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Are you kidding me?

November 18, 2013

I read with great interest the article regarding the police officer (Kontz) who violated 4th amendment rights and is still representing Williamsport Police Department....

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Nov-27-13 4:00 PM

Yes, he can! If my research is correct all that is needed is 20 signatures to file in the Court of Common Pleas ---but after that-is the problem---then what. I can only tell you where I'd start but....

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Nov-21-13 6:23 PM

Why not?

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Nov-21-13 4:06 PM

The problem is, what to do??? Complaints are ignored, investigations are "internal" etc. etc. Can a mayor be impeached?

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Nov-21-13 9:03 AM

"". The DA”s office did do a criminal investigation into what happened and they determined that he did NOT do anything criminally wrong.""

That may be true... Since rules for Law enforcement personal are very very forgiving and seldom acted upon.

Does that really make it OK...??

And should we the people just accept "" Move along nothing too see here "" mentality...?

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Nov-21-13 1:58 AM

I agree Millwe!! WHAT Internal affairs?? That's the chief what a joke! What's he going to do suspend or fire himself ****! I highly doubt it. I believe that there is a code of conduct they are to adhere to Kontz should be fired along with the chief for Conduct Unbecoming. It is my understanding that it is conduct which could reasonably be expected to destroy pubic respect for police officers and or confidence in the police department. If this doesn't qualify what does? I wonder if the mayor is aware that this behavior by both officers more than meets that criteria! This department has a long history of questionable behavior and these officers are in charge of new officers talk about setting a fine example for acceptable behavior. What is it do as I say not as I do? They are both poor examples for new officers! That department is never going to gain confidence and respect being led by this type or administration! They gotta go!! Should have been gone a long time ago!

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Nov-20-13 9:03 PM

Where do you get your information? These pins were "never" logged in police property records by this officer because "he" had them! I am not a lawyer but the one they had did an excellent job convincing the jury (civil) which would lead me to believe that the DA should have been able to come up with something.....theft by deception, unlawful taking, extortion. The only thing that saved the chief was the statute of limitations. What about a police officers code of ethics or even Internal Affairs policies and procedures not to mention fitness for duty-I think not from that picture on the roof. The department needs an overhaul!

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Nov-20-13 2:49 PM

My understanding is that the DA office had them during the criminal investigation and then turned them back over to the couple who had them seized, they may have waited until after the federal suit was done but they get them back

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Nov-20-13 2:40 PM

Antibandwagon, if that is the case, what happened to them? Just curious.

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Nov-20-13 9:30 AM

I have taken the time to read over all of these posts and took the time to look at the available information on what Kontz did. First to Enigma The pins were turned over, they did not disappear. They were reported to have been kept under lock and key from the time that they were taken. The DA”s office did do a criminal investigation into what happened and they determined that he did NOT do anything criminally wrong.

It is always easy to sit back after everything is over and done and criticize our police officers, because Hindsight is always 20-20. The police made decisions every day and put their lives on the line, they wear protective vests as a normal practice because people want to shot them. They are human and I’m sure they make mistakes, as I am sure each and everyone posting comments here has done as well. I’m just not sure this should go to the level of kick him off the department

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Nov-20-13 7:27 AM

Keep this simple. Go to the Pa. Crimes Code. Read all the elements required to obtain a theft conviction hold over for court. You have to prove every element. Tell me how the DA or AG was going to prove each element.

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Nov-19-13 8:04 PM

Godzilla1, when I googled "Mike Zicolello response to the mayor pdf", it was the top entry. Thank you for the read.

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Nov-19-13 7:04 PM

Thanks mike

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Nov-19-13 7:01 PM

Godzilla1-"BTW where is my last post??"

SG has a policy prohibiting the posting of links. It's ok to suggest googling something, just don't put the web address in there because if you do it will get removed.

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Nov-19-13 6:29 PM

BTW where is my last post?? Are we now censoring publicly accessible information?? I guess that Googling information and sharing such information is what? Dangerous to public opinion? Or is it dangerous educating the public to assist in making an informed opinion on the matter? Remember the police are there to protect and serve. Who exactly are they serving? (Themselves??)

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Nov-19-13 6:18 PM

Agree,Kontz is a thief, Foresman fabricated a compliant, someone or all of them conspired to conceal the truth that's how Foresman skated on the civil suit (statue of limitations), they are both liars and the mayor knew it!!! Nooo, there's no corruption in Williamsport. Typically people are not caught on their first offense, (trip around the block) how many other circumstances of this type of more than questionable behavior and possibly worse are being concealed by administration?

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Nov-19-13 4:13 PM

I get the difference between "civil and criminal". The point I am trying to make is his actions were criminal and he should be in jail----just like any other thief but is protected by his uniform and especially his superiors including the mayor, who all, in my opinion withheld truths (they are liars). So, keep doctors, accidents, unions out of this and stay focused----the reason he was not prosecuted criminally is because people lied for him, end of story!!! Our DA should have charged him, CRIMINALLY.

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Nov-19-13 7:49 AM

Artesancus, Cap and Kerstetter are still correct. You can disagree until you turn blue. They are correct.

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Nov-19-13 3:44 AM

Godzilla, thanks for the read.

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Nov-19-13 3:44 AM

Bobbie2-"As usual Kerstetter resorts to Reederisms when proven wrong. Carlitos and Little Mikey what a team."

Proven wrong? In your dreams. You haven't come up with a fact in years. If it weren't for ignorant personal attacks you'd have nothing to say.

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Nov-19-13 3:05 AM

Kontz is a theif

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Nov-19-13 2:29 AM

Is stop and frisk the law of the land in PA? I believe it is in NY, but I don't believe it's on the books here....yet.

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Nov-18-13 9:03 PM

Millwe, I'm not condoning what this cop did. In fact I stated this morning that he was wrong. I also believe he should have been fired instead of a three day suspension. But like I said, he is protected by the union and without being charged criminally I'm sure the city had no choice but to keep him. But I'm hoping this wakes up some liberals concerning their love of unions for government employees.

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Nov-18-13 8:49 PM

As we learned "evidence has a way of disappearing".

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Nov-18-13 8:33 PM

Sorry folks, it's the system we have and like it or not, this cop was not criminally prosecuted and I can guarantee that union that all you liberals love so much did what they had to do to make sure this cop kept his job since he was never found criminally liable. If you feel that the police department, mayors office and DA's office is littered with corruption, I suggest you contact your legislators in Harrisburg and demand a state's attorney investigation, or possibly a federal investigation. If the corruption is as widespread as many of you seem to think, they should have no problem finding the evidence to put the whole lot of them away.

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Nov-18-13 8:26 PM

Capricorn1-get real! If a cop knocks at my door, takes something that belongs to me and doesn't "log it" (pins for a pin collector), there is a problem. What's next, your wife, kids, dog, etc. etc? I agree with everything enigma said; contamination is a great description and actions set precedence. Don't get me started on the DA. He nor anybody else had problems with the cop and the trip to Canada. That guy was persecuted endlessly. What's the problem here and where is the Attorney General now????

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