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Are you on welfare?

November 3, 2013

A lot of folks despise welfare recipients. They condemn welfare as a form of excessive government spending and scoff at welfare recipients for being sponges on society....

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Nov-12-13 1:55 PM

Tim, I don't have a problem with welfare but I do have a problem with someone going into the grocery store, definitely young enough to work for a living in her pj's, covered in tattoos with 3 or 4 kids to 2 or 3 different guyes, who hands the clerk one access card and they run that through and then they say, just a minute, and hand the clerk another one, as she buys her steak, etc. Give them bread and water to live on and you would see most of them getting off of their lazy******and finding a job.

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Nov-06-13 1:54 PM

Half the story is including something on one side but not the other so it makes your position look better. In most circles it would be called misleading, lying or fraud.

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Nov-06-13 6:09 AM

What's half the story? So corporate welfare helps economic development and direct money into poor people's pockets does not? WTH do you think poor people do with that assistance, hide it in a Cayman Island acct like rMoney?

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Nov-05-13 2:27 PM

FortySixand2-"However you need to spin it, Mike. It's still welfare for corporations. Boeing, GE, Conagra, etc."

That's funny there. You only tell half the story but then tell me I am spinning. Typical.

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Nov-05-13 10:45 AM

However you need to spin it, Mike. It's still welfare for corporations. Boeing, GE, Conagra, etc.

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Nov-05-13 3:34 AM

rmiller-"I put forth the notion that "holding down a job and still not making ends meet" puts forth an honest need!"

Amen Relene. I wouldn't mind helping someone out who is working a job as well as working towards financial independence.

Again, though, I think it's not unfair to assume that while receiving assistance the person refrain from purchasing 'luxury' items and services not necessary for daily living.

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Nov-05-13 3:24 AM

oops.... 46+2

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Nov-05-13 3:23 AM

There are a couple of problems with your assertion 42+6. 1st, the largest 'chunk' out of that number belongs to Farm Subsidies which keeps food prices low and farmers in business and food plentiful, which helps the 'poor'. 2nd, a lot of that 92b is in the form of tax breaks, deductions and loopholes, something not included in the 59b welfare side. Since most of us from the right have agreed on ending the tax breaks, deductions and loopholes lets get to it. End 'em all. What's the problem if we're all in agreement? 3rd, and finally, that 96b included money spent by localities or taxes forgiven as incentive to draw business and jobs to local areas.

You can't just cherry pick some numbers that look good for your position and expect us to take you at your word without examining the rest of the data. Once we know the Paul Harvey version your claim doesn't mean much.

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Nov-04-13 9:00 PM

That should be 50%

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Nov-04-13 8:59 PM

In 2006, 3% of the federal budget was allotted for welfare assistance totaling $59 billion. That same year, 5% of the federal budget went to corporate subsidies totaling $92 billion. That is nearly 05% more for corporate welfare than human being welfare. Now, I don't remember hearing cons screaming about that. Why not? You can spend time rudely looking over other's shoulder in the grocery checkout, but apparently not give a whit that corporate welfare was way more costly than a poor person on SNAP.

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Nov-04-13 1:34 PM

Just went to the site...unbelievable. I'm glad my assertion was that my list was inconclusive.

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Nov-04-13 1:07 PM

You want to know what SNAP allows? go to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service site...

fnsDOTusdaDOTgov/snap/retailers/ eligibleDOThtm

Read ADDITIONAL INFORMATION to learn what they can but shouldn't be buying!! Amazing!

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Nov-04-13 9:20 AM

Here is a list (not inclusive) of wants and not needs.

cell phones, potato chips/any other type of snack in that order/soda/fast food dinners/restaurant dining/internet/new clothes/label as opposed to generic anything/any food not nutritional to the welfare and development of a baby/child/adult.

I'm not quite sure exactly what the EBT card from the state covers, but it seems to be inclusive of more than taxpayers should be responsible for. There is a vast difference between wants and needs.

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Nov-04-13 9:15 AM

But at least put forth an effort and help contribute.

It is not fair to assign some sort of guilt trip to persons who work hard all their lives and want to put their savings in their heir's estate. As it is legal, those who argue that it is just a twist of actions/welfare, the same argument is used against abortion - it is legal. As for off short investments. If I or any other member made the kind of money those wealthy people make, mine would be protected off shore. Bottom line, those inshore are not to be trusted with our money, hence off shore investment.

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Nov-04-13 9:10 AM


If an individual demonstrates responsibility and is working a job that pays minimum or little more in pay, then subsidies should be provided as an incentive to continue to accept help from the govt. This would at least take some of the share of the burden off the taxpayer, of which that same individual also becomes a contribution in part to their own care.

