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Key omissions

January 5, 2014

I can only touch on a few of the problems with Dr Wendel's analysis (Speaker: Study of water wells near gas drilling is encouraging, 12/19/13)....

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Jan-05-14 1:31 PM

Rick's statement about pro gas people said much more about him than about those who favor fracking. He is anti-gas; not anti-fracking. If the gas exploration here was traditional drilling, he and most of the other opponents of fracking would be just as opposed. It's energy, not fracking they hate.

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Jan-05-14 1:30 PM

Thanks Texas. I willingly admit that I am no expert on fracking, but I am no fool either. I can spot the lies and exaggerations on both sides. Thanks for giving facts rather than the hysteria we normally get on this subject.

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Jan-05-14 9:56 AM

Good, interesting, factual letter.

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Jan-05-14 9:48 AM


Concerning the old, improperly abandoned, unidentified wellbores, all people in an areas (land owners, water well drillers, O&G operators) need to be as diligent as possible to identify these and properly abandon them prior to drilling a Marcellus well. Even in this case, I could envision a lack of historical knowledge and records to protect 100%.

I would hope that Mr. Kesich would do some further digging into the 6:100 failures and report back on how many could not be repaired and would actually lead to a fresh water contamination.

Again, I want to compliment Mr. Kesich for his willingness and logical analysis to dig into the data and root cause failure analysis instead of the "sky is falling" approach that many take because they won't take the time to learn the technical merits and cause-and-effect.

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Jan-05-14 9:48 AM


Well cementing integrity can be evaluated with temperature surveys and cement bond logs to ensure proper protection and no annular migration of fluids. If these show an inadequate cement job, the wells can be repaired. In fact, I would suspect some of the 6:100 statistics that he mentions could be in this category. Even with this, the fresh water zone has it's own separate sting of casing to protect it; it is most likely that a deeper migration of gas could come up the freshwater casing and production casing annulus without contamination the fresh water zone. This is the reason many operators are required to monitor this annulus pressure.

The unknown shallow methane zone (like was identified in the Cabot Dimock area wells) can be repaired or wellbore casing programs can be redesigned to provide adequate protection. Again in this case, no fracking fluid got into the fresh water.

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Jan-05-14 9:47 AM

I do want to applaud Mr. John Kesich for taking some time to learn more about the well drilling, completion, and fracking processes. His letter reiterates some of the points that I have made over the last two years.

The steel casing can be designed and integrity tested to ensure that it will withstand the many thousands of pounds of pressure that are applied during the fracking pumping process.

The many layers of formation rock that separate the gas bearing Marcellus Shale and the shallow fresh water zones are competent and will not allow the frack fluid to bust up through these layers of rock to contaminate the fresh water.

This leaves us with several main points which are well cementing integrity, previously unknown shallow gas zones (ie. well above the Marcellus Shale), and old/unidentified/improperly abandoned wells.

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Jan-05-14 9:16 AM


It was anti-gas people who created Gasland and the voluminous lies contained therein.

Since then, anti-gas people have continued their stream of lies without any proof. The hope is to create hysteria among the public and an emotional opposition to gas drilling.

There is ZERO education, fact-sharing or interest in real data coming from the anti-gas groups.

Their only interest is in "gotcha" games and emotional manipulation.

In the meantime, tens of thousands of wells have been drilled and fracked without a single case of water well contamination recorded.

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Jan-05-14 9:01 AM

"maybe your a retarded person who watched gasland"

Enough said about pro gas people.

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Jan-05-14 8:56 AM

We all know statistics can be made to represent any point of view.

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Jan-05-14 8:46 AM

I love it when people who don't understand what they are saying, go ahead and say it anyway. These statistical objections sound impressive, unless you actually understand statistics and then they are meaningless. He tells us that this is not a normal distribution (which is probably true) but doesn't tell us what kind of distribution it is (there are several types). This is another case of a letter writer quoting something he himself does not understand and that's never a good idea. Don't get me wrong, there are some true things in the letter, it's just that they don't support the conclusion that is drawn.

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Jan-05-14 1:24 AM

Hmm maybe the cement bond logs done after cement jobs checking for micro annuluses are incorrect, maybe the anti gravity is pushing the chemicals upward 1000s of feet to hit your water table, maybe your a retarded person who watched gasland who even the director even admitted to lieing. I wonder...the simplest is answer is normally the correct answer

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