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Landlords, tenants

January 14, 2014

A good number of people in the Williamsport Area can't afford to buy homes and they need to rely on renting houses or apartments for themselves and family....

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Jan-17-14 8:21 AM

Wes, look up Security Deposits PA LawHelp dot org.

Don't forget to take pictures of the conditions in case you have to fight him for your deposit.

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Jan-17-14 8:06 AM

That pretty much sums it up. I haven't contacted codes yet because I still have to live here for another month, technically, even though I know I'm not getting my security desposit back which is b.s. because he said it's dependent on whether or not he finds new tenants or the*****is that my problem? He hasn't even advertised the apartment so of course he isn't gonna find tenants.

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Jan-17-14 8:00 AM

Pa. laws for Landlords and Tenants states that the landlord is responsible for providing a habitable place, period.

Wes, it sounds like you have a landlord who likes to collect the rent money without doing any maintenance to his building that would be called a "Slumlord".

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Jan-17-14 6:13 AM

-- continued --

on the inside of the apartment can get out.

If these repairs are so cheap, why isn't the landlord, who is responsible for them, taking care of them?

Mim, it's no secret you're a landlord, so I'm not shocked you look at it from a landlord's perspective. What I'm saying is, if you can't afford to be a landlord and fix properties, or you don't have the time to address important issues with your rental, don't buy properties and rent them out.

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Jan-17-14 6:11 AM

Mim, how much are you betting?

Look, my landlord is a very good guy outside of the fact that it never seems like I can get anything fixed. The things I'm asking to be fixed are in concern for safety/safety hazards.

I pay sewage & Oil (which mind you is expensive), my landlord takes care of the water and electric. So, if I can't afford to pay $12 per smoke alarm, you can imagine how little I make. So my financial commitment to the apartment is better than a lot of people have it. So this excuses the landlord from his responsibilities? Based on what?

My stove is a fire hazard, I've asked more than once for it to be addressed, I'm still waiting.

There's 1 smoke alarm in my entire apartment, according to codes, there should be one in at least every bedroom, (which would require him to put up 2 more). It's also required by Codes that there be more than one exit to an apartment. We have one, and for God Sakes, if someone were to lock the door from the outside, no one

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Jan-17-14 4:09 AM

We rented when we were first married. It was an apartment in a 7 unit building. The building was old, and I had no illusions of it being new when I moved in. Most of the apartment was freshly painted with new carpets put in prior to our moving in. Personally, I never had a problem getting our landlord to fix anything, but as Ritty said, if it was something simple I could fix myself, I did it (and let my landlord know as a courtesy). We, also, with permission, painted a room and put in carpet at our own expense. I voluntarily shoveled the walks around the building. And our rent was always paid on time. Maybe it was the fact that I respected the man's property and did some of the maintenance myself that I had no problems with the landlord.

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Jan-16-14 8:24 AM

Go to Facebook Williamsport landlords message me i will show you my before and after pictures of my buildings!!! if you think tenants are angels. hee haw

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Jan-16-14 8:22 AM

got the sold listings for properties for the last 6 months in williamsport, Buildings in the tradesman blocks are not selling for much or just not selling,We are paying the same for construction materials and high taxes yet we are cutting rents there to the bare minimum to attract good tenants. This fault is do to the safety perception of our neighborhoods.

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Jan-16-14 8:13 AM

wwhic**** how much rent are you paying ?? Is the landlord paying any of your bills?? bet u wont tell us ??

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Jan-16-14 5:48 AM

I haven't, but it's definitely something worth looking into.

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Jan-15-14 4:06 PM

Wes, I don't know what you are paying in rent but have you ever considered a Habitat house? There are programs out there who will help with the down payment and if you qualify you don't have to pay it back, it's something to consider.

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Jan-15-14 2:54 PM

You can be shown an empty apartment but will not now all its flaws until you actually move in. My husband and I moved into an apartment in 2010 that we thought was perfect for our soon to be family of 3. It wasn't until we moved in that we realized that if lights were turned on in other apartments, our would dim or go out. The tub had been spray painted to look new and started peeling and chipping within weeks of moving in. The furnace supplied all three apartments and constanly tripped or ran out of oil leaving all three apartments with no heat int he middle of winter. It would take days for the landlord to either restart the furnace or have oil delivered. We moved out and left two months unpaid rent. This landlord was a nightmare who even after many phone calls nd threats from out lawyer didn't fix the problem. The rental ordinance is what this city needs. In the long run, it will stop tenants from ending up in our situation.

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Jan-15-14 1:56 PM

Also, no one is expecting granite countertops...or at least I'd hope not lol.

But appliances such as stoves that don't have 'chop job fixed faulty wiring' that could cause a fire, that'd be nice.

