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Worth a try

November 10, 2013

I have a suggestion for our current health care plan. First, let me say that the HC website is not the president’s faul....

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Nov-14-13 10:18 PM


You are one of the millions that this administration has denied exists. Now, he's taking Dramamine to keep from getting sick while spinning from lies, lies, lies.....

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Nov-12-13 6:05 PM

@msgjsheets - I just received notification of 2014 insurance plans and rates through my employer. To keep the same coverage, but with higher out of pocket expenses, will cost me $40 more per week. If I opt for a plan costing me the same as I'm paying now, it's full of deductibles, 20% coinsurance, and higher out of pocket costs. It's a no win situation, basically paying now or paying later. This comes on top of no raises for several years. (yes, I'm trying to find another job with decent pay, so far no luck)

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Nov-10-13 10:22 PM

Texas posted great thoughts about the "interview." Bottom line, we expect our politicians to never admit to being wrong, but for goodness sakes, none of you are's O.K., say it slowly...."We made a mistake in judgment." The longer you kick against the truth, the harder it is for those of us who still love America to try and salvage it.

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Nov-10-13 10:19 PM

Do you progressive Democrats understand the reality of what happened in this country since Obama? Did none of you see 2016 and know that the producer of the movie (regardless of how you feel about him) has documented things fairly well and life, as he unfolding? It is the total allegiance to Obama, under presentable solid facts that we struggle with. How can this many people be this stupid this long?

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Nov-10-13 9:28 PM

I listened to the complete 20 minute interview on NBC news and the President said that most of the people who are getting cancellation notices will receive better coverage at the same or a lower price than they were paying. I think that he is feeding us another crook of lies. Of course since he used the word most instead of all, I guess that it will provide some deniability.

It was such a soft interview; even the NBC announcer was answer some of the questions before the President had an opportunity.


If is was really an apology instead of a lie to cover the lie, why didn't he have enough nerve to give it at a press conference or more public setting where he could be questioned by a cross-population of reporters. Instead it was by a soft reporter, by one supportive network, and in a comfortable, relaxed setting. I bet the questions were even pre-arranged and approved by the White House staff. The handlers arranged it all.

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Nov-10-13 8:31 PM

Thanks Ritty,

Lies and betrayals to the American citizens.

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Nov-10-13 8:30 PM

You know, they're putting together ads of Red State Democrat Senators parroting Obama's lies on the Senate floor. The Senate is really in play now for 2014.

More importantly for the long term, Congress is unconstitutionally allowing the Executive branch repeatedly to alter this legislation. They SHALL NOT delegate that authority. Lawless, the lot of 'em.

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Nov-10-13 8:19 PM

Ritty, you forgot to mention the lies about the lies.

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Nov-10-13 7:33 PM

For all of you out there discussing the high deductibles and out of pocket expenses, get ready. Within the next year or two, many who have employer provided insurance with very low out of pocket expenses are going to see their coverage change. Costs to employers will continue to rise and they will either opt for these types of plans or drop insurance completely. It humorous that so many who support this law find it impossible to consider scrapping it. The entire country will scrap it in a few years after it crashes the healthcare system and leaves no option but government funded and operated single payer. This is what they wanted from the beginning but once again, they aren't honest or brave enough to come right out and say it.

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Nov-10-13 7:12 PM

Sorry doesn't undo the fact that had Obama and the Dems been honest about the ACA, it would not have passed.

They lied about people losing coverage. The lied about it being a penalty, then argued at SCOTUS that it was a tax, and therefore constitutional. They lied about the savings to the deficit and the costs to current policy holders. They bought Senators' votes with earmarks. Special waivers and exemptions for political allies, and on and on...

Obamacare was built by the delusional, utopian, big-government know-it-alls of the Left and forced through against the will of the citizens.

Obama can stuff his apology; it's just another lie.

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Nov-10-13 6:52 PM

The purpose of Obamacare was never to provide healthcare, only medical professionals can do that. The purpose of Obamacare was always to expand government control of a large part of our economy.

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Nov-10-13 6:47 PM

Political expediency.

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Nov-10-13 6:33 PM

"Obama lied. Period."--Ritty


But he also made an apology (after ignoring, dodging the issue and blaming those 'bad apple' insurance companies), if that it what it really was......""I am sorry that they, you know, are finding themselves in this situation, based on assurances they got from me," he said in an interview with NBC News." What is he even referring to when he was talking? Oh and he forgot the word "Period" for emphasis.

