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December 6, 2013

I find it hard to believe that with the state that this country is in that any store chain in their right mind would open up on Thanksgivin....

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Dec-07-13 10:04 AM

Think of Real American as " The Onion". I get it.

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Dec-07-13 9:34 AM

"Since when is the dollar more important than family?" Using the word "dollar" as a stand in for money and power. I would say it has always been true. The trick is to make sure that you and yours have enough money and power so that this fact doesn't apply to you.

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Dec-07-13 7:16 AM

He showed up on the "Do the Math" letter and originally started out defending Shulski. His/her tone has changed a bit since then.

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Dec-07-13 5:40 AM

So, is it just me or does anyone else notice that as soon as one clown leaves another shows up?

Maybe it's just the same idiot who constantly changes his screen name.

And in case you're wondering, RealAmerican, yes, I am talking about you in this particular instance.

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Dec-06-13 8:06 PM

Rather than the goverment I would rather my tax dollars went to a corporation that runs the courts, military, policing, prisons and road construction. At least CEOs don't have to campaign

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Dec-06-13 8:04 PM

The government already owns the military, police forces, courts, fire departments and the roads. All these should be privately owned. All these would be run better by corporations. Look at the great job they are doing with prisons.

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Dec-06-13 7:59 PM

Sideliner. Why don't you grab a dictionary and look up socialism?

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Dec-06-13 7:58 PM

Don't worry at least we have a mayor who talks tough on crime. Everyone knows that there is nothing tougher than a unionized third grade public schoolteacher. Tougher than construction workers and radio pundits

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Dec-06-13 6:03 PM

Whoever said Minimum Wage should be enough to live on? The fact is, it never was, and it never can be since the buyer (all of us) determine what we are willing to pay for things, and people in other countries have the audacity to think that any wage is better than no wage. Short of tariffs on imported products (everything), there is no way for the United States government to legislate what a Chinese worker should earn. Thus, the Minimum Wage law only eliminates American jobs, and it always will.

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Dec-06-13 4:45 PM

For those popping off about the gold standard, do you even understand how that works?

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Dec-06-13 4:44 PM

Realamerican, were we a socialist nation when the government prohibited all kinds of business to be closed certain days like Sundays and election days? For decades alcohol could not be sold on those days in this state. And to this day the hours of the day bars can be open is regulated here. Does that make PA socialist?

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Dec-06-13 3:20 PM

To the people saying we should go back to the gold standard... you do realize there isn't enough gold in existence to back up the money that's out there... right?

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Dec-06-13 3:13 PM

That's right leaningright. This country needs to stop printing money and making coins. Go back to the gold standard and never print another dollar

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Dec-06-13 2:49 PM

"I don't hunt but do enjoy the venison that hunters at work share with their fellow workers."- CMReeder.

This is the thing I find most puzzling, Chuck. Many of those who oppose hunting, think nothing of going to the store and buying steaks, pork, etc. I guess they don't realize an animal had to be killed to provide those purchases.

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Dec-06-13 2:35 PM

I think it is kind of "disgusting" that one would get upset about working on a holiday when our country is printing money at a faster rate than ever before, that we have made a bad deal with the terrorist Iranians, that our sovereign territory (embassy Benghazi)and ambassador was killed and we did nothing about it, that we have a law being shoved down our throats that we dont want and for most dont need,that we have a congress that is worthless to us, that we have a president that lies to us continuously (so much for transparency)and that we cowar to the chinese and in general that we could allow our country to be in this state and all we can do is talk about working on a holiday. Now thats Disgusting, not left, not right, but disgusting.

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Dec-06-13 1:56 PM

Anyone who disagrees with me is drinking the liberal kool aid. Just like 1984 you*****off the government feet of your savior who supports the Muslim brotherhoox

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Dec-06-13 1:54 PM

Don't like shopping on Thanksgiving? Don't shop on Thanksgiving.

Don't like businesses being open on Thanksgiving? Close your business on Thanksgiving.

Don't like working on Thanksgiving? Work for a business that is closed on Thanksgiving.

People whine too much about every little thing.

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Dec-06-13 1:52 PM

Either you people = Either you want people

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Dec-06-13 1:51 PM

Spike, a football game involves many more people than just the athletes. You have all of the personnel at the gates and vendors who are only making minimum wage, then security personnel for the event, and then everyone involved with the tv production.

Either you people to work or you don't, other than the essential personnel, we are just picking and choosing who we would like to work.

I stand by that Josh Barro comment I posted earlier today.

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Dec-06-13 1:47 PM

" Ask any farmer or wildlife expert the results of allowing the deer population to explode unchecked."

Time magazine ran a story in the newest issue addressing the need for more hunting. Wildlife like deer populations have exploded and in suburban areas, also bear populations have made greater excursions into more urban areas even mountain lions have been spotted in the Hollywood hills were none had been in a long time.

I don't have a problem with hunters or hunting as long as you are going to eat what you kill. Doing it for the trophy or thrill then I have to question it. I don't hunt but do enjoy the venison that hunters at work share with their fellow workers.

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Dec-06-13 1:40 PM

"Overstock" and Cabela's Bargain Cave, I just paid $39.00 for a Carhart Barn Coat and $39.00 for a pair of Timberland boots for my husband on Black Friday sales, with free 2 day shipping.

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Dec-06-13 1:34 PM

I think the difference is between "essential" and non-essential workers. prisons, hospitals, police are mandated. They also are paid holiday Time. Many $20 - $60.00 workers take a shift voluntarily because of the significant pay. These retail workers are paid the same wage. If the giants make that much money on a holiday then pay holiday wages. I personally don't see a need to shop before 12:01 AM Friday. As to athletes, do any of us want to discuss their "wages".

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Dec-06-13 1:01 PM

Shaman you hate capitalism? You hate America and freedom. Not in my america. You let the terrorists win every time you attack capitalism and the free-market. Only a socialist goverment would force business to close any time of year

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Dec-06-13 11:41 AM

Already on Amazon Prime, Cap, mostly for the video steaming service. OK I will admit stupid was not the word I should have used. And yes I know hunting is beneficial after hitting 4 deer and almost another last night. I just don't like hunting, to me I find it pointless. If I want to enjoy the wilderness I walk, which I find uncomfortable to do during hunting season.

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Dec-06-13 11:38 AM

"BTW, join Amazon Prime... free two day shipping." - Capricorn1

Not just free shipping, but free movies on the Roku, with international movies to boot.

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