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December 29, 2013

We are supposed to have a government run in a democratic manner, yet we have a government run by Democrats and what are we getting? It is scary! The subterfuge President Hussein occupying the White......

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Jan-02-14 11:18 AM

Mr Cohick, perhaps you need help with that speech impediment. Most educated persons know its Democratic. I'm a patriot and a values voter. I vote my Liberal values every time the polls are open! I must have missed the news about the hordes of government agents breaking through the doors of gun owners and confiscating their weapons. What's that? Oh there are no hordes of gov't agents doing that? So where are these idiots getting the idea? Oh! From the NRA and gun Mfrs! $$$Cha-ching!!$$$

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Dec-30-13 6:33 PM

Mr. Cohick you are not right in the head

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Dec-30-13 4:09 PM

Alan Cohick: Have you ever travelled more than a mile from the Williamsport area? Have you ever met anyone from another country? Do you wear a white hood? Geez, I'm so glad I moved far, far away from Williamsport and its xenophobic racists!

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Dec-30-13 10:11 AM

GRIDLOCK..."compliments" of Republicans.

NEXT??!!! -Shaman

In politics gridlock occurs when TWO legislative parties can not agree. So using your reasoning, republicans should ALWAYS agree with democrats in order to prevent gridlock. But couldn't you also prevent gridlock if democrats always agreed with republicans? Kinda makes your statement sound a little foolish huh?

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Dec-30-13 9:36 AM

"We are supposed to have a government run in a democratic manner, yet we have a government run by Democrats and what are we getting?" - Alan Cohick


GRIDLOCK..."compliments" of Republicans.


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Dec-30-13 8:45 AM

Allan the Dems are trying to stop Biggert Waters you are in the flood zone? Your Republicans are holding it up and stopping it???

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Dec-30-13 8:41 AM

Tom Marino voted for this and I am so embarrassed to be from Pa. as Pat Toomey stopped the vote,last week to fix this. Ask yourself, Who is controlled by the insurance lobbyist??

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Dec-30-13 8:38 AM

If they sell a policy valued at $1,000 dollars, they earn $300.00, but if that same policy now costs, $10,000, they earn $3,000. Times that by 5.4 Million flood policies around the nation. There is no measure to decrease their commission in the Biggert Water's Act of 2012.

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Dec-30-13 8:36 AM

1,000s of us face bankruptcy in Lyc countyTalk turkey Republicans Marino and Toomey support New Fema regs when overspending waste and mismanagement by NFIP is also a key issue. Is it really necessary to pay 55% of our annual premiums to run the program. 30% goes to Insurance Companies commissions without them holding any liability on each policy , and 20% to internal administrative costs. This doesn't include another 30% plus expenses to the Insurance Company for handling a Claim after an event. We pay another 30% of our premiums to interest. This data is from CBO reports which also state that NFIP has serious overspending issues due to poor policies and procedures which causes their employees need to duplicate their wotrk .The Insurance Lobbyists in Washington applauding Congress for passing this law when it doesn't affect them personally through any liability. They stand to make a huge profit from increased 30% + 30% commissions and claims managing.

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Dec-30-13 8:30 AM

Pat Toomey stopped the vote to rescind the Biggert Waters Act which Marino implemented. when he voted for it, Our ship is sinking and these two republicans on it.

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Dec-30-13 7:49 AM

If we think criminals are buying guns at Cabellas and registering them we are sadly mistaken. You do not need a background check to by a gun on the street. Regardless of what we put in place the guns that criminals carry are all ready out there. By passing these laws you are throwing a deck chair of the Titanic, it’s not going to stop it from sinking.

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Dec-30-13 6:52 AM

"This administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood, despite Egypt (and other Arab nations) declaring them a terrorist organization." -Ericlatranyi

The muslims will use our own laws and system of Gov't against us. They have stated the goal, they have all of the time in the world. Do I think it will come in my lifetime? NO, but I do not trust them any further then I can spit. Thats just one reason for anyone to want to own a gun, we are the most heavily armed public on the globe, maybe that will slow things up if nothing else. This is only one reason why we must never allow our second amendment to be violated. Wake up.

