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Affordable Care Act keeps everyone guessing

December 30, 2013

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Today the Sun-Gazette continues its annual look back on the major stories of the year in this series, 2013 Moments in the Sun....

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Jan-01-14 12:04 PM

BubbaZanetti: I owe you an apology for the harsh reply to your comment. I have to learn respect for other people's opinions. Sorry about that but, I guess I'm just feed up with Americans mocking OUR President.

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Dec-31-13 8:39 PM

BubbaZanetti: Great comment if you're in the fourth grade.Like always you miss the point like most "far right" fourth graders. The point is that the GOVERNMENT isn't going to stop auto insurance companies from canceling your auto insurance if you keep having accidents. "ACA" protects people with "preexisting"conditions from not being able to buy HEALTHCARE! I can't make it any simpler. Maybe when you get to the fifth grade you will understand. Speaking of auto accidents you might like this item,"Honk if you love Jesus, Text if you want to meet him!" "Happy New Years"! Stay healthy!

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Dec-31-13 12:50 PM

"People with "preexisting" conditions are not the same as a person who keeps having auto accidents" Hmmm, not sure an insurance co. sees it that way. My friend's brother is an alcoholic and destroyed his liver. So he has a pre-existing condition, but I'd say it's his fault. Many cancers could be argued to be the same way. Should those cases be denied? Anyways, I hear people say to compare Obamacare to Car Insurance to make it easier for conservatives to understand. Maybe that's not a good idea.

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Dec-31-13 11:31 AM

BubbaZanetti: Auto insurance to the "ACA" is the same thing? A person who keeps having and or causeing accidents isn't even close to a good example. People with "preexisting" conditions are not the same as a person who keeps having auto accidents. "Preexisting" health problems I would think in most cases if not all that it's out of their control but, auto accident are caused by the individuals who have them! I wouldn't think the GOVERNMENT would pass a law saying insurance companies would be "forced" to sell individuals auto insurance if they keep having accidents just like they wouldn't keep allowing individuals who keep shooting people with a gun but, would never have their gun taken away or am I "stepping on the Second ammendment" by that statement"? "Have a HEALTHY and Happy New Year!" "Drive carefully!"

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Dec-30-13 10:24 PM

So it's like car insurance? If I started a car insurance company, I doubt I would want to insure a driver who often causes accidents. If the feds force me to sell to said driver, naturally I would have to jack everybody else's rates up because raising the bad driver's rate would be wrong. I suppose to lower things for everybody, the feds could force those who don't drive to buy my car insurance right. Then there are those who want to drive but cannot afford car insurance. They would get a lower cost option once again raising everybody else's rates who can afford to pay a higher rate.

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Dec-30-13 7:52 PM

Leaningright: I don't think you have a clue what the "ACA" is about or you're just playing dumb. This is not to force people to buy something they don't need, it's about making it possible for people in the low income area to be able to buy good healthcare! I would think most "sane" people would like to have healthcare, why wouldn't they? And,again I'll ask you, "what's your party's healthcare plan, that right, NOTHING!! There is one thing in your comment that is positive, "Great Job, Mr. President", true Americans would say! I guess you are a true American."Have a Happy and Healthy New Year"!

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Dec-30-13 11:10 AM

Again, The SunGazette shows it's true colors, "HEALTHCARE IS NOW A GAME"! If you ask anyone with a sane mind what is the most important item on the list for living it would be healthcare but, if you asks the "nut cases", I see a few are on the comment list with this article it's,"we don't need healthcare for everyone","we won't help the President to get it running the way it is suppose to because he is bad President"! Well over a million people have signed up for it and things are getting on track with NO help from the "Flatlanders" aka: Tea Party! Their main goal is to make sure it doesn't work and they are throwing everything at it that will "stick" to the wall. I like what the President said," In a couple of years they won't call it "Obamacare", they won't want his name attached to it"!"Peace and healthcare for everyone this New Year!

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Dec-30-13 8:59 AM

No one wants or can afford taxes either, but you still use roads and schools and police and fire anyway. If you think you can't afford healthcare now, where the insurer can't deny you coverage... think of how wealthy you wont be when you get cancer with no coverage under the old laws where the insurer didn't have to deal with you because they wouldnt make any money from you. Healthcare prices are crazy. the President didn't cause that, greed by CEOs and corporations did that. Small business owners and employees have been absorbing high rates for their families for years now. Executives profit from your good health. Not the President. You don't see many people calling out the real criminals in healthcare... You are required to have car insurance, must be the Presidents fault too. Let the "spoken like a true liberal" rebuttals begin.

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Dec-30-13 8:52 AM

"Again, force people to buy something they either cant afford,or dont want and look at the outcome. Great job Mr President. Stay out of our healthcare." - leaningright


Not a prob! Let's go straight to single-payer!!

Seeing-as-how the for-profit insurance-companies have no interest in promoting what THEY'D insisted-upon (i.e. individual-mandate), it's probably time they're cut-outta-the-process, anyhow.



The Tortuous History Of Conservatives And The Individual Mandate - Forbes

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Dec-30-13 8:07 AM

Again, force people to buy something they either cant afford,or dont want and look at the outcome. Great job Mr President. Stay out of our healthcare.

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Dec-30-13 6:22 AM

If you are working 70 hours a month at $9.00 per hour or less, you are eligible for Medical Assistance. Do you have an additional income source or an employed spouse?I don't know your age but many seniors have paid in the $2500.00 area for supplemental each year. At any rate, I believe SHS, Rite-Aid, and others are offering assistance. I would try again with help if that is your sole income.

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Dec-30-13 6:20 AM

Keep changing the rules as individuals and companies attempt to comply.

I cannot imagine a penalty being upheld in court from rules that are continuously changing.

But liberals see nothing wrong with this and won't criticize President Obama.

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Dec-30-13 5:53 AM

i work p/t at a retail store about 35 hrs every two weeks and you know what affordable health care i was offered one for 250.00 a month that leaves me about 100.00 a week to pay all my bills affordable it is just cheaper for me to pay the the fine out of my income tax that is more affordable

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