickins are not as good? no matter what u do a landlord who choses to rent to risky tenants is asking for trouble/ yet when the bank is screaming at him & taxes are overdue what are his options??Go belly up ,as a lot of small town landlords have done that didnt have that little kick from the local gas industry?? Or take what is offered??

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Oct-20-13 10:14 AM

When candidates were asked questions regarding crime many of them responded with "lights". Seriously? There are a plethora of issues that plaque the city and this is the best we can come up with? Also, I agree that we need to be hard on drug dealers, however, it bothers me that the comment is "running drug users out as well". It is this mentality that will be the greatest challenge. That is downright frightening coming from a prospect for city council. Educate yourself (google)before you speak. I do agree that we need some non-profits to help and that is what I am trying to do. But, first, I need to research and find funding. The mayors office in Philadelphia has an outstanding program that we could all learn from here (sorry, Wilkes-Barre didn't impress me). It seems our administration has a "we" against "them" thought process. This has to change, to a degree, if we want to boast of accomplishment.

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Oct-20-13 9:09 AM

time for achange in city council new people with new ideas out with old in with the new so think about this voting time

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Oct-20-13 8:27 AM

The question should be: “What is your plan to address crime issues in Williamsport?” A document with goals, a budget, a project plan, action items, timelines, priorities, risk mitigation, project overrun indicators, and a way to measure results. Are you going to benchmark crime so that you can validate success or failure? Tell me why your pointed plan will reduce drug related crime by 25% overall in 2013. Describe your overarching plan covering crime, socioeconomic issues, economic growth, education, community, health and more. Sun Gazette: Please ask for the plan. This will give you an interesting story.

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Oct-20-13 8:10 AM

More police officers? How many? Williamsport has 17 per 10k of population. DC has 64, but Anaheim has 11. Sound bites. Arrest criminals who are in the act of committing crimes? How about prevention. NYC has demonstrated how. Target nuisance crime. Stop and frisk.

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Oct-20-13 8:05 AM

Once again the definition of public safety is ‘police department’. Public safety encompasses police, fire, EMS, and EMA. They are all equal and important and must be maintained. If they mean police then why don’t they just say it.

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Oct-20-13 7:51 AM

ARTFOLD, your entire post is pointless whining and makes you sound like one of those people that's just looking for something to whine about no matter how good or bad things are. (Prozac, Lithium helps)

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Oct-20-13 6:20 AM

It is my humble opinion that Miss Miele's term on city council has run it's course. If she cannot even show up on time to council meetings, that shows me a lack of respect for other council members and, by extension, the good people of Williamsport. Has anyone ever seen her recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Some might believe that is a petty point, but I do not. Swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and pledging allegiance to the flag and what she represents speaks a lot to a person's character. Besides, what good has she actually done while on city council? I can think of nothing. Also, I believe Miss Hirsch's main qualification to be on council is she proclaims herself a "community activist"? Seriously? Aren't "community activists" those folks that protest, whine, ***** and moan for more free stuff for lazy folks? Wasn't "community activist" Barack Obama's primary qualification when he originally entered politics? How's that working ou

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