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Different rules?

January 22, 2014

The administration of the Williamsport Police just doesn't get it....

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Jan-29-14 10:52 PM

Hey lets face it this was a terrible tragedy and also an accident that cost an innocent person his life and the Officer his freedom to this point and possibly his job! But the judge that left the suspected drug dealer out on bail should have some responsibility also. Had the suspect not been free on a low bail the pursuit would not have happened and Mr Robinson would still be alive and Officer Deprenda wouldn't be facing these charges. It's a sad time for all but putting all the blame on Officer Deprenda does not seem at all fair. There is all kinds of blame to go around here. And Chief Foresman throwing Ofc. Deprenda under the bus doesn't seem fair either along with the DA. Fleeing felon KNOWN drug dealer on the street after being charged with Possession with intent to deliver over 200 bags of ****** who left him out! Safety for all is needed but don't be the one that needs a cop in a hurry for a burglary, robbery, assault then say they need to slow down there going to kill someone!

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Jan-28-14 6:42 AM

scienceisking, I agree. People do think differently when it's someone they love, but that's not a slam, that's just the truth. The new story in todays paper, concerning the charges being filed against the officer has the comments disabled and this is why the Sungazette cannot get information. Partial reporting has no place in todays society. When you only report on your side, you do "your side" a gross injustice. It makes "your side" much harder to believe.

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Jan-24-14 7:33 PM

Is anybody else under the impression that minion Miller is the chief of police?

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Jan-24-14 4:23 PM

Sorry about the late entry... been a little busy.


"" It sounds like they were able to review the dashboard cam in order to pinpoint the exact speed ""

Not likely...

Being that the Air-bag Data control module records date, time,temp, SPEED, angel of impact, position of Brake back in the late1990's.

And now with newer auto's of today I expect the systems are capable of much much more. Like Onstar... set of an airbag and it has your location, turns your radio into a two-way radio to communicate with you and call the local area 911 if you don't respond to the call. If we can think it.. someone is making it.

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Jan-24-14 2:36 PM

So who cares, stop harassing people.

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Jan-24-14 1:24 PM

ScienceIsKing-"@mikekerstetter, You're full of it."

You are entitled to your opinion.

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Jan-24-14 1:22 PM


You're full of it. I guarantee you that if it was member of your family, you would think differently. Sometimes you need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of others instead of being a simpleton.

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Jan-24-14 12:56 PM

I see the editors totally remove ALL the comments in the editorial of 2 days ago...wonder why!!!

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Jan-24-14 7:45 AM

How many times does tragedy involving drugs have to knock on city halls' doors before YOU get SERIOUS!....when sons die for not...clean up this every way!

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Jan-24-14 7:39 AM

I certainly hope that the WBP has the good sense to push the DA for charges to be filed against the officer and the drug guy [If not for his actions committing a felony].....YOU can do it WBP...someone needs to step up and show the public that this town is REALLY serious about drug dealers and officers that need a new job!

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Jan-24-14 6:33 AM

Please understand that it’s still an ongoing investigation and is now in the hands of the District Attorney.

Once the investigation is complete and a final decision is made by Mr. Lindhardt, we will evaluate all of the facts and act accordingly. “As I have stated before, the Williamsport Bureau of Police is forever changed by this tragic accident”.

“Our hearts ache collectively for the Robinson family”.

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Jan-24-14 6:32 AM

“I, my colleagues, and many of you have been struggling to come to terms with the tragic traffic accident that occurred on Sunday, January 12, 2014. The accident involved Williamsport Police Officer Jonathan Deprenda and James David Robinson who was killed in the incident.”

It brought me right back to memories from seventeen years ago. As a young patrol officer at my former police department, I saw a man die in a vehicle fire that resulted from a traffic accident. I was unable to save him and it haunts me to this day.

Over the last week, “I along with many of my colleagues have come to realize that it could have been any of our loved ones involved in this tragic accident instead of Mr. Robinson”. Our loved ones travel that same stretch of road on a regular basis. “This is a tough pill to swallow”.

“All of us are deeply troubled with the accident investigation information released by the Pennsylvania State Police on Wednesday”.

