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Why not start early?

December 15, 2013

The people of my generation overlook the importance of physical activities in our youth’s lives. We don’t not realize how much positive impact exercise can have on the body on a long term basis....

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Dec-16-13 8:23 AM

rmiller - let's say dependent on height. A 5' 14 is much different than a 5'8' 14. :-)

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Dec-16-13 6:05 AM

Exercise is important, but the obesity problem in this country is really due to bad nutrition. Of course the fast food industry likes to place blame on inactivity. However, running a mile only burns about 100 calories so lack of exercise can't be the main reason. It's a lot easier to not eat that 1,000 calorie Big Mac than to run 10 miles. Don't be fooled by the food industry people! Their focus on exercise is a smoke screen.

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Dec-15-13 11:33 PM

It amuses me when people spend thousands of dollars on riding mowers, snow throwers, and leaf blowers, then go out and spend thousands more on exercise equipment because they are out of shape.

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Dec-15-13 9:58 PM

Take away the stinking electronics and get off the couch.

Too many factors weigh in on this. Society has women vomiting up their meals because the runway and Hollywood starlets and pop stars don't weigh over 75 lbs.

If I had received a letter from the school district about my son when he was in school, like Mike got, I would be fuming. We need to focus more on character and less on physical quotas...

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Dec-15-13 9:52 PM

I do wonder if this was a writing assignment for Mansfield students. Two LTRs and both deal with health.

I concur with Mike on this particular issue. Size does not equal beauty or fitness. One of our friends is married to a pediatrician. He spends hours a week in rock climbing and tons of physical activities. He is in excellent health by any standard. Two months ago, at age 42, he suffered a massive heart attack. And, he is not the exception to the rule. Genetics and diet have much to do with health, exercise is not the end all to a guarantee to long life.

Spike....12...14 is posing a possible threat/risk? Wow, that's not even considered Lg. by retailers...16-18 perhaps.

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Dec-15-13 11:42 AM

I agree Mike.

I would add, the right size does not equal health.

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Dec-15-13 10:42 AM

spike2-"I do think size 12's, 14's upward pose risks."

I don't think size alone poses the risk. There's a lot of other stuff to factor in. I personally think the bigger problem is the self esteem issues that wanting everyone to conform to a certain size/body type causes. It only serves to make normal people feel worthless, causes some to develop eating disorders (eating too much or too little, bulimia, etc) or to just give up.

It's implied too much that size equals beauty. It doesn't.

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Dec-15-13 10:19 AM

Was writing to a newspaper an assignment? I don't think size determines real women. I do think size 12's, 14's upward pose risks. Just ask a surgeon if it is easier to successfully operate on a thin person or well-padded one. No one should starve however most do own mirrors. We all know when we need to cut back.

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Dec-15-13 8:45 AM

Another one size fits all approach.

If we forced everyone to eat exactly the same, exercise the same, etc. we would still have malnourished people and overweight people.

It is not as simple as just do A-B-C and you will be fine.

Diversity and individual freedom are the hallmarks of a strong society.

Educate and let people make their own decisions.

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Dec-15-13 8:35 AM

I know let the school system make our children exercise. Yeah! Every morning like boot camp. If parents are to lazy to help the children let the government do that for them after all they can now tell the children the lunches their parents send is not adequate.

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Dec-15-13 8:18 AM

Mike, I suspect they are probably going off of the BMI chart. It's inaccurate. They should have done other tests before they sent any paperwork home.

Kids copy what their parents do.

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Dec-15-13 8:11 AM

@ToTEXASfromPA - portion control! Along with the types of foods, it's how much. I lost about 70 lbs in the last year and a half just by cutting back portion sizes.

Measure out an actual serving of potato chips. You'll be surprised at how little a serving really is :)

Capricorn1 - I think we as a society have frightened parents and children alike about being outside. Everything today seems to be dangerous. I know there are concerns about kidnappings, child molestation, etc., but what happened to parents watching kids? Why couldn't parents who share common backyards get together and take turns watching kids while they play?

When I was a kid, we rode our bikes, played softball, went swimming, were involved with marching band, bowled, and all sorts of things. Of course, we had 5 channels on TV and no video games.

I am guilty of coming home from work and wanting to hibernate behind the TV or computer too. Going to work & coming home from work in the dark tends to do that

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Dec-15-13 7:57 AM

Many sports have become so competitive that those who are not as strong or as fast as others get turned off and walk away from any physical activity. Some activities need to be designed so that people are competing against themselves. A routine and regularity is important.

Food types and intake need to be monitored. Most people are in such a hurry nowadays that they don't eat balanced meals, especially with vegetables and fruits. I have seen some older teenagers and parents eat lots of starchy vegetables like potatoes, potatoes, and potatoes.

At a young age and steadfast persistence from parents, children must be taught to eat a variety of vegetables like peas, green beans, carrots, squash, radishes, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, okra, onions, corn. They also need to eat various fruits. With the global farming/markets and greenhouse growing, most vegetables and fruits are available year round. Brainwash your children while young that this is the only way.

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Dec-15-13 6:12 AM

How many kids will be walking the neighborhood this morning with snow shovels attempting to earn a little money shoveling walks? How many will be sitting inside while their parents are out shoveling their own walks? Big screen TVs, computers, XBoxes and all these other modern day gadgets have made everyone less active, children and adults alike.

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Dec-15-13 4:42 AM

Yep, need to get people moving.

What we also need to do is set realistic overweight and obesity standards. If a woman isn't a size 0 they are led to believe they are overweight. Real women have curves. They are size 8's, 10's, 12's, 14's, etc. Constantly telling them they are a failure because they aren't a size 0 leads to eating disorders and just plain giving up. We once had a Dr who told our daughter, at around age 10 or so, "if you want to grow up to be pretty you need to lose weight".

Guys are no different. We recently got a letter from the school that said our son, who is 16, 5'9" and weighs 170 lbs, was borderline obese. Really? The kid spends 6 days a week in the gym lifting weights and running. He's bulking up with muscles, but the 'educated' powers that be have determined that he's abnormal and borderline obese.

If you want our kids to be healthy, first you must set realistic figures and body types.

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