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Very sad

October 28, 2013

It is very sad to attend a parade and when our flag (the American flag ) comes down the street carried by a military, scout unit or band that people don't come to their feet and remove hats and plac......

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Oct-31-13 10:57 AM

Poll: Medicaid Expansion About The Only Thing Pa. Voters Like About Corbett TOM KLUDT – OCTOBER 31, 2013, 9:40 AM EDT

It appears that the Affordable Care Act may have handed Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) the rare opportunity to please his constituents.

A poll released Thursday by Franklin & Marshall College showed Corbett continuing to nurse anemic individual numbers. Only 19 percent of Pennsylvania voters said he is doing a "good" or "excellent" job. Thirty-nine percent said he is doing only a "fair" job, while 37 percent said he's doing a "poor" job.

Only 20 percent said he deserves re-election next year compared with 67 percent who said it's time for a change. Forty-four percent said he should step aside, slightly more than the 42 percent who said he should seek another term in 2014. And a slight majority, 52 percent, said they have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican. It's the latest in what's been an ongoing trend of terribl

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Oct-31-13 10:45 AM

Via the BBC....Syria chemical weapons equipment destroyed, says OPCW Source: BBC

Syria's declared equipment for producing, mixing and filling chemical weapons has been destroyed, the international watchdog says.

This comes a day before the deadline set by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW. ... Now that the equipment has been put beyond use, Syria has until mid-2014 to destroy the chemical weapons themselves.

Its arsenal is believed to include more than 1,000 tonnes of the nerve gas sarin, the blister agent sulphur mustard and other banned chemicals, stored at dozens of sites. * * Amazing! All without firing a single shot. That's my President!

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Oct-31-13 9:59 AM

It used to be the Prez filling judicial vacancies was simply fulfilling his obligation of the office. Now, to Republic extremists, its called "packing the courts". Come on Sen. Reid. Change the filibuster rules already! The constitution never allowed for rule of the minority via 60 votes on EVERY G_DARN ISSUE before the Senate!

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Oct-30-13 11:02 PM

What is also ironic is where's the Republican concern when insurance companies "used to drop people after they got sick"? That practice could be called "cancelling a policy". Where was the Republican concern? It's now against the LAW, thanks to the ACA! Once again, junk policies are being cancelled and transitioned into real insurance policies. That should be a good thing to most normal minded people.

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Oct-30-13 10:56 PM

rmiller, outside of the conservative media bubble, these "cancelled policies" are cancelled because they are junk policies and are being replaced with "REAL INSURANCE"! And most of the time at generally the same price people were paying for their "not really insurance" junk policies. The ACA mandates minimum coverage standards so people actually have their doctors visits PAID FOR THROUGH THEIR INSURANCE! What a grand concept! An insurance policy that actually pays when you need it to!

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Oct-30-13 10:50 PM

The madness of trying to please Republicans. Cap and Trade were Republican ideas via the Heritage Foundation. Considered business friendly. The Dems embraced Sap and Trade finally, and so the Republicans move on nothing because climate change isn't real. On Health Care.... Republicans for individual responsibility and again Heritage Foundation say individual Mandate is way to go. Dems wanted and continue to want Single Payer. Single payer morphed into public option which never saw the light of day. We end up with the original Republican plan and.....the Republicans now say NO, this is a socialist government takeover because of the individual mandate. The Dems need to stop chasing Republicans and enact their own ideas. Even when they enact the Republican ideas, they then move the goal posts time and time again.

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Oct-30-13 10:32 PM

Hey Dem's/Progressives....

Start learning how to do back flips, because some of your colleagues are in the fantasy world of Obamaland...

It's soon history, but not for the GOP, like I've always said, Democrats are like sharks, they eat their own.

Here's the thing....Republicans need help too...but the Dems are starting to look sad for 2016. BTW, cancelled insurance policies know no political affiliation....they just get cancelled.

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Oct-30-13 10:28 PM

Now that's funny! Like to see humans acting like a cat chasing it's tail? Twenty-seven Republican senators voted with Democrats on Oct. 16 to lift the debt ceiling and avert a catastrophic default. And each one of those 27 senators voted Tuesday to "disapprove" of their own votes. Trying to placate Teabag nation, no doubt!

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Oct-30-13 10:20 PM

Hey, Sun Gazette! The Reading Eagle is reporting this....US Budget Deficit Down to $680B, Lowest in 5 Years...Are you? If not, why not?

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Oct-30-13 10:16 PM

How about Ayn Rand Paul plagiarizing wikipedia?! What an idiot! "Gattaca!!" "Benghazi"!!!

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Oct-30-13 10:12 PM

Got to love this from Political Wire.....GOP pollster Fred Steeper told the New York Times that his party has to stop appealing to racial anxieties that exist among white voters and "throw in the towel on the immigration issue."

Said Steeper: "Racism may be a part of it. The Republican Party needs to stop pandering to that." But You goons on the right better get this guy in line! "There's no racism, it's all created by the left"!!!! One of your own pollsters knows it's going on, so that means it's coming from his polling operations with the public. "White Anxiety"! Pretty much NAILED IT right there!

