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Bad, bad drivers

December 23, 2013

When is the state going to start taking older drivers out of the open road to check their responses? I’ll be 75 years old and still drive, but I know what I’m doing....

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Dec-26-13 3:30 PM

Another thing you have to take into consideration is the length of the onramp because I don't know how many times I've seen cars coming up an onramp and increasing their speed to 55 only to run out of onramp lane because of traffic and either they have to slam on their brakes or the cars in the right lane do. That comes from having the attitude that you have the right of way. Simple rule, drive defensively, not aggressively.

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Dec-26-13 3:21 PM

Wes, I know exactly what you are saying and I agree with your intent. However, there are MANY drivers out there that feel they have the right of way when entering from the onramp and even your first comment made it sound like you are entering no matter what and the heck with the drivers whom have the right of way. You corrected yourself but sadly enough there are plenty of drivers that feel just that way and think yield means merge. I've encountered it countless times and I will NOT impede the travel of the passing lane just to yield for an onramp. If I'm driving 55 in the right lane and traffic in the passing lane is approaching much quicker than my speed, am I expected to slow down that traffic just to let a yielding vehicle in? I don't think so. I move over when I can safely do so without Impeding traffic in the passing lane.

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Dec-26-13 7:13 AM

I've come to the realization that it's you Cap, that doesn't understand what we're saying.

We understand that yield essentially means you're the one that has to slow down and allow the other cars right of way.

However, entering the highway at significantly slower speeds than other vehicles is very dangerous, trying to do so from a dead stop, is also extremely dangerous. Which is why the law should state merging and not yielding, because merging is far less dangerous on on ramps as long as people aren't being d-bags and just cutting cars off to get onto the highway.

Even I, who refuses to come to a dead stop because i don't want to get ***ended by a car a mile a way because I'm entering the highway at 10 miles an hr, am not going to to stoop to the point of cutting someone off to get onto the highway. However, I've had several people do so to me.

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Dec-26-13 6:21 AM

z3932z, once again be careful the way you interchange merging and yielding. They are two different acts. A yield sign does not mean merge. A yield sign at traffic circles or other single lane entrances carries the same meaning as onramps. By law you must yield to oncoming traffic, not automatically merge with it. There are too many on the road that feel they have the right of way from onramps because they don't know the difference between yielding and merging.

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Dec-24-13 7:33 PM

When a vehicle merges onto a highway they should be close to the speed of traffic to prevent traffic from backing up, causing an accident. If a vehicle has to stop or slow down on the onramp to yield to traffic, there is no way they can accelerate to a safe driving speed in that little space.

It isn't safe when a vehicle in the right lane slows down 10-15 mph to allow a vehicle to merge, either, because of the traffic behind you.

The safest thing to do is maintain your speed and 3-4 car lengths in between you and the cars in front or behind, to allow merging traffic to merge into those spaces.

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Dec-24-13 11:34 AM

I understand what you're saying Cap, all I'm saying is that there's 0 reason not to use Common Courtesy on the highway, well, unless you enjoy being a d-bag.

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Dec-23-13 7:37 PM

My husband and I part company on this issue...he feels he has the right of way on the beltway and that he doesn't have to yield. Legally, I suppose he is right. On the other hand, I've driven in CA, NY, NV,CT etc., and in many states if you are on the ramp trying to come on the beltway, you best move because someone behind you will push you out. As a result, folks learn to drive that way. When I can, I move over and try to let oncoming traffic have right of way - it's simple considerate driving.

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Dec-23-13 7:33 PM


thanks for the light post, it made me snicker.....

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Dec-23-13 3:51 PM

I have tried that moving over thing and been trapped in the passing lane when I needed to take the next exit. If I am coming into traffic from a ramp I always YIELD to the highway traffic.

I saw a really bad accident one time right in front of us when a car thought they could shoot the whole and missed ending up bouncing off of the center 6 foot high cenment median.

