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Typical politicians

December 2, 2013

Reading Dr....

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Dec-03-13 8:06 AM

I just find it ironic that the first Act 13 grants awarded were for natural gas vehicle. The fuel needed will have to bought from the gas companies drilling in our state that we are not collecting taxes on. I sure there is no discount in pricing either sounds like a win, win for the gas companies.

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Dec-02-13 6:36 PM

Sorry Mike.

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Dec-02-13 6:28 PM

The CEO bought all of the ingredients to make the cookies, the kitchen, stove, cookie sheets, and paid for the electricity to run the stove.

The Tea Partier said he only deserved what he had earned.

The unionized employee, whose job was to watch the cookies bake and make sure they didn't burn, refused to participate in any of the clean up and wash or wash the dishes saying it wasn't his job, demanded that he deserved half the cookies or he would no longer help and go on strike until his demands for half the cookies was met.

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Dec-02-13 6:06 PM

Shulski, it was just as stupid the first time you posted it.

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Dec-02-13 4:43 PM

A union worker, a member of the Tea Party, and a CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table there is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches across the table, takes 11 cookies, looks at the Tea Partier and says: "Look out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie."

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Dec-02-13 1:16 PM

Hopeforfuture: That is correct. Of course, they could have passed a severance tax like Mirabito wanted and we would have seen none of this money for our "impacts" nor would have it been used to fix roads because it would have gone to the general fund and not the motor vehicle fund where all PA transportation dollars go into and out of. So, we either have actual local projects that do provide some local benefit or no local projects that provide no local benefits.

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Dec-02-13 12:02 PM

So this basically means that the counties 'do not' have to use the money for road reconstruction. The money can be used for any pet project the county wants to use it for and let the roads go on without being repaired.

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Dec-02-13 11:08 AM

Act 13 money usuage continued:

(5) Preservation and reclamation of surface and subsurface waters and water supplies. (6) Tax reductions, including homestead exclusions. (7) Projects to increase the availability of safe and affordable housing to residents. (8) Records management, geographic information systems and information technology. (9) The delivery of social services. (10) Judicial services. (11) For deposit into the county or municipality's capital reserve fund if the funds are used solely for a purpose set forth in this subsection. (12) Career and technical centers for training of workers in the oil and gas industry. (13) Local or regional planning initiatives under the act of July 31, 1968 (P.L.805, No.247), known as the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

So if the money use meets any of these criteria, it is being used legally and properly regardless of our like or dislike of its use.

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Dec-02-13 11:02 AM

Although we may not agree, please stop saying that Act 13 moneys are being misused. They are only being misused if a court decided that they were not used as follows:

(g) Use of funds.--A county or municipality receiving funds under subsection (d) shall use the funds received only for the following purposes associated with natural gas production from unconventional gas wells within the county or municipality: (1) Construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of roadways, bridges and public infrastructure. (2) Water, storm water and sewer systems, including construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair. (3) Emergency preparedness and public safety, including law enforcement and fire services, hazardous material response, 911, equipment acquisition and other services. (4) Environmental programs, including trails, parks and recreation, open space, flood plain management, conservation districts and agricultural preservation. See next entry

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Dec-02-13 10:30 AM

Phil, I can account for a lot of the fuel tax money.... SEPTA (Philly), CAT (Harrisburg) , PortAuthority (Pittsburgh) and RVT (Williamsport) have taken a lot of it.

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Dec-02-13 10:16 AM

When I came to PA in the early sixties, you could literally tell when you crossed the border, the roads were that bad. Instead of a new fuel tax, there should be an accounting of where fuel taxes have gone over the years. Fuel taxes are the proper way to finance roads and highway building and maintenance, but that’s where the money should go by law.

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Dec-02-13 9:29 AM

There are several other states that have a compable freeze/thaw ratio (ie. West Virgin Maryland, NJ and Southern NY). Their roads are not nearly as bad while we are the most taxed out of the bunch already. I see the 10 guys standing around 1 pothole blowing air into it and have to wonder if they know what they are doing.

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Dec-02-13 6:34 AM

A study I seen years ago attributes PA road conditions to the fact that PA goes through more freeze/thaw cycles that any other state. We all know what "frost heaves" are and the destruction they do.

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Dec-02-13 5:59 AM

I agree Mike. When I was in the service we would always talk about where we were from and everyone would always bust on each others states of residence. And the one thing that was ALWAYS mentioned about Pa from people of other sates that have been here was the condition of the roads. PA has always been famous for the lousy condition of the roads and long before the gas industry came here. They are gobbling up Act 13 money for everything but what it was intended for and the transportation bill is just throwing more money at a Department that been financially mismanaged for decades.

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Dec-02-13 5:06 AM

I don't know where this lady has been hiding that she hasn't heard of the transportation bill.

Vosk's letter made it sound like our deteriorating roads and bridges are a result of the natural gas industry. While that may be true of some rural secondary roads, it isn't true of the most of the roads in PA that have been deteriorating and unmaintained/ignored for decades. In reality fees are already being collected to take care of the 'impact' the industry has on our area, but the powers that be choose to use the money on pet projects like the YMCA and the Brodart housing project.

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