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Jan-15-14 1:54 PM

I also don't really get what there is to disagree with about me saying I can't afford to do much in the way of repairs because I have to support a family and it takes my entire income to do so. It just goes to show that some of you just hit disagree for the sake of doing so.

Like I said, this is a two-way street.

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Jan-15-14 1:53 PM

@Livin, I've read my lease, my landlord is responsible for repairs, it says so. Additionally, no one expects him to fix anything on the spot..however sometime within the 7 months I've lived here would have been nice.

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Jan-15-14 11:56 AM

There are remedies for tenants; however you can't just withould rent. You need to put that money in escrow and need to contact a codes department. I find it so funny that every tenant expects things fixed on the spot. If you owned your home you would fix it when you could afford to or have time to. Read your lease, make sure your not responsible for the repair. If your not sure ask before you move in. I for one would be ecstatic to go through every line and detail of a lease with a tenant if they would pay attention. Also if a landlord doesn't fix something before you move in then don't move in!!!! Landlord generally don't want criminals living in their properties because it brings down future rent values. We are not stupid. But we are not putting in granite countertops, hardwood floors ar replacing appliances every time someone moves out if you are not willing to pay a premium. Your rent is not entirely profit. It pays insurance, taxes, and a whole ton of miscellaneous fees.

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Jan-15-14 8:56 AM

Just a friendly reminder....Gabe's mommy is one of the original slumlords....

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Jan-15-14 7:11 AM

At least we will have a new topic.I predict Shaman will now sue 802.

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Jan-15-14 6:33 AM


that they are legally or financially obligated to do?

When I move out, I will be contacting codes. But not until I move out, I'm a month and a half from moving out and I have no interest in making my life more difficult with this landlord by contacting codes about the apartment.

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Jan-15-14 6:31 AM

@ Ritty, you're right to an extent, however, my family and I don't live paycheck to paycheck we live paycheck to four days later. You act like $12 isn't a lot but it is when you don't have it. You act like window locks aren't a financial strain but it is when you don't have the money and you have to replace them on 20 windows. If I could afford to do it, I would do it no questions asked. When we moved in, the landlord had told us, made us aware of some of the issues, Told us an inspector would come and do an inspection for codes. That never happened, so I ask, why? Was this codes officer a friend, who knew that if he showed up he'd find violations? Perhaps I'm way off base, but if these are such simple, cheap things to fix, a landlord should be fixing them, after all, it is their responsibility.

Why is it okay for a landlord to make excuses and pass the buck to the tenant when it's not their responsibility? Why is it wrong for a tenant to sexpect a landlord to do the things

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Jan-15-14 6:25 AM


They've been very bluntly honest and they asked a lot of questions, as did we. We've used our poor experience to our advantage to make sure we didn't fall into the same type of situation. The home we're moving to is very well taken care of as well.

This whole "landlord vs. tenant" issue, it's a two way street. Slumlords make it bad for other landlords and "Slumnants" make it bad for other tenants.

I can only imagine the costs tied to renting a property, especially when you get an a-hole tenant who doesn't respect the property, destroys the carpeting, or walls, or anything else and you end up having to replace it. Some of my previous tenants have shared experiences of this nature with myself and my family. It really makes it hard for landlords, which in turn, makes it hard for tenants to find affordable, quality housing.

Its very much a two-way street and we all play a part.

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Jan-15-14 6:22 AM

@hope -- Yes, however, he showed everyone the apartment while it was still occupied, so some of the issues were hidden, others, which we asked about, he assured us would be fixed. Lesson learned, I should have known better I suppose.

@enoughalready -- I doubt the things I mentioned (at least most of them) are that different from Wmspt codes.

@ Premier, no it's an oil tank, however I'm not sure why it needs to be inspected I just know our landlord said that only one oil company will fill it because he knows the people because the rest will not due to the tank not being inspected.

My point isn't to paint all landlords as bad people, that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm simply sharing an experience that isn't my fault, that I'm not financially responsible for rectifying, and that sadly, will be passed on to the next tenant after I leave.

I've had good landlords and where I'm moving to, I already have a very good impression of the lanlords.

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Jan-15-14 2:00 AM

So the landlord does not have to go through the correct eviction process because the mayor. (God)shuts there proprty down because of a criminal charge on some your presmed insanant until proved guilty.

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Jan-14-14 7:49 PM

I thought everyone knew JohnHilfirty was Shaman... I mean.. their ignorance is the same

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Jan-14-14 7:08 PM

fujack2 Jan-14-14 1:05 PM

Mr.Hilfirty since you commented the readers might as well have the truth your rent wasn't current it hadn't been paid for 3 months and you were put out for excessive hoarding. How is that the landlords fault?

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