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Dec-23-13 3:33 PM

Wwhickok, I hope they never make it the law, and this is why. I don't know how many times I have been on the highway in the passing lane and have had to suddenly brake because a slower moving vehicle in the right lane felt they HAD to yield to the driver approaching from an onramp. This scenario is much more dangerous and I think many truckers would agree with me. That's why states have keep right laws as to not impede the flow in the passing lane. I get over if I can and there is no traffic approaching in the passing lane where I know I would slow them down, otherwise the onramp will just have to yield as they are required to do by law.

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Dec-23-13 12:14 PM

When is the state going to start taking older drivers out of the open road to check their responses? Donna J. Lambert

Started out as a legitimate question, and then I think the Alzheimer kicked in.

When I can't tell the brake from the gas pedal, I quit. Donna J. Lambert

Probably were on the brake instead of gas and going well below the speed limit, which is what caused the rude gestures

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Dec-23-13 11:55 AM

Also, slick, I absolutely disagree with the notion that Williamsport is a racist city. That's a very narrow minded view. That entire statement is ludicrous, sexist, and racist. Did I by chance just describe you in a nutshell?

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Dec-23-13 11:53 AM

Allow me to rephrase what I'm trying to say. If it risks ANYONE'S safety, yes, I will come to a stop. However, if you are capable of safely getting into the other lane to let vehicles entering the highway onto the road, you should, imo. It's common courtesy and if you want other drivers to give you the respect you feel that they should, perhaps you should do the same. I've had PLENTY OF PEOPLE speed up just to make it so I can't get onto the's quite obvious based on their rate of acceleration before and after my attempts to get onto the road, that they increased speed. That is the main focal point of where my agression comes from.

WE ALL have to share the road and we all should do exactly that. Like many people, I have a family and I'm not going to stupidly do somethign to do put them in harms way or put someone elses' family in harms way. But at the same time, everyone should use common courtesy while driving.

Law or not, there is NO EXCUSE for not doing so.

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Dec-23-13 11:29 AM

Capricorn, you're right. I also wouldn't risk someone's life or put them in danger. All I'm saying is, I won't come to a complete stop because another driver on the highway isn't decent enough to let other vehicles onto the highway.

You're right currently, it's not a law you have to get over, but it should be. Common Courtesy goes both ways. But I absolutely will not come to a complete stop when there is no need.

It's far more dangerous to pull onto the highway from a dead stop than it is to merge onto the highway at normal speed.

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Dec-23-13 9:09 AM

Slick, what an asinine comment.

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Dec-23-13 7:25 AM

Wwhickok, while you may expect common courtesy from the driver with the right of way, your aggressive driving approach for on ramps is not only dangerous, but against the law. Like it or not, a yield sign means just that, yield, NOT merge.

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Dec-23-13 6:36 AM

First of all I have to ask, have you actually had any of these things happen to you? Secondly, as far as the diabetes comment, shame on you. Seriously, listen I'm not excusing someone from being responsible about their condition but at the same time, if you knew anything about the condition that several people in my family have, and millions of others have, you'd know you don't always know right away when your sugar is low. Sometimes it can happen suddenly. In that moment, bad things can unfortunately happen.

As far as people flipping you the bird because you didn't let them over. Well first of all, I have to ask, did you not let them over because there was someone beside you? or because you felt incapable of changing lanes?

I also have a MAJOR problem with Truck Drivers who think they own the road and cut people off, nearly running them off the road. I was on the road this weekend and had 3 different Truck Drivers do this to cars in front of nearly accidents.

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Dec-23-13 6:30 AM

Ramp traffic does not have the right of way, but if the left lane is clear, I move over out of a rare act called COURTESY.

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Dec-23-13 5:57 AM

And what was the reason for me writing this here letter sonny? Geez I forgot

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Dec-23-13 5:51 AM

You shouldn't get rude gestures for not moving over to let someone on, you should give them rude gestures for assuming they have right-of-way and forcing their way on rather than yielding to oncoming traffic. Folks who move to the passing lane when approaching the onramps so cars coming on can get into the driving lane are just perpetuating the myth that on-ramp traffic has the right to just gun it and go.

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