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Power denied

January 19, 2014

We retired senior citizens as a group, have no organized trade, so we are being denied the power that comes with being unionized....

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Jan-19-14 6:13 PM

Unlike many govt. handouts, at some juncture unemployment along with SS have been contributed to (and I use the word contributed as if it were a choice). Both are mandatory and both are regulated and supposedly protected, one as an insurance and another as an investment )cough, cough). Entitlements are becoming a societal norm, as opposed to becoming productive. Goodness sakes, if one gets a rebae check, or a tax rebate, ora property rebate check, help for fuel assistance, they are accepting govt. assistance. I think it would behoove all of us to agree what is entitlement versus aid. They are not the same.

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Jan-19-14 5:50 PM


the argument would hold merit. But, no one has a choice of contributing to the SS, which has been a long going argument politically for ions. It would take power from the govt. and put it in the hands of the individual - it's saying, IMO, you can't handle your own money.

As for the AARP. everyone knows they sold out to Obama and are a big joke. They are politicized, which automatically makes them suspect as to whose interest is at heart.

Mike, the Bible tells us to take care of our seniors, specifically, it speaks to widows. Are we to cast them aside and tell them, hey you didn't plan well...your problem?

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Jan-19-14 5:46 PM

Most seniors today, did earn (earn being the operative word) what they have, whether it be in savings, SS, or other money outlets. Many can and do provide for themselves and were fortunate enough to invest and "plan for the future." Many did not "plan for the future" because they were )as in today's society) taking care of the present needs. Today's baby boomers have had more afforded advantages to "plan" for the future through money markets, IRA's, stock markets (that were not failing) and other means of investments. The mere fact that these seniors have the social security speaks to their investment of time/labor and money (taken albeit unwillingly) from their pay for some type of future income(not too be equated with lascivious style of living. If long ago, in a distant future, those same Now seniors) contributing to SS had been given the choice to put that same money in a individual account of choice, and they squandered the money, the argument wo

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Jan-19-14 3:56 PM

According to most sources, AARP is second only to the NRA in lobbying power.

So, the LTE is bogus.

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Jan-19-14 1:23 PM

Al, you always manage to bring humor to my day! Thanks and great post! LoL

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Jan-19-14 11:22 AM

Phil is right.

Just like the Flood Insurance, this is another example of a gov't program that creates dependency with a barbed hook.

Trying to change it would cause massive pain.

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Jan-19-14 11:18 AM

AARP is Worst than the Taliban! Lobbying group that uses 35% of revenues collected to Pay high priced lobbyists to pay off congress to take money from working families and waste it on senior do nothing citizens. As long as congress panders to the old people lobby, young people are screwed. Solution is to take voting privileges away from all of us senile old people--but I still can't believe the US Gov't is so dumb that they send me a SSI check each month--should spend it on Nukes instead-- we only have 35,000.

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Jan-19-14 9:55 AM

We’ve lived in a collectivist society for many years and the power of government to decide who gets taken care of is growing as we speak. All of us must realize that any funds going to government will be treated as universal funds to be distributed in the manner our leaders choose. Unemployment “insurance” and SS are nothing more than narrative used to justify an additional source of government funding.

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Jan-19-14 9:06 AM


"" So, what is the AARP? ""

Exactly...??!! So, what [ is ] the AARP?

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Jan-19-14 7:54 AM

Is this letter a reprint? Seems like I've read it before.

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Jan-19-14 7:46 AM

What cost of living increase???

Mr. Cohick is under the mistaken impression that all working people get cost of living increases and merit based increases every year to make up for rising costs.

This is not the case. In my case, I'm back to pre 2008 take home pay with the combination of higher health insurance premiums and no pay increases. EVERYTHING else has gone up!

Oh, and if there are jobs where people get COLA's every year, please point me in that direction.

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Jan-19-14 7:40 AM

Mike and spike - Agreed. SS was not designed to be a full retirement program it was designed to help supplement a retirement plan, whether employer provided or individual built. Even the lowliest paid can find a few dollars to build a substantial retirement portfolio by the time they retire. Personally, I do not believe anyone who has worked and paid taxes all their lives should pay any tax after retirement. That alone has the ability to add a somewhat substantial amount to their incomes.

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Jan-19-14 6:40 AM

AARP is a farce.

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Jan-19-14 6:37 AM

Pennsylvania casinos do not seem to be suffering from the modest COLA increases in Social Security.

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Jan-19-14 6:26 AM

True Mikek. I guess we would need to know his lifestyle. No, I am not paying for cruises but I think my list was fairly basic. I think we are probably on the same page with just a presentation difference.

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Jan-19-14 6:08 AM

Spike, that all may be true. And I said that our seniors ought to be afforded the basics if they can't provide it for themselves. But it seems to me that Weldon thinks that we owe it to him to keep his lifestyle at the same level as it was when he retired. Therein lies the problem.

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Jan-19-14 6:01 AM

mikek- in fairness, some of the folks who are reaching retirement or just began had pensions, 401k's and investments disseminated in 2008. Their home values dropped. Prices increased dramatically devaluing what personal savings is held. Most have not recovered and few stock returned to the full pre-cah value. I wonder how many even know the "cost" of a reasonable retirement? Certainly we all include heat, food, shelter, transportation, medicine and something as minimal as media for enjoyment. We are talking about people who worked their entire lives.

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Jan-19-14 5:03 AM

Weldon Cohick-"We retired seniors every year receive much less of a cost of living allowance (COLA) than the working class does, but when prices rise, we retirees don't pay less, we are being victimized by COLA, which is administered unfairly to the seniors of this country. How are we expected to survive as long as taxes keep rising at the local level, while pay increases are being discriminately awarded to certain social classes, who are favored or protected by the power of unionism?"

Weldon, while I certainly think we owe it to our seniors to provide them with the basics of clothes, shelter and food, reading your letter makes me think that you are of the entitlement mindset. As harsh as it may sound, Social Security was never meant to sustain you at the same level that your working income did. And I do feel bad for those of you who struggle to make ends meet, but your lack of planning does not make the rest of us the bad guys because of your situation.

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Jan-19-14 4:51 AM

Weldon Cohick-"We retired senior citizens as a group, have no organized trade, so we are being denied the power that comes with being unionized."

So, what is the AARP?

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Jan-19-14 3:45 AM

Agree, agree ,agree. No senior who worked thier whole adult life and paid taxes all those years should have to make a choice between paying for heat/utilities/meds and food.

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