Ritty or others.....Do you have any thoughts on the apology??

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Nov-10-13 6:11 PM

Hero worship means never having to admit your hero's wrong about anything.

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Nov-10-13 5:51 PM

My "low-end," "substandard" plan from "bad apple" insurer Blue Cross covered 100% of emergency care, 100 percent of preventative tests/probing, and, if you stayed within their network, the costs were adjusted so the bill matched the coverage. Copay was $25, $50, $100. No deductible, at least for the services I used.

I was a fairly healthy individual paying in more than I was taking out. Now, others will pay for my insurance, if I ever enroll.

Obama could have explained that some would lose their plans, but telling people they would be unaffected, allowed for the bill's passage. Obama lied. Period.

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Nov-10-13 4:05 PM

erik, these people with low end policies can least afford a $1200.00 trip to the E.R.., a few hundred dollars to a G.P., prescriptions etc. Are you aware something as simple as an albuterol inhaler for asthma costs $185.00. Again, you speak as someone who could pay out of pocket. very few under 30's can afford to private pay a GP, a dentist an eye doctor and a few pharmaceuticals. On another note, do you know if the gas company hires individuals who are medically given methadone?

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Nov-10-13 3:57 PM

Art, Good comment.

The letter writer has a great idea as for perhaps revisiting the Healthcare system. At least, with the reduction of hundreds of people in both House and Senate, and a minority of persons who actually deal, in some capacity with the system, more would be accomplished. I would suggest leaving the insurance companies out of the process.....just

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Nov-10-13 3:14 PM

Mr. Reeder said:

"People would be losing their insurance policies without the ACA..."

True, but they were exceptions.

The ACA has created millions losing their insurance.

Millions more will lose when the employer mandate goes into effect....after the 2014 midterm election.

Unless you have a better explanation for the delay in the employer mandate?

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Nov-10-13 11:31 AM

Late headline: The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare, claims the Affordable Care Act is responsible for forcing it to boot doctors.....

Anyone remember how AARP set in on the writing of Dumbamacare?

Anyone remember just who UnitedHealthCare is?

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Nov-10-13 9:05 AM

"I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future." - President Obama, Sept 2009

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Nov-10-13 8:58 AM

"You know what they still can get another policy and with subsidies." - CMReeder

Everyone, or just those who qualify? -Gavin

I've read where the Obama administration is thinking about expanding the qualification limits for subsidies so more people qualify as a peace offering for so many that lost their insurance. This would mean that those in middle class incomes would qualify. Question is, who is going to pay for all these subsidies? They did the same with SNAP and some other assistance programs and we can see the result of that and the cost it has on tax payers. I haven't heard any recent cost predictions for Obamacare since rollout but I'm pretty sure it's not even close to what this administration tried to sell us.

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Nov-10-13 8:41 AM

"You know what they still can get another policy and with subsidies."


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Nov-10-13 8:41 AM

About the subsidies - don't they come once per year, when the recipient files a tax return? Premiums will be due every month. What happens if there is a serious medical issue in the meantime, and the deductible has to be paid as well?

You could encounter a scenario where (1) you've missed work (and rec'd disability pay or perhaps no pay) because of a medical issue, (2) the premiums are still due, and (3) you have to meet the deductible. Let's say the deductible is $6000/year before the insurance pays 70/30 or 80/20 as an example. That works out to $500/month, for an entire year, just to pay that off, and you're still months away from filing a tax return to get the subsidy. After that's paid, you'll still have to come up with the extra 10, 20, 30% of what the insurance doesn't pay on top of that.

How is this going to affect people who can't afford the premiums in the first place, and are eligible for subsidies? How will they pay the deductibles as well?

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Nov-10-13 8:15 AM

"You know what they still can get another policy and with subsidies." - CMReeder

Everyone, or just those who qualify?

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Nov-10-13 8:10 AM

Scrap the whole plan and start the process all over again. That's your plan?

The right has no interest of solving the health care problems in this country at all.

People would be losing their insurance policies without the ACA with no options to get another. Some people had their policies cancelled because they did not cover enough for medical care. You know what they still can get another policy and with subsidies.

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