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Let’s change Bible

January 12, 2014

Did God create only males and females? No. Were there only males or females put on the ark? No....

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Jan-14-14 7:40 AM

"Isn't it time to relocate the bible to the fiction section so we can EVOLVE as a species?!"

Isn't this statement contradictory? Based on evolution theory (and it is only a theory)) one keeps evolving. That being said, what would we evolve to next?

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Jan-14-14 7:33 AM


It is not because the thoughts that Duck Dynasty prevailed, rather because the thoughts of Duck Dynasty correlate to the mind of God that Robertson prevailed.

Whethr or not this town is progressive or not is irrelevant to the subject matter at hand. You have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness....not perversion in our faces. I used the term sodomy, because God uses the term. Do you have a problem with that? Take it up with Him. As for the all too frequent misnomer that slavery and the Bible go hand in hand? Slavery is spoken to frequently throughout the Bible, but is never condoned. If progressives are left to their own devices, they would be left in the maze of untruths and confusion, neither of which God is.

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Jan-13-14 7:15 PM

@Spike2 - Misassignment?? You are living in the dark ages pal. It is scientifically documented and accepted by the AMA, the APA, and other professional organizations globally that sexuality is determined before birth however it can change during one's lifetime. There are many instances of straight men and women who never considered a same sex anything then suddenly they are face to face with someone of the same sex and there's 'magic'. Some resist and some go for it and ultimately sometimes marriages end because of this. Some people will always be whatever they are and many people change over their lifetime. The fortunate or unfortunate thing is it's usually same sex encounters. It doesn't work that way if you're born gay. Just like you can't fix stupid, you can't fix gay. You can only love and embrace those who are and not condemn, criticize, and throw Bible verses at them.

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Jan-13-14 7:07 PM

@ARTFOLD - Williamsport is 20 years behind the times. I'm surprised you have cell phones. Someday Williamsport will catch up to the 'progressive' cities but I doubt you will.

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Jan-13-14 6:31 PM

"I'm sure some won't like what I said but I think I still have freedom of speech and I will never change my mind; marriage was, and should always bee between a man and a woman."

Mr.Campbell, I am proud to live in a country where you have the right speak your mind. I am also proud to live in a country that a majority of people disagree with your views.

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Jan-13-14 6:22 PM

I have to admit, this has to be the most uneducated letter that I have read thus far! Glenn, perhaps you should take an Astronomy/Astrophysics course sir. There is no God, we are star stuff as high-mass stars are simply a container of elements.


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Jan-13-14 12:19 PM

"Did God create only males and females? No. Were there only males or females put on the ark? No. If you truly believe God created a male and a female of all species of life, then you know there was a reason. If I have to explain to make you understand, then you are already off track on life." - Glen B. Campbell


When it comes to "creation", it's sounding (more) like the process (itself) was a "little off-track".



Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else - YouTube

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Jan-13-14 11:56 AM

Good comments Mr. Bower.

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Jan-13-14 10:28 AM

@JohnZook - There are lots of countries in the world that did not base their laws on the bible. Some of these countries have had long periods where the belief in God was barely tolerated.

Guess what? Those other countries, even the godless ones, have pretty much the same laws as we do on the stuff like murder and theft and all of the 10 commandments stuff you mentioned.

You assert that gays have the same rights already and that they should just keep it to themselves?

So all this time, a man could have his "close male friend" automatically covered under his insurance and inherit his estate when he dies? You could jointly file taxes with your "buddy"?


John Michael Bower

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Jan-13-14 9:51 AM

There are people, including the Founders, who believe that our laws are based on the Bible. (You should not murder, steal, lie an so on). Yes you can go on and on about the others but Christ came and made it much easier and simpler. (Love your neighbor as yourself). People who call themselves "gay" have all the rights as everyone else. There have been gay people from time immemorial. They just kept it to themselves and still had all the rights as everyone else. It's the actions that upset straight people and that's where it all comes apart....

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Jan-13-14 9:46 AM

@spike2 it says something very telling how you put brown skin color in a list that includes sexual deviation through "genetic misassignment" (sic), diseases, mental infirmity and pedophilia in the priesthood.

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Jan-13-14 8:40 AM

Doc, great comments. Thank you. We have too many around here who think this little blip on the map is the whole world and any change to it is catastrophe.

I really get tired of the thumpers who are so intolerant and want everyone to live in their religious world when all "the gays" want is to have the same legal/social standing as a couple/family that traditional couples enjoy.

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Jan-13-14 8:23 AM

The word I used that the S-G censored was b-o-o-b. That is a banned word now? I'd love to see the master list of the Sun's banned words.

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Jan-13-14 8:20 AM

rmiller, The U.S.A. is not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. DocWoody, just because folks in "large progressive cities" may think differently than folks around here doesn't necessarily make them right. Case in point, look at the*****they just elected as mayor of NYC. I say give it two years and it will revert to worse than the days of Dinkin.

