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O'Brien can't be blamed for choices

December 31, 2013

Bill O’Brien didn’t sign up to be a liar. He signed up to be a football coach. He also didn’t sign up to be a savior. He signed up to be a football coach....

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Jan-01-14 4:06 AM

I really liked O'Brien when he first came on. He did a nice job at keeping the team together. However, him ducking out the third year in is a sign of greed, dishonesty, and typical "New England" filth. Clearly he promised some of those players that he would be sticking around and he let them all down. He is a first class schmuck.

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Jan-01-14 9:25 AM

I completely agree with the article. O'Brien did an excellent job in helping the college to heal, but he also has to keep his best interest in mind. I think it is unrealistic for anyone to think he would not take the next logical step of being a pro coach when the opportunity presented itself.

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Jan-01-14 10:47 AM

Well I"ll tell ya jamare, after listening to the guys on game day just now, it"s obvious O:brien got out of Dodge because of "lets keep on living in the past" guys like yourself. He got tired of all the comparisons & bull---- thrown at him since he arrived in "ahem" happy valley. Dispite all the crap he still did a really good job.Jamre its the jerks like you that will continue to have the Nits inb the lower tier of Div 1 football. You"re still living in the past like its 1985/6 which is the last that PSU was "GOOD". Now for the next coach, I think Sciano will take over, but what coach worth his salt will want to come in to the mess in state college. He won"t just battle the sanctions, but moreso dip----s like Jamare & his refusal to foget about Paterno & what he really was, a self serving piece of crap who ruined PSU football last 25 yrs. Live with it!

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Jan-01-14 10:53 AM

He praised the players for not leaving when the times were tough. He did not follow suit.

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Jan-01-14 2:54 PM

One more thing jamare, new england filth----there is more "FILTH" in centre co. pa. alone than all the new eng states. Holy s--t talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Tell ya something else, I will not be surprised if Hackenburg gets the he-- out of dodge also. If the sanctions don"t ruin the sport you jerks will.

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Jan-03-14 8:50 AM

Buckeye fans should be more upset by his departure than anyone. Its mind boggling that you get blown out by a bad Indiana team, lose by 50 to Ohio state, and still get a "great job" and a raise to the NFL. He had a perfect "get out of jail free" card here that he just cashed in. If they won he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and if they lost everyone blamed it on the sanctions. He did a great job of keeping the team together and has been a top notch recruiter, but he did inherit a pretty good team to start with. You can't blame someone for wanting to better themselves, but I'm just not sure that he is bettering himself in this circumstance. Time will tell!

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Jan-03-14 11:36 AM

Billtown, this is the mentaliy of psu fans. If ya win your"e the best if ya lose you"re a piece of crap[except paterno] which is pretty much all he did last 20/25 years. Thing is I heard from a pretty good scource that Obrien got too darn tired of listening to the paterno die-hards, comparisons, how great he was & said enuff already I"m out of here. Now he would never admit to this, but just read between the lines. Guys like jamare, gullible village idiots that if JP were to say all hands in the stadium close your eyes while Irelieve myself on the 50 yd line Jam would do it. These people talk like the nits have been a power since B10 entry, "ONE" outrite-"ONE shared. B10 title. And the next guy will hear all the same bullcrap,& he will not be a top tier coach. Who would want to walk into this mess? No bowls, sanctions, recruiting losses etc. The Buckeyes alone could have hung a 100 on them if wanted to. They just need to go to another conf & d

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Jan-03-14 1:26 PM

Richie 53....have you been drinking again? I can't understand much through the mess of words you typed. I usually don't comment back to people who name call on others who have done nothing to them, but im bored today. I believe the mentality of all sports fans is to win isn't it? You say you heard from a pretty good source about things...would that source be ESPN? Because they already mentioned days ago the same things you are repeating.

Also, it seems that there are quite a few people ready to take the job. Great pay, top notch facilities, great fan base, one of the biggest stadiums in the country, and a really good recruiting class hopefully still coming in.

Now take some Advil before you fall asleep because that hangover might be harsh!

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Jan-08-14 10:12 AM

Billtown, you"re right on the $$$. Big money, big stadium, big fan base blah,blah,blah. And also the biggest bunch of dips---s in the USA. No billy espn not my scource of info. Twas a letter writer from a newspaper. Known fact the departed paterno & his methods etc. constantly being thrown in his face. And ya know what BT thats something I think will never stop cuz JP was the greatest since sliced bread dispite fact he had not won anything last 25 years. I"m from Pa. billy, would visit back home in Lewisburg & listen to the good ol boys telling me that now with the nits in B10--"Look Out" here we come. UH-Huh-"ONE" outright title & 1 or 2 shared. "ONE" BCS bowl, got hammered in Rse, etc. you get the photo. All talk, no walk. What now kills me last 2 yrs O"brien the Best, now he"s gone & he"s a piece of crap & how will anything change with incoming coaches, twill be Samo-Samo. Biggest line of crap, all these yea

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