Mike, I know you mentioned jobs available? There are jobs available, just employees not available. I frequent Aldi's for instance. For at least two months, an ad was placed outside, "Help Wanted" - $10.00 hrly. With the amount of people who frequent that store and many are welfare recipients, pass by the ad and maybe read it, why wonder why we bemoan laziness? There probably isn't a retail outlet that isn't hiring even over the holidays at least one, if not more employees. Sometimes, dedicated and hard workers get brought on full time post holiday season. Bottom line, if you want work, it's there.

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Nov-04-13 9:03 AM


Good morning,

"The old fashioned way of getting a job at the unemployment office???? Where is that???? Do you mean Career Link? If so, good luck. You can't just go "apply" for a job anymore, at least not one that will feed a family (even minimum wage jobs must be completed on-line). I do not begrudge anyone food or shelter and would much rather my tax dollars go to a good cause rather than lining the pockets of elected officials (Governor, to mention one). As far as nursing homes-perhaps if we "got back to basics" and took care of our loved ones (1 parent could raise 5 kids but 5 kids can't take care of 1 parent)we could eliminate such thievery!!!! Just a thought..... "

I suggested an avenue whereby people in need should be subsidized with additional help. Not one person here thinks otherwise. I put forth the notion that "holding down a job and still not making ends meet" puts forth an honest need! cont.

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Nov-04-13 8:13 AM

Thought about this one for a while. So, I want to ask Mr. Manello a question or two. Do you mean my mother who was married to a career military vet, and said vet returned to college several years after retiring from the military and who worked nearly until he passed away, and who herself worked most of her life should be denied medicare and medicaid? She should be denied these things and her meager life savings turned over to the govt to give to those who won't work? Yes, we protected her assets, as you would. I am really tiring of the crowd who wants to give everything away and punish those who work and save. There are certainly those who need help, but I see hundreds every day who are certainly capable of work, but who will never--cut them off! Take care of those who do the right things and to heck with the rest. Harsh? Yep, but so are many days for those who contribute but are too proud to take the easy way out.

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Nov-04-13 7:41 AM

I get a kick outta people who pay nothing in taxes kvetch about how other people who pay millions in taxes (Mitt Romney) and have the audacity to park some of what they earned out of the hands of the tax collector. I wonder how much income tax that guy you buy your pot from pays in?

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Nov-04-13 7:07 AM

Keyboard commandos! Don't look in the mirror much? I don't see any on the right restraining themselves from attacking the left at every chance they get.

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Nov-04-13 6:33 AM

mahs81..there are many assets someone can own and still be eligible for Medicaid the trick is like you said is to know the rules and make plans ahead of time to meet those requirements.

There are several ways a person going into a home can lawfully transfer assets and still be eligible for government assistance.

This is the reason why most senior citizen start making plans before they hit their retirement age to protect what they own.

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Nov-04-13 6:14 AM

"Hey *******, I shop at Weis Markets on the crick road. I'll be there at 10 am tomorrow. Come try looking how I pay for my groceries and see what happens."--FortySixand2


I'm sorry but I can't make it. I'll be at work generating tax revenues to fund the Obama/Rat Party spending binge. I'm tired of being a slave!

While you are there, please get some bags of black tea and green tea for me. Also, if they have some spice Chai tea, that would be nice too.

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Nov-04-13 5:01 AM

"Isn't that cute, another keyboard commando." - mikekerstetter

LOL, got a few of them from the left on here, don't w Mike? The other day, one was going to show up at our doors and punch us in the face, all the while those from the left who "dislike the vitriol from the right" on these forums sit on their hands and say nothing.

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Nov-04-13 4:23 AM

I pay $13.50 to $14.25 month for Consumer Cellular. It's on top of my bookcase bed at night, and I carry it with me when I'm out and about. I've had it several months now and have yet to make a call on it. To chat with family and friends, I use my house phone.

Exactly WHY is it, 10 years ago few had cell phones and yet today it is an absolute necessity? WHY?

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Nov-04-13 4:09 AM

FortySixand2-"And while you don't like subsidizing others via welfare, I guess we can count you in on raising the minimum wage and also instituting a living wage."

Apparently you, like most liberals, have a reading comprehension problem. I've said repeatedly that I don't mind helping someone out with the basics needed to live, like food and shelter if they are temporarily down on their luck or are elderly or handicapped. What I DON'T like is an able bodied person who thinks it's OK to live off the money of the hard working taxpayer while using their own money for luxury items; items they don't need to survive.

No one subsidized my lifestyle during the years I was working a minimum wage job, gaining experience and looking for opportunities to move up. I paid my own way and asked no one for assistance. 30+ years in food service, knowing nothing about it when I started, tells my that anyone who has the will can find a way to succeed without looking to live off of handouts.

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Nov-04-13 3:57 AM

FortySixand2-"By the way, don't let me catch you being so rude and obnoxious as trying to see how I pay for my groceries. Fair warning."

Isn't that cute, another keyboard commando.

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