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Landlords, tenants

January 14, 2014

A good number of people in the Williamsport Area can't afford to buy homes and they need to rely on renting houses or apartments for themselves and family....

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Jan-14-14 2:16 AM

Hi Sally,

The entire situation around rental housing in Williamsport is a total joke.

Codes is nothing but a cesspool, the Mayor & council seems not to care.

There is NO protection whatsoever for tenants, especially for the elderly!

Even the (so called) news media, print and electronic ignore the facts.

I'm going to send you a letter with more detail, because of pending court action.

Take care, John

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Jan-14-14 6:38 AM

I currently live in an apt that isn't even in Williamsport and if Codes were to inspect my apartment like they were SUPPOSED to do according to my landlord in September 2013, they would find multiple violations, fault of the landlord. That is part of the reason my wife and I are relocating. Landlords try to avoid doing anything that cuts into their profit. They want to cut as many corners as possible. Not all of them, but some of them. It's about greed and greed is also what forces landlords to have to raise their rents to such high prices, greed from the government, greed from landlords now that the gas industry is in town, greed because of the demand, etc.

It sickens me when I look on craigslist and see 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for over $1,000 a month and most of them, if they have pictures, look like slums.

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Jan-14-14 7:38 AM

Stop with the frivolous lawsuits.WHickok is correct. $1000.00 is fine if you get something in return.

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Jan-14-14 7:57 AM

Tennants seem to whine quite a bit on these pages.

The solution is if you don't like a property, leave.

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Jan-14-14 8:35 AM

Lol tenants always think they know code violations

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Jan-14-14 8:38 AM

Seriously Sally? The drug problem is the landlords' fault? How is that? When they advertise their apartments do they say, "only drugs dealers need apply"? do they do background checks to be sure that only criminals get in? Do you really believe that landlords would rather have criminals than law abiding citizens in their apartments? It may surprise some people, but the drug problem is the fault of drug dealers and users. some bad decisions in government have allowed it to get worse, but landlords are victims of it just as much as anyone and they do not have the authority to enforce drug laws. Yes there are some bad landlords, but they are not to blame for the drug problems.

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Jan-14-14 11:58 AM

Correct Enigma, it's those evil landlords. I say we round them all up, make them stand on the street corners with signs begging for forgiveness.

Confiscate all their property therefore these tenants can live rent free and in peace. Think of it, NO landlords, No drug problems, NO codes issues. It will be Rainbow Land.

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Jan-14-14 12:03 PM

Mr.Hilfirty who protects the landlords from bad tenants? When I bought my double house I kept the tenant that was on the one side with no problems until the summer of 2012 when his daughter moved in.I started eviction process in October. Codes was able to do what I wasn't by putting them out January 25th for their violations. I Still had to go through eviction process which took months and I still have to go to court.This process has taken over a year costing several thousand dollars not to mention missed pay from taking off work for court. So I ask again Mr. Hilfirty who protected me?

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Jan-14-14 12:31 PM

Erik, I'm not whining, I've had some very good landlords, I'm just saying they're few and far between.

I think Landlords these days, especially those who suggest tenants do nothing but whine, spend most of their time on Denial Lane.

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Jan-14-14 12:36 PM

@ From the Port.

Well let's see, where I live, the Oil Tank is not inspected, it's required to be in order to get oil put in it.

We have 1 smoke alarm in our entire apartment. It is a second floor apartment and we have one way in and one way out (it's the same entrance). NONE of our windows are capable of being locked.

If you lock our door from the outside, no one on the inside of the house can get out (there isn't a lock on the other side of the door for the knob)

So you tell me, do these constitute as codes violations or am I just whining?

It's certainly not all on the landlords however, so let's not pretend that it is. As much as I've experienced both good and bad landlords, i'm sure most landlords can say the same about tenants. It's the bad tenants that make it harder for everyone else.

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Jan-14-14 1:33 PM

wwhickok- Did you not look at the apartment before you signed the lease?

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Jan-14-14 3:35 PM

wwhickok-- you stated in your 6:38am post you live in an apartment OUTSIDE the city. Exactly what do you think MY codes department--I live and pay taxes in the city-- is supposed to do for you? I suggest you contact your own municipality as all have different codes.

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Jan-14-14 4:46 PM

What do you mean your oil tank needs inspected? Never heard of this unless it's a commercial underground tank. Sure your not talking about a propane tank?

