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Dress codes

December 22, 2013

I went to watch a chorus concert at the middle school here in town tonight, I have gone to many such programs to see my children, nieces, nephews and now grandchildren entertain us....

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Dec-24-13 11:48 PM


Excellent posts, thank you for bringing another perspective to the table for all of us.


Surely you know that things are vastly disarrayed in our youth's society more so than ever. it's not just about attire, as if that isn't bad enough...demeanor...attitudes...lack of discipline...hurtful to parents/ respect for the law or authority, etc.,

No, things won't return again...this is different, very different. On the other hand, I know some godly kids today who make their parents proud and those who know them. Not all is bad....but definitely different.

You have a Merry Christmas!

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Dec-24-13 12:24 PM

Mrs. Cole, remember that your child is participating in a nationally recognized music program. The WASD music program has had these guidelines in place long before you or your children were involved in the program. The only reason the guidelines have to be more explicit is because of parents that do not know how to appropriately dress their children for a classical music type concert.

Now it also sounds like you haven't addressed this concern with the teacher. Shame on you! If you can take the time to send a letter to the news paper you should have plenty of time to pick up for the phone and speak to the teacher. Your attempt at public slander is appalling. You should be teaching your daughter to deal with things in an adult manner. Schedule a meeting, sit and talk, come to a resolution but more importantly learn to read the information that comes home to you from the school. You could be missing a lot of other important things that are happening in the district.

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Dec-24-13 12:12 PM

Mrs. Cole, you also claim that you have no issue with the dress code. Then why not make sure that your child follows it? I received a letter at the beginning of the school year explaining the expectations. I also received a reminder in the mail just after Thanksgiving. The letter contained information about the concert date, time, and dress code. I made sure that my daughter was prepared with adequate clothes for the concert. I know that one day my daughter could be required to wear a uniform or appropriate clothes for a potential job. I feel that this is a great time to help instill the responsibility in my child to dress appropriately. In her future she could be sent home or even fired for wearing clothes that are inappropriate for the given situation. The teaching of responsibility starts at home. The teacher's guidelines are there to HELP you guide your child through life's many challenges. If you don't like the guidelines don't have your child participate.

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Dec-24-13 12:05 PM

I was in attendance at the concert that Mrs. Cole wrote about. At no point in time did I see the teacher grab another student and move them because of how they were dressed. What I did see was the teacher consistently messing with one of the riser sections during the first half of the concert. Then as the larger choir was coming into the auditorium and getting on the risers it was very clear that something was not right with the one section. I saw the principal slide the riser out of the way and students were moved into the group. It was obvious that this was not planned but I was happy to see that my child was safe. She was suppose to stand on that section of riser. Mrs. Cole, from the sound of it your child was also on that section. Would you rather the children be safe of seen?

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Dec-23-13 8:18 PM

rmiller, we wore mini-skirts, we wore tye dyes, we wore beads and grew our hair. We listened to music that set our parents hair on fire. Our parents did the dame and our grandmothers wore flapper dresses. it all worked out in the end as it will for today's kids.

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Dec-23-13 8:06 PM

How droll Mike and you are still a pervert.

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Dec-23-13 7:43 PM

Spike, I owned many a mini-skirt...I did other things that were morally wrong too. But, then years, ions later, God got ahold of my life and mini skirts and seductive wear went by the way side. Bottom line, both were choices. As today, young girls make choices...and there are other items available to wear and purchase and still be fashionable. Imagine that? As for dress codes being of value? Apparently, the teacher stated her value and it wasn't complied with the young woman's value, hence the moral relativism code of ethics....hmmmm

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Dec-23-13 10:01 AM

Haven't seen any mention of those choir members wearing robes/gowns as is the custom for many church choirs across America, as well as for Commencement ceremonies. It would eliminate the need for any sort of dress code, making this "problem" a non-issue.

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Dec-23-13 8:09 AM

It is time for school uniforms.

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Dec-23-13 8:00 AM

c'mon rmiller - I bet you owned at least one mini-skirt too! The world didn't end. Dress codes are only of value if yo know everyone has the clothing needed to comply. This was public school. Dressing decently is one thing, mandatory items is another.

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Dec-23-13 7:58 AM

If there WAS a dress code for the event...then DO IT!!!!! otherwise NO event....if these whining parents and bleeding hearts would just get with it....JUST maybe we wouldn't have such a problem when these children HAVE to face real life after school...THEN...what...turn to drugs like Hero!n....the feel good drug > till it kills you!

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Dec-23-13 12:49 AM

CMReeder-"But I was a child once unlike most of the conservatives here."

Still are a child....

