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Pleased with outcome

January 1, 2014

In response to the Dec....

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Jan-01-14 5:03 AM

"Now our sagacious liberals will view this as a tragedy caused by conservative Republicans, when in fact the real tragedy of the matter is the ethics 1.3 million individuals in the United States lack!"

While I agree that there are some that take advantage of the system, I believe your broad brush labeling of everyone as unethical, is unfair.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year

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Jan-01-14 6:30 AM

Not extending the UC is expected to drop the unemployment rate 3-5 points (.3 - .5) due to individuals either taking lower paying jobs that they otherwise would not take while collecting UC or dropping out of the work force entirely. It will be interesting to see how both parties spin this.

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Jan-01-14 6:39 AM

I know some people who would be glad to take a lower paying job. I know right now I make less per hour then I did in in the 1980's but my bills are higher.

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Jan-01-14 6:48 AM

"Now our sagacious liberals will view this as a tragedy caused by conservative Republicans..." - Paul S. Metzger


There was nothing Conservative, about Lil' Dumbya.


"The question now is not "will there be a recession?" but "how bad will it get?"


"U.S. Economy Screwed" - Business Insider

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Jan-01-14 6:57 AM

Happy New Year All!! How many of those losing thier unemployment benefits will now end up on welfare? How many will now lose thier homes to forclosure? Many do milk the system but many just can't find a job.It seems the Fed. gov't is just shifting the expense to the states.

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Jan-01-14 7:20 AM

Back in '81 I worked at a restaurant part time while going to WACC for welding. I quit there to go to work at Grumman's for a work-study job that paid me $4/hr to work there to repair engine cradles and a-frames for a bus line that Grumman bought out while I was continuing my education at WACC. I worked there from November '81 through the spring of '82 when I got laid off when they went about retooling for the new postal contract. I was working 68 hours/week (10 hours/day Mon-Sat and 8 hours Sunday) while going to school in the evening. I signed up for, and received, unemployment, since I had proven I was working full time and going to school. About that same time my father lost his job when Zenith closed it's doors in Watsontown. He also received unemployment. Back in those days you had to document that you were looking for a job, and we did. I applied everywhere I could think of, as did my dad. Both of us collected unemployment for 56 weeks.

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Jan-01-14 7:29 AM

cont'd... I was lucky in that the day I signed up for my last available unemployment check I was called to go to work at a local restaurant. I believe my dad spent a couple more months looking for a job before he finally found one washing dishes at Lycoming college. He picked strawberries and tomatoes and did other odd jobs in the mean time to find some cash to live on.

Obviously back then there wasn't the amount of fast food and retail store opportunities that exist today, but then again, there aren't the factory jobs today that existed back then.

But I know what it's like to have to depend on unemployment to pay your bills. It's what caused me to look for opportunities that existed where the possibility of getting laid off was low. Not everyone who collects the maximum number of weeks is holding out for that dream job.

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Jan-01-14 7:53 AM

I can't even find words to respond to this clown.My guess is the writer is past 55. Gained his employment when skilled, unskilled and industrial jobs were plentiful, has not needed to apply for a job in a few decades, knows there are programs but really doesn't understand that training and actual employment do not necessarily go hand -in-hand.Sorry Sir, this is not a party issue and you are the Grinch who will steal New Years!All the previous pesters are from various ideologies and not one is a "sagacious" liberal.

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Jan-01-14 8:06 AM

Democrats are going to fight to raise the minimum wage. Of course the wealthy CEOs will fight it and threaten to leave the US for better pastures.

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Jan-01-14 8:35 AM

The best way to solve the unemployment problem is to have a robust economy, not increase unemployment benefits. This administration has done more to harm the economy and encourages the unemployed to vote for them so the other side doesn’t take their benefits away. We’re already hearing narrative encouraging more unemployment benefits that the mean other side is causing people to loose.

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Jan-01-14 8:37 AM

Where are the jobs?

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Jan-01-14 8:54 AM

JerryfromRI-"Where are the jobs?"

Jobs are available if you look. I see help wanted signs all over the place. Yeah, some are part time and you may have to land a couple of them to make ends meet until you can work your way up, but they are available if you are willing to work.

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Jan-01-14 8:57 AM

I see for the New Year Bobbie has resolved to remain as ignorant to others as she has always been. Ever the antagonist, never any substance to go with the comments.

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Jan-01-14 9:07 AM

Economic indicators show that the economy has grown and generated more wealth. Investors are getting their money's worth. Wall Street is rising. The 'job creators' are making money just not creating any jobs in the US.

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Jan-01-14 9:14 AM

The who is creating these jobs the President keeps touting every month?

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Jan-01-14 9:16 AM

What a hateful letter pointed at people who happen to be down and out, by and large through no choice of their own. It makes me wonder if Paul Metzger is just another church going person giving our Lord a bad name. 2boobies is, as usual making the ultimate arse of herself. I think her real name is David....... Go ahead insult my tribal name 2boobies, but I actually doubt you have "2" you're not much of a woman... It can't be a woman, it just can't be! Happy New Year everyone, make it a good one!!!

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Jan-01-14 9:43 AM

According to your side Gavin NO jobs have been created because Obama is holding back the job creators by attacking their wealth. So which is jobs created or not created? From what have I have been reading here not created because government has taken all their money and gave it to FRELOADERS.

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Jan-01-14 9:45 AM

Happy New Year to all and to all those who can not afford a computer, laptop or internet or maybe even turn their heat up to 68. We are not the unfortunate by any means.

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Jan-01-14 9:51 AM

Actually Chuck our side has been saying that job creation has been slow and anemic and there could be things that we could do to spur growth.

The 2 year budget deal that adds some stability in the Government is a good start.

No where has "our side" said no job's have been created. One would expect you to know better.

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Jan-01-14 10:29 AM

The unemployment picture shows a massive, growing segment of our nation no longer participate in the workforce.

That is sad.

Liberals do not see where a limit should be placed on unemployment benefits. Until now, there has been no time limit for benefits that liberals were not willing to cross.

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Jan-01-14 10:32 AM

Mr. Reeder:

The minimum wage issue is a distraction from the failure of the Democrats-Only Obamacare debacle.

Liberals want to discuss anything other than the unpopular failure of their signature piece of legislation.

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Jan-01-14 11:03 AM

Jobs don’t expand the economy; an expanding economy creates jobs. There are fewer employed people today than when Democrats took control of our government. There’s no way that can be an indication the economy is recovering at anything but a dismal rate, if at all. Narrative doesn’t replace facts.

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Jan-01-14 11:20 AM

In 2014, Obama will renew the demagoguery and division with a push to "correct" the "economic inequality" in America.

Makers versus takers. Same old stuff.

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Jan-01-14 11:24 AM

If the minimum wage is increased, do you think the employer is going to pay it out of thier profits or pass it on to the consumers of all goods and services? If they raise it those getting paid min. wage will no longer qualify for food stamps, medicaid etc., saving the gov't $$. Those currently making over the proposed increase will not see an increase but will see thier cost of living increase, further destroying the middle class and widening the divide.Is this the plan?

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Jan-01-14 11:36 AM

Gavin you fibbed your side says that Obama has lost more jobs than any other President. Your side gives him no credit for anything unless it is really bad. He has done nothing to create jobs it belongs to the job creators and it is not government.

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