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Public union workers deserve protection over spending of dues

January 28, 2014

In 2012, the state’s main government unions, including the Pennsylvania State Education Association, spent nearly $5 million of member dues on political activities and lobbying....

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Feb-02-14 8:49 AM

No Union members dues are used for anything except training, education and other important union issues. You can join/donate to PAL, all voluntary, which then is used to fight you that spread lies and untruths. You throw out ridiculous amounts to get peoples attention, even though it is all a lie. The billionaire Koch brothers, tea party members and other such organizations funded by the Koch's try to blame everything on Unions. Who was it that caused this country all of its problems. The Koch's and the other big businesses, stock brokers and banks. And yes "FIGHTING BACK" I am a proud Union member. And quite frankly, I don't believe you are a retired Union guy. If so, guess you don't want your pension and benefits protected in the future.

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Jan-29-14 6:37 PM

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Jan-29-14 2:18 PM

When will the Sun Gazette offer up their indignation that when corporations make political bribes with the profits generated by every single employee, that they also get every employee's permission to do so? Corporations that make political bribes aren't even required to get the permission of all stockholders, why not? It's a 2 way street out there in the world of buying politicians, start applying your outrage equally, SG!

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Jan-28-14 2:10 PM

Union members that have opinions contrary to those their union is pushing, should NOT have to have their dues money going to something they are against. They should be able to opt out.

Only a liberal would support using a members money against something they disagree with. But then liberals don't care about rights if they don't agree with what they want.

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Jan-28-14 10:33 AM

Once again the Sun Gazette misses the bigger picture. Shouldn't the news media be wondering why these politicians are pushing the legislation to stifle the views of unions and working class people? Here is the truth-- billionaires-- namely the Koch brothers-- sent a representative to meet with every Republican legislature and threatened them that if they didn't push this union-busting legislation -- that they would face a primary challenge funded by big corporate money. Groups like the Commonwealth Foundation are being funneled milliions of dollars to push this campaign. Yet, because of the law, these groups do not even have to tell anyone where they are getting their money! Come on -- it's time that Sun Gazette start to be voice of the people. Unions are not the problem here. The problem is big money corporations taking over our state and country. Maybe the truth is that the news media has been bought out as well.

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Jan-28-14 10:12 AM

Mr. Troisi, it is time to stop this union bashing lie and tell the truth. Both federal and state law prohibit the use of union dues money for political purposes. You criticize the union for running false ads, yet it is fine to perpetuate this lie that unions use dues money for political contributions. Please tell the truth about what this bill is. It is just like Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio where big business throws money at the conservative legislators to push an agenda to crush the unions. They have not been able to get any of their anti-labor bills passed here, so they are trying to cripple unions by cutting off revenue. The truth of the matter is that the cost of these deductions is trivial. If the concern truly is about tax dollars supporting these deductions, then why not eliminate deductions to financial institutions for tax sheltered annuities or to the United Way? Because that is not the real reason for the bill. Tell the truth!

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Jan-28-14 6:51 AM

Who wrote this "Editorial?" Since when does the editor of the Sungazette care about any "Union" worker? The only time you care about union workers is when you're trying to put them on the unemployment line and then take unemployment away from them! I remember when the school bus drivers were fired and you were so happy they were fired! I'll never forget the joy in your writings over that. I was sicked by it! Now you're pretending to stand up for school union workers? Tell everyone about your feud with the the lawyer in State College who represents them! Not that he actually represents them at all. He sold the drivers out too, but you're no fan of middle class workers Mr. Editor, you've made that perfectly clear!

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