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Suppliers say state’s fuel tax hike will hit pump prices

November 30, 2013

HARRISBURG (AP) — The state’s new transportation law will raise fuel taxes Jan....

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Dec-01-13 9:16 AM

Streamlining government waste will not "fix the problem," as believed by many taxpayers. Unfortunately, a contraction in government spending will decrease economic activity within a government, even as local as a state government. Think of businesses these repairs to roads and bridges will benefit. Think of the individuals who are hired by those companies - they are your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and may even be yourself. Yes, gas taxes will increase. But I insist you research a trend of gas prices in the Commonwealth over the past weeks - prices have declined - perhaps due to increased production, et cetera - however, the Governor knows consumers will pay the increased cost. The legislators need to take advantage of that opportunity. When gas prices increase, chances are the tax will be reduced to alleviate the stress. On a personal note, I imagine most of those who complain about this increased tax also complain about the condition of roads and bridges. Thin

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Dec-01-13 8:31 AM

Not only Corbett has to go, but Gene Yaw too. Read the article in the September 29, 2013 issue "Highway and bridge improvement plan is long overdue". Gene Yaw championed this bill to RAISE your taxes. This is what happens when politicians are comfortable in their districts because they know they will be re-elected due to their political affiliation or name recognition.

Instead of the senate looking at the big picture, the senate decides to just raise your taxes, that's the easy way!!! PennDot, the turnpike commission and every other state government agency should be looked at and streamlined. I don't think we will see streamlining happen because that would involve hard work and not a lot of hard work happens in Harrisburg. Happy higher taxes folks!!

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Dec-01-13 8:23 AM

biobabycj - I would agree Corbett must go. But I would go one step further quit electing either Dems or Repubs, neither side gives a whit about the average persson on the street. They will get their yearly raise, their "walking around" money, their benefit package. And we will be left paying more and more to government and few of the road and bridge projects will get done. I have said from the beginning that this was and is a bad law.

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Nov-30-13 4:20 PM

gov corbett needs to go. hes done NOTHING GOOD for ANYTHING here in PA. except like the pockets of himself and his own. like govt people do. they dont worry because 1 they already have tons of money 2 they get paid tons of money and they dont worry about where or when their next paycheck comes from, they will just raise our taxes when they need a raise. this is bull crap. tax on gas has gone up a LOT. WE NEED gas to get back and forth to work no matter if its our econocar, or if its the bus or taxi. some people cant just walk to work or ride bike to work. some of us live 20 miles away from the only job we have. how about you govt people lower YOUR income and put that money back to where it belongs. if taxes go up we should see the improvements that those taxes have paid for. we better.

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Nov-30-13 2:42 PM

hey more money to fix I-80..wish they would fix 220 near lock haven..i thought whoops were for dirt bikes!..guess all that money from the gas ind. isn't going to far..government stop lining there own pockets maybe thing would get better

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Nov-30-13 10:36 AM


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Nov-30-13 10:35 AM

Oh good, now Hawbaker can do more work this summer on a perfectly fine beltway & rt 15 between town & Trout Run, as they seem to do every year.

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Nov-30-13 5:44 AM

"The good news this winter for tax-averse consumers is that the federal Energy Information Administration expects the average East Coast gas price to drop by perhaps 20 cents per gallon, thanks to rising U.S. crude oil production..."


THANKS, President Obama!!!!!!!

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