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Gas well study yields encouraging Northern Tier results

January 8, 2014

It doesn’t make the flashiest of reads, but the findings on gas drilling in the region compiled by Dr. Paul Wendel, a former Mansfield University professor, are encouraging....

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Jan-12-14 11:04 AM

Hi Marianane, you better watch out you might be added to the list.

That's the problem on here people would rather say you are wrong and call you names instead of looking up the facts that I have given them, because if they did look up the facts there would be nothing to dispute.

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Jan-12-14 9:07 AM

Hey BornHear just because you have done lots of research on this matter you are now an eco-terrorist. That is great. LOL

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Jan-11-14 4:10 PM

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Jan-11-14 8:21 AM

As far as Josh Fox being involved with a family member, I don't read tabloids. I am aware that thermogenic methane can be found in wells in valleys and next to rivers.

The Gee family did Baseline before drilling and Pre-drilling tests were performed by Shell and the quality of both tests showed "no presence of Methane".

The DEP performed their test and isotope data was used to determine that the gas was thermogenic and the damage to the Gee's water supply could not be reversed and Shell did not dispute the test findings done by the DEP.

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Jan-10-14 6:19 PM

Dimock water wells were found to be safe by both the EPA and the DEP,. It must be a government conspiracy!

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Jan-10-14 6:15 PM

Bornhere, thermo genic methane can be found naturally found in water wells in valleys and next to rivers where no oil and gas development is occurring.

The Gee family, isn't that the same family that Josh Fox, Liar Faux to the locals, was romantically involved with one of the family members?

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Jan-10-14 10:48 AM

leaningright, well apparently you are the type of person that goes along with anything instead of thinking for are just the kind of person that this country wants to be living here and you are the kind of person the gas industry was hoping to have living here so you buy into their propaganda.

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Jan-10-14 10:47 AM

Thanks rick, I'm not scared.

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Jan-10-14 9:08 AM

Hey Bornhere, I see you are an eco-terroist now. Welcome to the club.

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Jan-09-14 4:22 PM

Methane is a natural process. The type of methane that is found in groundwater aquifers for well supplies is called Biogenic Methane.

Thermogenic Methane is produce at greater depths than Biogenic Methane and is what energy wells tap into.

The Gee's well in Tioga County tested positive for Thermogenic Methane that is how the DEP knew that gas drilling contaminated their water supply.

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Jan-09-14 3:31 PM

Is the methane in the water an indication prior to fracking that there might be a natural gas supply near the existing water well. Methane has leaked into coal mines indicating that the methane is a natural process.

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Jan-09-14 2:07 PM

DEP website: Proposed Regulations for Oil and Gas Surface Activities. The DEP is revising its oil and gas rules.

The DEP is holding a meeting on Jan. 13, 2014 at Pa. College of Technology Klump Academic Center at 6:00pm.

The DEP will be answering questions on the new revisions.

See: www dot portal dot state dot pa dot us for more information.

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Jan-09-14 1:21 PM

The gas companies aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You might as well get used to that fact and stop being cry whiners.

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Jan-09-14 10:35 AM


Did you hear about the flowback that leaked from a fracking pit in Tioga County? The liner had between 75 to 100 holes in it.

I just heard that a busload of senior citizens from The Williamsport Home armed with hatpins are under investigation.

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Jan-09-14 7:12 AM

I am not an eco-terroist, and those crimes are usually investigated by the FBI and their phone number is 215-418-4000 and I am sure they would be glad to talk to you.

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Jan-08-14 3:52 PM

One more thing for the people on here that do not believe what I have said you can call the DEP and request a file review and set up a time to go to their offices to see these documents for yourself or they will allow you to make copies of the documents, there is a fee of 25 cents for more than 21 copies, anything under 21 is free. Their number is 570-327-3636 8:00am to 4:00pm for an appointment.

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Jan-08-14 1:42 PM

DEP reported on the Gee's water in Tioga County, Pa. DEP found Shell responsible for the Methane migration into the supply aquifer, concluding that their water supply has been effected by gas drilling and is not irreversible.

Dimock gas well shut down due to well water contamination found in 2 homes.

DEP has determined a natural gas well is not viable due to leaking methane and must be plugged. Times-Tribune June 14, 2013

So it looks like the DEP has determined that drilling for natural gas can cause an aquifer to become unusable for a homeowner, which makes a house unsellable.

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Jan-08-14 9:21 AM

Oh, Bobbie2, should have known you were the one with the non-intelligent comment.

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Jan-08-14 9:20 AM

Water wells all over the area are being contaminated...this Wendel is a professor just looking to get in the news. He certainly could not have done much intelligent studying of the facts in this state. And to those of you who think the Dimmock water wells are ok, SHAME ON YOU..YOU MUST BE GAS COMPANY CHEERLEADERS.

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Jan-08-14 8:03 AM

The professor must have overlooked this water well in Tioga County, because I found this information right here in the Sun-Gazette.

"Tioga County family struggles with Methane in its well water" Sun-Gazette June 2011.

This family did a Baseline Water Test before any drilling started, SHELL will have to pay for a new water well because the old well is unusable according to the DEP.

I wonder why the professor did not include this water well in his fact findings.

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