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Dec-23-13 12:34 AM

"There is quite a difference in just above the knee and 'fingertip' length which just barely covers the private parts."

The other girls were in violation of the dress code. It was at the knee not above it. The teacher is out of line as well as the conservatives who posted here.

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Dec-23-13 12:19 AM

"Chuck, as I have pointed out before, you don't have children and as such, you truly can't provide clear reasoning."

But I was a child once unlike most of the conservatives here.

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Dec-22-13 8:35 PM

Agreeing to a "dress code" is not permission to crush self-image. Trash bags with arms cut out would be better, unless of course one bag was shorter than the other!!!

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Dec-22-13 8:24 PM

"Do I have a problem with dress codes? Not at all.But what may be the norm for a student to own a black pair of pants or skirt with a particular length is not the norm for all." This is where the author lost me. These two statements contradict each other. If one uses the judgement of individuals to decide what is the norm, then you don't have a dress code. A dress code, by definition, sets the norm for what ever activity it is applied to. You can't agree to a dress code and then substitute your own judgement.

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Dec-22-13 7:25 PM

The one thing no one is addressing is we are only hearing one side of this story, that being a possibly biased opinion of someone who would naturally take the side of someone she loves and that love may naturally make her draw conclusions to deflect blame and incite pity. Anyone who is a parent, aunt, uncle or other relative may view the situation the same. That doesn't mean their bias should go without question.

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Dec-22-13 5:07 PM

building self-esteem......

now that's a new concept, right:(

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Dec-22-13 5:02 PM

Give them each a drum sized black trash bag to wear. Holes cut out to fit.

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Dec-22-13 4:47 PM

What is really wrong with you people? Liberals, conservatives, seriously??? Let me make this brief and simply state that if this were my daughter....there would be a "big" problem. First of all, no bullying applies to teachers as well. I would love to know what imbecile, supported by my tax dollars, boosts his/her ego by reducing a child to tears? In the grand scheme of things is the length of a dress really all that important? What was the real issue with this "teacher"? This makes me so angry.....I can't find the words. These are our children and this horrid behavior should not be tolerated.....PERIOD! This young lady is an honor roll student and in chorus and this adult is supposed to be encouraging, building self-esteem. This was the exact opposite of her primary responsibility as an educator. With actions like this is it any wonder so many of our children are silently suffering?

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Dec-22-13 3:23 PM

A simple solution for future concerts might be to order outfits through the school like the High School does. Then everyone looks the same. They could do fundraisers through the year to pay for them.

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Dec-22-13 3:05 PM

Eric, I don't know if you have taken much notice to many of my comments in the past. I know you have made a few remarks about them, some good some bad. So if you have taken notice, I would hope you at least have taken notice that my positions on matters, though not always to your liking, are at least well thought out and researched. Yes I do lean more to the liberal side, but it takes all kinds right? So could I ask you to quit telling me that as a liberal "I haven't got a clue",and please, it would also be great if you stopped calling me "stupid".

Merry Christmas to You and Yours.

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Dec-22-13 2:33 PM

Fingertip length is ridiculous. Big shock, all arms are not proportionate to height or the arms of others. The old method was x inches above the knee. Anyone else remember mini-skirts?

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Dec-22-13 2:23 PM


"I agree with you and I would go further I would suggest that if the girl lived on Vallamont Drive she would have been given a solo. Anything to disgrace those who do not have all the extras. This girl is probably scared for life. Put the poor in their place."

Come on, "scarred for life?" Maybe pride tarnished, but don't make a victim where there isn't one. Could it be that next time, she goes to the effort to play by the rules? I do agree with the fact that the teacher handled it wrong, period. But, society much quit victimizing someone who, for whatever reason, chose to do it her way. And, while we see this as trying to trump the wealthy vs. lower income, we don't know if the young lady has a cell phone with a plan, or a hair dresser that keeps her "do" with the latest style, or whatever...

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Dec-22-13 2:14 PM

Chuck, as I have pointed out before, you don't have children and as such, you truly can't provide clear reasoning.

As a mother, I wouldn't have been happy with the teacher's actions. is not like the young lady wasn't notified prior to the show.

As a woman, I am fed up with the dress code, period in the fashion industry. Young girls, teens, women who clearly have no self respect cater to the whims of fashion at any cost. Nothing is left to the imagination anymore and where are the feminists of the 60's and 70's who decried the males exploiting of women? The hypocrisy of the left/progressive seize of our fashion industry is appalling.

Herein is the issue problematic as to what is proper. Today's fashion industry is offering (slim pickens) long coverage and not clingy. While the choice is narrow, there is a choice. As for the young girl not having the required attire? If it had been a wedding, I'm guessing she might have found a dress.

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