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Oct-30-13 6:47 PM

USABorn Oct-30-13 2:27 AM



USABorn Oct-30-13 2:23 AM

More lies!

"Some 20 million illegals are also counted among the 48 million."

And she cites Kaiser as the source of her wild numbers? That's the same source cited by rmiller as being non-partisan and accurate.

What a joke!

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Oct-30-13 4:59 PM


"FTR, Forty, Research is a passion of mine...."



Of all the ridiculous statements I have read here during the past seven years, this is without a doubt the most ludicrous of all!!!!!

If I were to start listing the misstatements posted by rmiller right now, it would take me a year or more and require more space than the S-G could provide!

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Oct-30-13 2:37 AM

Capricorn1 - 10:46 AM

"LOL Shaman and Forty tag teaming! You can't beat this free entertainment!!"

Ain't it the truth?

These two have practically written a book together just on this LTE. Comment after comment, adding up to nothing but a bunch of mindless liberal trash-talk!

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Oct-30-13 2:27 AM

Instead of the trillion dollars + that Dumbamacare is costing, several million jobs being lost, millions who have had their working hours reduced, and those who have been layed off to get under the employee limit, we could have provided the 10 million with insurance. That would have been preferable to destroying healthcare in this country, as is happening!

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Oct-30-13 2:23 AM

Who are the 48 million uninsured? (From Kaiser)

"Young adults 19-34 years of age represent the group most likely to be uninsured; 38.1 percent of young adults did not have insurance in 2011. Individuals of Hispanic origin are most likely to be uninsured, followed by Blacks and non-Hispanic Whites."

According to government figures, some 17 million young people do not have insurance by CHOICE. They prefer spending their money on cars, vacations, nice living quarters, etc. This number includes millions who COULD have insurance through employers, but CHOOSE not to participate.

Some 20 million illegals are also counted among the 48 million. Most of the rest are those not working. However, and again according to the government, at the time the ACA was passed, the average period of unemployment was 4 months.

The best estimate of those who actually cannot afford healthcare coverage is in the area of 10 MILLION.


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Oct-30-13 1:58 AM

rredrose - 11:43 AM

"Who is this Mr Shaman? Does he not have his own brain? It seems he is always quoting other people or trying to cite other peoples' research and opinions."

"I'm proud my children are teaching their children values and respect and common sense."

rredrose you seem to be new to this forum. It didn't take long for you to figure Sham out. BWAHAHAHAHA

As for your pride in your children teaching their children? It would follow that "you taught your children values and respect and common sense." Well done!

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Oct-29-13 9:39 PM

sham, 46:

There's these things called "sunlight" & "fresh air". You may want to try it sometime.

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Oct-29-13 9:33 PM

Just for the record, here's a comment count for this letter only:

sham - 40

46IQ & 2 brain cells - 35

rmiller - 19

CMReeder - 17

Capricorn1 - 12

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Oct-29-13 4:03 PM

Forty, Of course there are many government workers at all levels that are extremely proficient and dedicated at their jobs. That being said, personally I have worked with dozens that weren't worth the powder to blow them up. I think civil service workers get the reputation they do because of all the waste in government. There is duplication of responsibilities, ineffective policies and unions that make it next to impossible to get rid of incompetence. At least those are the things I witnessed. They also see a government that cost almost 4 trillion dollars a year to maintain. You naturally have to question why it takes so much. When is it time to look within at every department and program to see where they can become more efficient. The problem is you can't ask a monstrosity such as the federal government to fiscally police themselves and expect to come back with real and meaningful cuts.

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Oct-29-13 2:53 PM

Capricorn, I want to thank you and your past family for your service to our country. That being said, isn't it a paradox, a conundrum, an oxymoron, or just anathema to conservatism to be "government workers"? I mean, far too often the right flashes nasty rhetoric toward government workers of any stripe.

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Oct-29-13 2:05 PM

I really don't have any feelings about the flag. Pure symbolism. What is great is great without tokenism.

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Oct-29-13 1:17 PM

rredrose, I have to agree with Capricorn1 you did post an interesting comment.

However in regard to MrShaman there are people of the opposing side politically who demand proof to someone's opinion. He does it automatically. Not saying he is right or wrong it is his way of dealing with those who make demands for proof.

"We can respect our flag and honor our veterans and still disagree with our government and their decisions." I agree with your statement but what has happen is that some think they can wave a flag and hug a vet and then use it make political statements about the opposition. That they are the patriots and the true Americans and the truth. The Constituion is for everyone in this country, the flag is for everyone in this country and our Vets fought and some died for everyone in this country not one political party. One political party did not serve and sacrificed for this country and everyone in it.

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Oct-29-13 1:15 PM


Greetings! How are you? Just a quick question,

"I'm sure I will now get hammered but my respect is for people not objects"

I'm certain you don't disrespect the flag, do you?

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Oct-29-13 1:12 PM

Hey John,

"...But, he IS responsible..."

You can't be referencing this President, can you?

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