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Jan-24-14 4:21 AM

Capricorn1-"Mike, while I understand that some may have some compassion for an officer that became over eager while performing his duties, I'm pretty sure you would feel differently regarding holding this officer accountable if it was a member of your family that was killed."

Cap, I don't think so. I'm one of a rare breed of American who still believes that accidents occur for which blame and punishment need not be assigned.

A long chain of events occurred that led to this crash, including the fact that Mr Robinson turned into the path of the passing police cruiser.

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Jan-23-14 8:18 PM

justsomeguy, rear end collisions are not always the fault of the person behind. In two of my accidents, one in 1968 and one in 1972, I was the vehicle from behind and both accidents were the other vehicles fault. Both involved improper changing of lanes. Both drivers were cited and both paid for all of my damages, pain and suffering.

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Jan-23-14 8:01 PM

To scott36-I don't think you have read all the comments how do we, the people, go about "requesting accountability" from the current administration because I, for one, will be there????

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Jan-23-14 6:33 PM

Well, I've wasted enough time on this. If no one else cares about the accountability of the police department, then you get what you deserve.-enigma Well said!!!!-Scott

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Jan-23-14 6:22 PM

I agree with MikeKerstetter:

Either way it's a tragedy. It's hard to defend 88 mph in that area. And who is to say that Mr Robinson even saw the cruiser if he was the lead of three cars. I mean, who looks out their mirror to see if someone is passing them before making a left turn on a two way two lane street.

With that said, though, if the police are responding to help me, or one of mine, I want them to get there quicker than possible. On the other hand, I don't want them to kill me or another one of mine getting there. Looking at it from both sides, I have a hard time charging the officer with vehicular homicide or any similar charge for this accident

This is horribly TRAGIC! Very tragic: for the Family of Mr. Robinson, the Rookie Officer who will have to live with this, and the Williamsport Police Department! My thoughts and prayers go out to all parties involved.

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Jan-23-14 5:57 PM

Rear end collision is always the fault of the person behind. Always. Doesn't matter if he's a cop. That's the law and in this case the law is pretty basic.

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Jan-23-14 11:39 AM

Changes are needed, immediately, regarding training and supervision within the police department and administration. There is nothing that would lead me to believe these polices exist therefore cannot be executed. If that were the case the city solicitor would not be referring to the state vehicle code but instead would have at least mentioned current "written guidelines" regarding high speed pursuits within the department. I do think this officer is responsible for his negligence, however, these guys are operating with no knowledge, education, instruction or leadership or supervision. That is not acceptable and hopefully something can be done to at least "review" current policies involving the health and welfare of all, even alleged criminals, in Williamsport. Where is the police chief in all this? Why was there no public apology for this ---because, still, nobody wants to take responsibility and are willing, as always, to "hang this guy out to dry"

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Jan-23-14 10:28 AM

"city solicitor Norman Lubin said the code could not be amended by individual municipalities. Emergency vehicles, according to the state code, may exceed the speed limits "so long as the driver does not endanger life or property."-from the SG article.

Both Life and Property have been "endangered" and worse, now a man is dead. Change the policy before more needless accidents happen in the future.

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Jan-23-14 7:51 AM

I would like to see the DA make it a 2fr...charge the officer with manslaughter and charge that drug guy [If not for his actions] with homicide. Get a scum dealer off the streets and help this officer find a new job....sounds like a plan?

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Jan-23-14 7:43 AM

Plus, every cop is armed with whatever they want. Nuff said.

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Jan-23-14 7:42 AM

Think of all the things that cops do everyday, speeding to name one, that you and I would never consistently get away with.

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Jan-23-14 7:41 AM

Different rules for the police? Not only are the rules different, but so is the game.

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Jan-23-14 7:40 AM

Hindsight bias refers to judgement based upon a known outcome. We do not accept the vicissitudes of daily life. Someone is culpable; someone must pay; we rely upon our own sensitivity based upon moral relevancy du jour to blame and judge. Scraps of evidence and public demands for more of the same so that the public trail may progress seems apropos.

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