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The peoples nuclear option

December 18, 2013

Read the first paragraph of Article 5 of the Constitution again and you’ll be reminded even the Founders did not believe their document was foolproof at stopping government run amuck....

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Dec-26-13 12:00 PM

And as far as term limits go, I am against them. I live in Washington State. If PA wants to vote someone in to represent them, thats your choice. I have no right to tell you ( by voting for term limits ) who you can have represent you. Pro Term Limits people point at approval ratings for congress as proof we need term limits. This is a false premise. Most of the "I dislike Congress " is focused on other members and not their own. The other half of the Pro Term Limit crowd are people in the opposing voting block who can't win their state/district. Think a solid Blue district with red voters that can't muster the votes and take the election. Term Limits would not solve either issue. People would still 'disaprove' of the job other representatives/senators are doing from other states, and minority party voters still would not win the seats they want.

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Dec-26-13 11:52 AM

Why would anyone be against a balanced budget amendment?

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Dec-19-13 7:53 AM

The whining continues.

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Dec-19-13 5:10 AM

Get a load of this "dumby".

"Victor DAVID Hanson" - RealAmerican

Victor DAVIS Hanson" - gavinf56

If you are going to pretend to be a Conservative, you could at least get the names right. Oh, I get it. The SG monitor changed the spelling to make you look stupid.

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Dec-18-13 11:03 PM

That's what I just said,dumby. Did you copy and paste his name? Do you know who he is? I read Culture and Carnage. I also read John Lewis Gaddis's The Cold War a New History. I've also read books by conservatives like Bill O'Reilly and P.J. O'Rourke. I'm probably better read up on conservatism than you are. Do you even know who Edmund Burke is? Schooled bang!

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Dec-18-13 9:20 PM

Are you sure you don't mean Victor Davis Hanson?

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Dec-18-13 9:16 PM

Cap and Gavin, the odd thing is that I actually becoming a conservative. I know Victor David Hanson style conservatism. Look him up

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Dec-18-13 8:25 PM

...and we are still waiting to see what Chuck's "doubly offended" means, but I am not holding my breath on that one.

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Dec-18-13 8:22 PM

The funny thing is Cap, the only people RealAmerican has fooled are liberals. Go figure.

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Dec-18-13 7:51 PM

I think the suggestions the author makes only move the choke points at which the power is wielded. I am not sure there would be any practical positive results.

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Dec-18-13 7:42 PM

John, you do know that RealAmerican is a liberal right? He gets on here and impersonates himself as a conservative to try make them look stupid.

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Dec-18-13 7:18 PM

RealAmerican @ 2:54 PM

"Love or leave it liberals."

I voted for Obama. He had 10 million more votes in 2008, and 3 million more in 2012!

YOU are in the minority, so you and your ilk can shove your "Love it or leave it" B.S. where the sun don't shine! YOU can leave!


RealAmerican @ Dec-18-13 12:33 PM

".. diversity is what makes this country weak."

WRONG! Are you rewriting history?

"The Founding Fathers were Christian ..."

WRONG! Not all of them. Check your history!


RealAmerican @ 11:41 AM

"Universal Healthcare and gay marriage threaten America..."

Have any PROOF?


North40 @ 10:32 AM

"In relation to the A(H)CA, if it is good for us then why not them?"


No one MUST enroll under AHCA if they already have approved insurance.


eriklatranyi @ 9:18 AM

"Conservatives propose solutions and liberals - call it whining..."


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Dec-18-13 7:12 PM

geez Enigma, you little rocket scientist, name a state politician who will introduce this in state. politicians are politicians. Now you want a constitutional Amendment. Though you were for strict construction. The only viable way is as a ballot issue. Name anyone who will put this too a vote. You could go out and collect signatures.

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Dec-18-13 7:12 PM

I just saw a fantastic ad against NH Senator Shaheen.

It shows a clip of her on the Senate floor saying you can keep your health insurance if you like it, and Obamacare will bring more competition.

