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Time to do the job

December 20, 2013

About a week or so ago I went to Williamsport to conduct businesss. I stopped at a business on Route 15. Upon pulling up, I was almost hit by an oncoming car....

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Dec-22-13 7:50 AM

JabbaTheHutt wrote: "It's a summary offense - the police can't pull you over for that". Please review summary offenses again Jabba or talk to a Police Officer that knows the Vehicle Code. Just about every traffic violation is a summary offense, with the exception of certain offenses. If Craig would have pulled into the lot and told the officer about the vehicle code violations then the officer could of went after that driver, viewed that the lights weren't on, wipers were on without the headlights on, erratic driving, etc, and made a vehicle stop. That officer could of then determined if a citation was needed or a warning issued. I've noticed way too many times that people who want to slam the Police will conveniently leave out details of their LTE just to stir up the rest of the Police haters.

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Dec-22-13 5:32 AM

It's a summary offense - the police can't pull you over for that, same as if you drive by a cop and have no seatbelt on and they can visibly see you don't. However, if they pull you over for speeding and it's rainy or you have no seatbelt then you get double or triple the pleasure with additional fines for those summary offenses.

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Dec-21-13 8:23 AM

I'd have to bet Mr. Craig Galligher is either adding more to the story or leaving more out. Hey Craig, why didn't you pull into the lot to advise the Police Officer of the violation? He could of went and stopped the violator and filed a citation on info received. Maybe he was writing a report as most have to do from their patrol cars and sitting there as a visual deterrant and never saw the violation. Obviously the violator didn't care because he/she still committed the act. We're glad you are ok though and no accident actually happened.

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Dec-20-13 10:16 PM

Sorry for the double post...

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Dec-20-13 9:47 PM

Come on, maybe he was texting is girlfriend/wife?

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Dec-20-13 9:45 PM

Come on, maybe he was texting is girlfriend/wife?

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Dec-20-13 4:56 PM

If you think that's bad just look at the *** we have in the White House!!!

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Dec-20-13 9:36 AM

Maybe it was a politician; the law doesn't apply to them. IF the PO-lice would actually stop the offenders, maybe the offenders would get the idea. Who knows, if a cop stopped more cars, they might actually catch some illegals. Oh that's right, we don't stop illegals anymore........

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Dec-20-13 9:12 AM

Troll Eric is at again!

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Dec-20-13 8:35 AM

Wow! We passed a law and people aren't obeying their overlords!

But don't tell the liberals, they think criminals obey the law!

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Dec-20-13 2:33 AM

I have seen many people without their lights on at dusk, when it is foggy, raining, etc. There are not enough police to stop all of these idiots.

Wondering what time of day or night it was that you came through there. The officer may have been napping.

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Dec-20-13 1:09 AM

If you didn't see the car coming what makes you think the police saw the car? Assume the worst for others while ignoring your same mistake is hypocritical, dontcha think?

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