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Jan-14-14 6:08 PM

Wes, you need to contact your local Codes Dept. and the local Fire Dept. and request an inspection of your apartment. In some cases the tenant is not required to pay any rent until the violations are fixed, your landlord is responsible for having a habitable place for you to live. Good Luck.

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Jan-14-14 7:05 PM

Kimberly Carol Hilfirty is actually the daughter of John Hilfirty, and they both live in the same place.

Further more, Jack (as he is known on the street) Hilfirty is also the infamous MrShaman, who never has anything nice to say.

That's because he's a broken, never had, never will have 70's something and an absolute taker of everything from the government. In short, a BUM!!

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Jan-14-14 7:06 PM

For me, I wouldn't rent a place that wasn't habitable. I would make a decision before renting whether the condition of the dwelling was worth the money asked. You get what you pay for, after all.

I also would make minor repairs myself. If I thought the windows needed locks, they're cheap and easy to install. If I thought it needed another smoke alarm...about twelve dollars.

More importantly, I would understand that it is the choices I made that have me living in such a place to begin with.

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Jan-14-14 7:08 PM

fujack2 Jan-14-14 1:05 PM

Mr.Hilfirty since you commented the readers might as well have the truth your rent wasn't current it hadn't been paid for 3 months and you were put out for excessive hoarding. How is that the landlords fault?

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Jan-14-14 7:49 PM

I thought everyone knew JohnHilfirty was Shaman... I mean.. their ignorance is the same

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Jan-15-14 2:00 AM

So the landlord does not have to go through the correct eviction process because the mayor. (God)shuts there proprty down because of a criminal charge on some your presmed insanant until proved guilty.

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Jan-15-14 6:22 AM

@hope -- Yes, however, he showed everyone the apartment while it was still occupied, so some of the issues were hidden, others, which we asked about, he assured us would be fixed. Lesson learned, I should have known better I suppose.

@enoughalready -- I doubt the things I mentioned (at least most of them) are that different from Wmspt codes.

@ Premier, no it's an oil tank, however I'm not sure why it needs to be inspected I just know our landlord said that only one oil company will fill it because he knows the people because the rest will not due to the tank not being inspected.

My point isn't to paint all landlords as bad people, that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm simply sharing an experience that isn't my fault, that I'm not financially responsible for rectifying, and that sadly, will be passed on to the next tenant after I leave.

I've had good landlords and where I'm moving to, I already have a very good impression of the lanlords.

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Jan-15-14 6:25 AM


They've been very bluntly honest and they asked a lot of questions, as did we. We've used our poor experience to our advantage to make sure we didn't fall into the same type of situation. The home we're moving to is very well taken care of as well.

This whole "landlord vs. tenant" issue, it's a two way street. Slumlords make it bad for other landlords and "Slumnants" make it bad for other tenants.

I can only imagine the costs tied to renting a property, especially when you get an a-hole tenant who doesn't respect the property, destroys the carpeting, or walls, or anything else and you end up having to replace it. Some of my previous tenants have shared experiences of this nature with myself and my family. It really makes it hard for landlords, which in turn, makes it hard for tenants to find affordable, quality housing.

Its very much a two-way street and we all play a part.

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Jan-15-14 6:31 AM

@ Ritty, you're right to an extent, however, my family and I don't live paycheck to paycheck we live paycheck to four days later. You act like $12 isn't a lot but it is when you don't have it. You act like window locks aren't a financial strain but it is when you don't have the money and you have to replace them on 20 windows. If I could afford to do it, I would do it no questions asked. When we moved in, the landlord had told us, made us aware of some of the issues, Told us an inspector would come and do an inspection for codes. That never happened, so I ask, why? Was this codes officer a friend, who knew that if he showed up he'd find violations? Perhaps I'm way off base, but if these are such simple, cheap things to fix, a landlord should be fixing them, after all, it is their responsibility.

Why is it okay for a landlord to make excuses and pass the buck to the tenant when it's not their responsibility? Why is it wrong for a tenant to sexpect a landlord to do the things

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Jan-15-14 6:33 AM


that they are legally or financially obligated to do?

When I move out, I will be contacting codes. But not until I move out, I'm a month and a half from moving out and I have no interest in making my life more difficult with this landlord by contacting codes about the apartment.

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Jan-15-14 7:11 AM

At least we will have a new topic.I predict Shaman will now sue 802.

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Jan-15-14 8:56 AM

Just a friendly reminder....Gabe's mommy is one of the original slumlords....

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