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We’re on our own

December 24, 2013

I have to add this because how do you get help when needed. We have a skunk living in the area along with 3 to 5 cats that are wild and one neighbor feeds these pest....

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Dec-24-13 4:27 AM

My son ran into the same problem, no help available.He got a humane trap ( I think SPCA has loaners)baited them and trapped 2-3 of them.Took them out to the toolies and released them.They don't spray once trapped.( or at least they didn't with him)God Bless the person feeding the stray cats, but it can attract other 'unwanted'guests too.Good luck addressing this.

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Dec-24-13 6:43 AM

Just because it's illegal to kill that skunk doesn't mean that skunk can't be killed or what not.

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Dec-24-13 6:44 AM

I had a pet skunk that I rescued as a teenager.

But, nuisance skunks can be handled....shoot, shovel and shut-up.

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Dec-24-13 7:45 AM

Agreed Ritty, too bad they're in a small trailer park. Where I live, we take care of problem animals like that. If they can't be trapped and relocated someplace else, they disappear. My neighbors and I are all on the same page with this issue.

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Dec-24-13 7:45 AM

I'm with eric on this one,

"shoot, bury, shot up" I think I got that right...

The cats? Same thing. Cats that are wild pose serious health threats to kids and adults alike. I have always been frustrated at the law with respect to cats and dogs. Dogs, by law must be leashed, immunized, licensed, and under control (especially in city areas) but cats...they get a free pass. And please, the stories now abound about how "good cat owners........."

I don't want your cat on my property anymore than you want my dog on your property. Either animal, on stray is a nuisance to someone else.

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Dec-24-13 7:47 AM

sorry eric, misquoted :)

"shoot, shovel and shut-up"

You have a Merry Christmas!

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Dec-24-13 7:59 AM

I agree "shoot, shovel and shut up" or trap and relocate the little stinker.

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Dec-24-13 8:10 AM

If you have neighbors, then you might need to invest in a suppressor, which is not cheap, given the $200 transfer tax you have to pay to the BATFE on top of the price of the suppressor.

But, it is a nice, quiet way to eliminate rodents discreetly.

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Dec-24-13 8:11 AM

Suppressors make great stocking stuffers! lol

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Dec-24-13 8:29 AM

Take up archery. And don't put your name on the arrows.

Or I assume that double dose of rat poison mixed in with an open can of food would work. Please make sure there are no bears in the area or that they can't get to it.

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Dec-24-13 9:23 AM

Try this. Worked for me: Place food in the bottom of a 30 gallon garbage pail with a board (ramp) to the top of the pail. Simply release captive by gently tipping pail over in a place away. Skunk will waddle off, like skunks do.

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Dec-24-13 9:57 AM

Are you sure about that skunk? It sounds like it is rabid "wink-wink, hint-hint" and therefore is a public safety risk.

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Dec-24-13 10:19 AM

Trap it and take it to the township building. Release it inside and see if animal control really does deal with skunks. It will suddenly probably be OK to kill them too.

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Dec-24-13 10:53 AM

Isn't it interesting how our concepts of what is right and wrong don't always align with what is legal and what is not.

Be it skunk control, speeding, disobeying a local anti-camping law by way of protest or being an undocumented worker trying provide a better life for their family, what is clearly a 'violation' to one is clearly justified to another.

Merry Christmas Eve my friends and neighbors. Have a blessed holiday!

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Dec-24-13 1:54 PM

erik, there are a number of air-powered pellet rifles which are easily capable of taking care of skunk sized animals. They have the added benefit of being completely legal to discharge within the city limits and they're less likely to over-penetrate. However, the shoot, shovel and shut-up caveat would probably still apply.

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Dec-24-13 4:13 PM

Get really drunk and shoot it

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Dec-24-13 11:37 PM


"Take up archery. And don't put your name on the arrows"

That's funny!


Truly funny too!

I'm not a catch/release person. Only catch once. I'm not going to repeat it again.


come on...we all have our vices and dislikes...I don't see this as a moral issue...

All of you have a very Merry Christmas!

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Dec-28-13 11:41 PM

We recently had a similar problem with two large groundhogs living under our shed and burrowing under our driveway and the base of my accessible ramp. Twice our driveway caved in where they had dug underneath it, luckily no one got hurt. I called the game commission and was given another number to call, as they don't handle trouble wildlife. The gentleman they directed me to said he could come out and set traps. His fee was quite high, just to come out and assess the situation and set a trap. If he caught a groundhog and had to come out to take it away it was another fee, every time he would have had to come to the house it would have been another fee. When I explained that I'm disabled on a very tight income and these critters were destroying the ground around my ramp he told me he had to make a living. What are we supposed to do when the game commission won't help and the fee is more we can afford?

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