Then, it shows 10,000 people in NH have had their policies cancelled and that Obamacare only approved one insurer in NH (no competition).

Then, the ad says, in November you can choose to keep your Senator if you like your Senator.

But, if you don't, you know what to do.

This ad is devastating and will be used against every Democrat tuning for re-election.

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Dec-18-13 5:39 PM

"Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat: Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor" —Gallup

The options about which Mr. Harris writes will gain traction with poll results like that.

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Dec-18-13 3:24 PM

Spike2, You keep asking who in Congress will vote for term limits. Can't you read? This is about bypassing Congress to amend the Constitution. The founders knew that there might come a time when the Federal government would get out of control and need to be put back in its place. That's why they allowed for a way for states to bypass Congress to amend the Constitution. So now you can stop asking the same dumb question. We all know that most of those in Congress are there only for themselves and that is why this needs to be done. I know you're a liberal, but try to keep up.

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Dec-18-13 2:58 PM

Society does not "progress" as this progressives believe. America was at its greatest when the Founding Fathers started America. It was also better in the 1950s before the hippies ruined it

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Dec-18-13 2:54 PM

Right Bbbie. The Founding Fathers were divinely inspired to create a republic based on the best elements of Western Civilization and capitalism. Limited government and representative democracy. Love or leave it liberals

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Dec-18-13 2:07 PM

Maybe the problem is patience.

A lot of people want immigrants to "assimilate" right away. It's never been that way. In the past, as it is today, when other cultures moved here, they did not speak English and tended to live in communities around each other. Germans with Germans; Italians with Italians and so forth. They kept their cultures and customs. It was their children who started speaking English.

I remember as a kid, listening to my great-grandmother. Her accent was really thick. My grandmother had only a slight accent but could speak both languages. My mom and dad don't have an accent but only know some words and phrases as English became their language.

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Dec-18-13 1:57 PM

"Who in Congress would vote to end their own high-paying, perk laden, status job?"

Quite true, Spike. Article V allows the states to bypass Congress and the President. Some states have bills in the works to authorize their state's Article V convention.

See also: The Mount Vernon Assembly. Some of Levin's (or others') proposed amendments would receive bipartisan support on this forum, and across the country.

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Dec-18-13 1:05 PM

RealAmerican, I believe you are incorrect. America's greatness stems from a diverse background. Lots of good people coming together around a common idea of freedom and liberty. You sound like someone who would have anyone who is not like you expelled. So, you must be of only one genetic origin, all the way back to the beginning of time. If you are truly so pure you would be the first person. Even Hitler has Jewish ancestors. I believe what is dragging this country down is not our diversity, it is a weakness by the people to not demand that newcomers ASSIMILATE into the group as was done in the past.

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Dec-18-13 12:44 PM

We live in the dictatorship of Barackistan where "politcal correctness" denies us the right to recognize that Western Civilization and capitalism are the greatest inventions of the human race

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Dec-18-13 12:33 PM

Spike diversity is what makes this country weak. A unified usa culture makes it strong. European immigrants learned to speak English just fine. The black people became masters of the English language in their own way. Yet Latin Americans have so much trouble learning English. The Founding Fathers were Christian and spoke English.

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Dec-18-13 12:12 PM

The American Life - Wow. You mean those who choose to live as you live, have your standards, your opinions, on and on. Until everyone comes to terms with the fact we are diverse, nothing will change. I really don't know anyone who is threatened by gay marriage. no matter how much older people carry on, legitimacy will ultimately occur everywhere. Younger people simply believe this is not a big deal. Whether or not anyone supports the AHCA, it is not universal. I believe this conversation is about term limits. my question remains the same, who in Congress or the Senate will vote to end their own job? Who would even write this legislation and get it on as a ballot issue? Ask any of them to jeopardize their job. Who among us would suggest ending our own job? great idea but will never happen.

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Dec-18-13 11:41 AM

Scottydog is right. Liberals are bent on destroying our way of life. Universal Healthcare and gay marriage threaten America and our government is endorsing them. This is a Christian and English speaking nation. Love it or leave it

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