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Tire-burner OK gets heat from public

October 24, 2013

NEW COLUMBIA — Tension ran high at the state Department of Environmental Protection’s recent meeting about the approval of an air quality permit for a tire-burning facility in White Deer Township in......

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Oct-29-13 10:34 AM

Would you want it in your neighborhood?

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Oct-27-13 8:06 AM

Due to the lousy economy, people are not buying rubber mulch as they did in the past.

Coal-fueled power plants are closing, so there is a need for electrical generation.

Burning tires and producing electricity is more profitable than shredding them into mulch.

Finally, many people are just stupid when they think this fscility will burn tires in an open pit without pollution controls.

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Oct-25-13 6:20 AM

why not shred the tires instead of burning them ?

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Oct-24-13 5:53 PM

Thanks rick you too.

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Oct-24-13 5:49 PM

Yes born here, he is my buddy alright :-) I know some of these people fighting this, good hardworking people. Just makes me wonder what rights we really do have. Have a great evening.

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Oct-24-13 5:05 PM

Hey rick, I see your stirring the pot again, I thought Corbett was your buddy!!!LOL

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Oct-24-13 2:24 PM

At a former job, I worked with incineration equipment that required permits. In order to operate, there could be no visible smoke or descernable odor. I laugh at the phase "preserve their rural way of life". Did you ever smell rural air? Wood buring stoves, burning trash & leaves, fertilizer on the fields, just to name a few. I have a neighbor with a wood burner. Talk about stink, and they are not required to have a permit or pass EPA air quality. As usual, most people in Pennsylvania have a hard time accepting change.

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Oct-24-13 1:30 PM

I wonder if Corbett has his fingers in this somehow.

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Oct-24-13 11:29 AM

These protesters are the kind of people that say regulate what I dont like but turn around and say dont regulate me when I want to do something other people dont like. If youve ever read other posts by pinecr, he is the perfect example of this. The facility meets the regulations = it gets a permit. Its that simple. DEP does not get to choose who gets a permit and who doesent based on irrevelant complaints.

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Oct-24-13 11:26 AM

Most tire burning centers down south turn old tires into mulch and shred for artificial turf, athletic fields, playgrounds and resident and business usage.

So why are tires being burnt instead of recycled that would be my question.

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Oct-24-13 11:09 AM

Wood burning releases large amounts of particulate matter. Burning trash in a burn barrel is just about the most polluting activity you can imagine and is considered by the EPA to be the nations primary source of dioxin pollution.

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Oct-24-13 10:47 AM

I heat my house entirely with wood. Energy, any energy produces side effects. In any event, my heating bills are almost non-existent. Tires though, I thought they recycled them.(not into retreads).

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Oct-24-13 9:46 AM

I'm thinking pinecr just admitted to being a wood burner!

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Oct-24-13 9:19 AM

really, wood burning and rubber burning are entirely different...can't even believe you would make that comparison

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Oct-24-13 9:18 AM

DEP has absolutely no balls to turn anyone down...this agency needs to go....POWER TO THE PEOPLE...just wish that were so!

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Oct-24-13 8:58 AM

Wood smoke is nothing. The majority of residents in rural areas burn their trash daily. This is ok though because it saves them money, who cares about their neighbors.

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Oct-24-13 7:16 AM

You people are only citizens. Just shut up and pay your taxes. You have no rights.

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Oct-24-13 4:13 AM

I can understand completely the residents wishes to preserve their "rural way of life" and their concerns about the odors from burning tires. However, that ship has already sailed. With all of the wood burning stoves and owbs in use in the Allenwood, White Deer, New Columbia area the air is already putrid with the stench of wood smoke. I wonder how many of the complainers contribute to the pollution and smell with their own wood burners. I've yet to meet anyone who burns wood who is concerned with people downwind of them having to breathe their smoke. Until the residents are willing to address their own contribution to the air pollution I say to the tire people - "Burn Baby Burn".

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