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‘What’s in it for me’

December 8, 2013

The Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States of America began many years ago as a way to give thanks for all of our blessings....

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Dec-11-13 7:35 PM

I also disagree with the author in both the sporting reference and the attack on the pharmaceutical companies. The responses by others are very accurate in their rebuttal. The cost to bring a drug to market through FDA costs at least one billion dollars. Many drugs cannot pass the blind studies to the levels required by federal law.

As for the sports figures, although I agree salaries for these individuals are obscene, they are negotiated and decisions made in a fair market society. If Ida Temple wants to chastise the system, then she should not apply the Mansfield Tea Party tagline after her name. In my opinion, these two references are out of the scope of what the Tea Party is all about and the author should consider that when submitting future letters.

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Dec-11-13 7:24 PM

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Dec-09-13 8:27 AM

"Shaman the terrorists win every time you insult us tea party patriots." - RealAmerican


C'mon...c'mon...I'm fairly-certain no terrorists are marketing T-Bagger Crying-Towels.

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Dec-08-13 2:14 PM

Typical libtard socialist pinko

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Dec-08-13 2:13 PM

Shaman the terrorists win every time you insult us tea party patriots. You hate america and freedom. They will not take our guns. When obama locks you away in a fema concentration camp!p, you can apologize when the tea party saves you. The tanks, nukes, drones, bazookas and aircraft of the military are no match for the assault rifles,and founding-father mullet wigs of the tea party. Typical liberal

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Dec-08-13 12:14 PM

"We often place money, (the love of it), material things, and our own egos before everything and everyone else." - Ida M. Temple


...And, if you RESIST (doing so), T-Baggers accuse you of class-warfare.

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Dec-08-13 6:32 AM

@eriklatranyi - agreed. I just watched a PBS Frontline special about the end of the antibiotic era. The amount of money it takes to develop a drug and bring it to market is staggering. No one can expect a company to sink a billion dollars into a project and not recoup the investment, which by the way, can be used to develop something else.

Add into the mix the lawyers who are champing at the bit to sue for millions of dollars if a new side effect appears after the drug is in widespread use, and it's no wonder companies charge what they do.

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Dec-08-13 5:47 AM

I agree except the pharmaceutical companies.

Few people understand the thousands of drug failures that occur before one is found that can work.

Does everyone think those thousands of failures cost nothing to develop, test and research?

Hundreds of drugs make it clinical trials where flaws are revealed and it cannot be approved for sale, losing millions in that single formulation.

The advancements in drugs treatments has taken place because we have paid for it. Those people who benefit from price controls (in other countries) did not pay for the innovation they get to enjoy.

While liberals tell us we must all pay so all can benefit, they think if all have price controls we will still have innovation.

We will not and millions will suffer and die without the treatments never invented because there is a lack of research funds.

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Dec-08-13 4:28 AM

Well said Ida!

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