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Jan-13-14 8:07 AM

Internalized homophobia refers to negative stereotypes, beliefs, stigma, and prejudice about homosexuality. Someone with same-sex attraction stuff feelings inward.The degree someone is affected by these ideas depends on which ideas they have consciously and subconsciously internalized, These negative beliefs can be altered with education, life experience, and/or therapy. Internalized homophobia also refers to conscious/unconscious behaviors which someone is compelled to promote or conform their cultural expectations of heterosexuality. This includes extreme repression and denial with outward/overt displays of negative, anti-gay behaviors for the purpose of appearing or attempting to BE straight. The old saying those that speak the loudest usually have something to 'hide' is too often true and could be behind some of these letters. Hiding behind the Bible is convenient and PC to divert attention away from oneself but many people see right through that so keep writing it's transparent!!

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Jan-13-14 7:38 AM

I read these posts and agree in part with both sides. I do not know if homosexuals are born is such. I would venture that in fact it is genetic misassignment. We have come to accept that melatonin is the difference in skin coloration. We know diseases and mental infirmity are often congenital as are defects. We also know a significant number of "deviants" hide within the confines of the church. Others hide in sham marriages. Yoxtheimer has a bit of truth in his post. This was a wealthy area two centuries ago. Lumber was replaced by industry. Nothing replaced industry. We became a more impoverished are and do have angry resentful people. Young people move away because of few jobs but additionally because of the narrow-minded myopic views of many of the citizenry. I wonder how many of those older residents who could afford to move or can in the future will choose to stay?

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Jan-13-14 7:29 AM

I just read the comments since I posted mine. I grew up in Wmspt but have lived in major metro areas for 40 years. When I return to visit it's like stepping back in time and these posts prove it. You would not see letters recently posted in large, 'progressive' cities. Having your own beliefs or religion is like having a Penis. It's nice that you have it and cherish it, just don't take it out and wave it around in anyone's face. Some of these letters look like they were written by Archie Bunker who was racist, homophobic, and ignorant. Wmpst. needs an Edith to enlighten you folks that outside of Wmspt there is a real world going on, a LOT of people 'accepting' gay marriage i.e. How many States is it now legal with more getting on board? Just like the early 60's with desegregation it will happen and quickly the 'norm' like it or not. Just like the Bible thumpers against Blacks life went on. To the person who called gay people 'sodomites' you just revealed your KKK affiliation. Wake up!

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Jan-12-14 7:22 PM

If something isn’t illegal, that doesn’t mean advocating it. What is it about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that’s so difficult to understand? Morality is a personal and societal issue, not a legal issue. One’s rights only conflict with another’s rights if force, including the force of government, or fraud is involved. Force and fraud are and should be illegal.

There’s nothing utopian about individual rights, we’re guaranteed them by our Constitution.

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Jan-12-14 5:18 PM

Mike hit the nail on the head in his posts. No one id denying sodomites the rights granted in the US Constitution - the same rights enumerated for us. So, the marriage issue is just an opportunity to push their deviance in our face because if commitment was the true reason, then live together just like other normal people do. Maybe since we know our rights come from God and not man.

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Jan-12-14 5:10 PM


Regardless of how much you desire the utopia of individualism, some one's rights will always conflict with another persons' rights. And, last I checked, this is a democracy or at least it was until laws like Proposition 8 get tossed out the door for political purposes as opposed to ethical/moral/majority purposes.

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Jan-12-14 5:05 PM

Bottom line, it's an abomination before God, period!!!

Sick is the best way to describe it, although according to sodomites, they were born that way. I'm not sure how many nurseries I've stood at looking at newborns. I wonder how I missed the baby homosexuals.

"Face it the religious right lost the battle on marriage rights"

Yeah, do you think that will be the last battle on deviation?

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Jan-12-14 3:53 PM

I’m not trying to pick on you Mike, but if we’re going to support individual rights, laws can’t be based upon controlling behavior other than prohibiting infringements upon the rights of others. Both social conservatives and liberals aren’t consistent supporters of individual rights since both advocate using the force of government to interfere with our rights.

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Jan-12-14 2:56 PM

Phil, let's start with the truth that all laws legislate morality and behavior. The question then can only be who's morals are we using as a basis for our laws.

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Jan-12-14 1:26 PM

Let’s start with individual rights. You know, the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we really support that, we must justify making something illegal, not decide if it should be legal.

To use your example of prostitution, explain how prostitution not being illegal would lead to the decay of society when it’s been going on since the beginning of society, illegal or not. Actually, making it illegal only makes it a profitable activity for criminals.

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Jan-12-14 12:25 PM

underwood-"Mike, since polygamist marriages consist of consenting adults and aren’t an infringement upon anyone else’s rights, please explain why you think they should be against the law."

Because I believe a marriage is one man and one woman. As Erik correctly points out, we will soon be redefining age of consent (after all, biological adulthood in a female is when she is physically able to get pregnant and for a man it's when he starts producing sperm, right?). Who are we to arbitrarily come up with a random number if someone else disagrees? Prostitution is between two consenting adults, so why do we have laws against a woman selling sex? She's just putting food on the table, right?

The litmus test that would have us believe that it's OK just because it's OK with the people who participate is another thing that has contributed to the moral and ethical decline of our once great nation.

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