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Dec-30-13 12:06 AM

Erik is right. If the government just gave corporations total freedom, there would be utopia

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Dec-29-13 11:32 PM

Why bigotry?

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Dec-29-13 9:48 PM

This letter is proof Obungler and the Dumbocrats are going to impose Sharia law and lock Christians in fema concentration camps

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Dec-29-13 6:40 PM


In PA, it is illegal to sell a handgun to another individual without a background check.

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Dec-29-13 6:00 PM

the poor the less fortunete the scared all need to get out there and run for office there are more of us then them so you know one us will get voted in to office we need change and we need it now

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Dec-29-13 5:54 PM

Oops. Reeder is right. We don't have a libertarian party. Republicans spend just as much. Republicans just want to spend money on cops, prisons and war. It's vote for the party of warfare or the party of welfare. Sure, Republicans talk about cutting spending, but they are hipocites and don't when elected

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Dec-29-13 5:51 PM

I love this letter

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Dec-29-13 5:50 PM

I love this letter

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Dec-29-13 4:54 PM

erik, background checks are only required for hand gun purchases made through federally licensed dealers, not private sellers. You could sell me a hand gun and never ask me to submit to a background check. And, like you said, those BG checks only apply to hand guns, not military assault style weapons. Anybody can buy them without a worry of failing a BG check.

Columbine happened with weapons bought at a gun show. No record of the sale. No BG check. The Pentagon shooter bought from a private seller with no BG check. Perfectly legal sales under existing laws.

From state to state and even within some states their are vast variations in gun laws, some that allow the wrong people to get their hands on them.

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Dec-29-13 3:51 PM

First, the spike in firearm sales started under Bush, due mostly to the collapse of the economy.

Second, the so-called "gun show loophole" does not apply to pistols. All transfers must go through a background check.

Third, we have existing laws that would have stopped criminals if the government did its job and updated the database in a timely fashion.

The answer is not more laws.

The answer is to change our youth. But that is not going to happen with the current condition of the American family.

Therefore, the smartest move is to be defensive and properly train and secure those desirable targets from mass killings.

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Dec-29-13 12:03 PM

I agree that dialog about why there is so much gun violence in the first place is in order. But that takes a whole lot of time and we don’t have it. What do we do in the meantime?

Cap, your argument about existing laws having no impact doesn’t wash. You don’t know the violence that DIDN’T occur because someone had to wait to get their weapon, or a felon had to do one too many a thing to get an illegal weapon and didn’t on a particular occasion and an act of gun violence did not happen. You don’t know that.

But with that logic, laws against homicide don’t stop homicide. So what? Laws against speeding don’t stop speeding. That logic just isn't; logic, that is.

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Dec-29-13 11:48 AM

Strict control can keep criminals from getting guns at gun shows in PA where they can today from any seller who claims gun sales is not his primary business, in other words, a private seller.

More strict regulations can reduce gun carnage. Smaller clips could have reduced the number of casualties in just about all of the recent mass shootings. Taking time to reload after 10, 11 shots could give that opportunity to intervene rather than allowing 30, 40 or even 100 rounds. There is absolutely no justification for high round clips other than the selfish, “I want. Gotta have. It’s my right” rhetoric.

Many of these mass shootings were done by non-felons at the time of the incident with legal access to some pretty powerful semi-automatic weapons. Some bought over the internet.

There is no justification that makes any sense for civilians to possess assault and military style weapons, nuclear weapons, tanks, RPG’s, etc. other than the same selfish ones previously mentioned.

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Dec-29-13 11:06 AM

Could be worse--Want the Born Again Bible Thumpers running the Country? Suggest you read the article in the Atlantic a few years ago about how the "Black Panthers" saved the 2nd Amendment , not the lazy worthless NRA jerks.

Lycoming County has always been a difficult place to buy 22 shorts. Never could find them here and always bought them in other counties.

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