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Missing the point

October 27, 2013

Regardless of age or political affiliation, most thoughtful adult Americans will approach the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination with dignity and respect. But not George Wil....

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Oct-29-13 8:39 AM


Try this again slowly....

God allowed (as He alone raises up and takes down leaders) but He did not put him there and you need to see the distinction. And, BTW, not every person on the Right is a Christian, so their view of what God does or not is irrelevant.

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Oct-29-13 12:02 AM

Relene you know very well that the right said God put GWB in the White House.

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Oct-28-13 5:06 PM




allowed...vast difference!

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Oct-28-13 1:51 PM

Like Ted Cruz being hailed by conservatives as a right wing Jesus.

God put GWB in the White House.

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Oct-28-13 12:22 PM

The media created it's American Camelot just as it created its new messiah. By the way, are the media factions unionized or are they all run by leftists?

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Oct-28-13 11:50 AM

He did it by lowering the tax rate from the Eisenhower years.

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Oct-28-13 11:49 AM

I did not go to Wikipedia but you sure did. I got my list from a historical web site and memory.

All you did was diss his accomplishments and to diss Obama.

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Oct-28-13 11:12 AM

The one point that I part company with some conservatives on this forum would be when Kennedy called Russia's bluff. That's a CIC, right or wrong. Unlike Obama, a sympathizer of our enemies.

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Oct-28-13 11:09 AM

"An Area redevelopment plan is an urban planning designation created by municipalities in Alberta, Canada for the purposes of facilitating development in specific geographic areas. ARPs differ from Area structure plans in that they apply to areas of a municipality that have already been developed. In practice, ARPs are used to guide how an existing built-up area or neighbourhood should develop in the future. Community representatives are often invited by municipal planners to contribute to ARPs. ARPs tend to be created for inner-city areas that are currently redeveloping or are soon to redevelop."

You cherry picked your "accomplishments listed under JFK, from Wikipedia, Chuck. You neglected to list the expansion of Federal and State Benefits.

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Oct-28-13 10:55 AM


The question was, "What did he do?"

"The immediate precursor of the Peace Corps--the Point Four Youth Corps--was proposed by Representative Henry Reuss of Wisconsin in the late 1950s. Senator Kennedy learned of the Reuss proposal during his 1960 presidential campaign and, sensing growing public enthusiasm for the idea, decided to add it to his platform."

As for being the "first Catholic President?" That is something he was, not something he did. They are two different verbs.

"Inspired people to serve America?" That was forged when he realized the enthusiasm, along with the politically advantageous above mentioned Peace Corps surfaced.

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Oct-28-13 10:30 AM

I bet you are a conservative, you could Google a list of his accomplishments but it is easier to diss him.

Here is a sample; Peace Corps, first Catholic President, Area Redevelopment Act, ended segregration in interstate travel. Inspired people to serve for America, promoted the arts, pushed for putting man on the Moon.

His life was cut tragicly short, leaving people to wonder what if. But we can see where your focus is.

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Oct-28-13 10:17 AM

Whoops, I did forget one thing Kennedy did do. When making a speech in West Berlin in the summer of 1963, JFK DID state; "Ich bin ein Berliner" , which literally translates to "I am a jelly-filled donut". Wow. That's pretty impressive. Make him a saint.

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Oct-28-13 10:05 AM

Would anybody care to tell me what Kennedy actually DID when he was president? Other than the "Cuban Missile Crisis", which I think any president (other than Johnson) would have handled in pretty much the same way, I have no knowledge of him doing much of anything really good. Oh,let's see, more involvement and escalation into Vietnam? Yeah, if you are into such things. Seriously! What did Kennedy DO as president... other than screw around on his wife? Again, if you are into such things. As a president he did pretty much nothing that I can find in the history books. And why the fascination with the Kennedy family? A fascination that is to such a point that the big three networks refer to them as "The American Royal Family". Pshawwwwww There is no such thing as an "American Royal". That's why we ARE Americans! So put on your thinking caps and please tell me... what did Kennedy DO???

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Oct-28-13 8:45 AM


USABorn chides Francine for her posts saying that the adults at the time were more aware of the history of the event. If you read USABorn's posts she wasn't much of an adult or aware of the history.

Francine is correct that there were major cultural shifts happening at the same time as the Kennedy assassination. They all still resonate as much as the assassination.

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Oct-28-13 4:32 AM

USABorn, Francine always says the disagrees don't bother her. But then she whines about the disagrees.

I agree with USA and rmiller that painting the Beatles as a distraction for the assassination of a president is just silly.

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Oct-28-13 3:36 AM

Francine - 9:12 AM

"I lived it. I walked home from school at 1:00 that Friday."

"And I watched the Beatles in my parents basement in complete amazement."

"But, the country wasn't distracted away from the Kennedy killing at all, because Francine wrote it and she must be wrong"

Francine do you really have to whine because you are disagreed with?

You said you walked home from school that Friday......and you watched the Beatles in your parents basement. Apparently you were a child at that time, more interested in the Beatles than JFK. Those of us who were adults at that time, were more interested in the history taking place then in a bunch of silly teenage singers that only other teens were interested in.

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Oct-27-13 10:18 PM

Gee, I'm hoping that all of you get ready to hit the deck when JH/Sham read not so lovely responses about his memorialized and beloved JFK/Kennedys! Just saying...

He worshipped him for than Obama...

Francine, bringing in the Beatles and presenting them as a pain reliever of sorts over the death of a president isn't quite comparable in intensity. I thought both factions of our history were amoral.

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Oct-27-13 3:43 PM

The faked moon landing was by far a more in depth cover-up....

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Oct-27-13 11:05 AM

"But, the country wasn't distracted away from the Kennedy killing at all, because Francine wrote it and she must be wrong."

Francine, perhaps that's exactly what the nation needed to help them get past such a tragic loss.

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Oct-27-13 9:36 AM

The Kennedy assassination shocked the nation but it wasn't the only event to shake the so called conventional wisdom of that time period. Fifty years later that assassination still reverberates with the American public including conspiracy theories. No matter what you think of Kennedy himself.

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Oct-27-13 8:24 AM

Off subject:

Four Black Teens Arrested in Fatal Mugging of WWII Veteran

October 26, 2013

Lawrence E. ‘Shine’ Thornton of Greenville, MS, was a WWII vet and a famous personality in the Delta region for his hot tamales.

But last week the 87 year-old vet was mugged and murdered in his driveway. Four black teens were later charged with capital murder in the fatal mugging.

Of course, this will be the latest black-on-white murder that will be totally ignored by the national media.

It doesn’t fit their agenda.

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Oct-27-13 8:12 AM

Frankly, Kennedy was a lousy president.

He was killed by a communist named Oswald.

All the other evidence is suspicious.

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Oct-27-13 7:44 AM

At this point what difference does it make. Just like ambassador Stevens.

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Oct-27-13 7:09 AM

If one talks about a 'conspiracy' as maybe someone paying Oswald to shoot Kennedy, IE the Mob and/or Jimmy Hoffa, I think it could be possible. If you're talking about more than one gunman, in the books I've read and documentaries I've seen on it, I've not seen any compelling evidence brought forth to make me believe that Oswald wasn't the sole shooter.

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Oct-27-13 6:29 AM

Fifty years since JFK was president. Since then it has been one story after another which has detracted from his presidency. His sexual prowess, treatment of his wife, his ill advised actions surrounding the Bay of Pigs debacle, etc. History is not being kind to him.

It won't take anywhere near 50 years for history to finish off Obama!

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