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The political pendulum

February 4, 2014

The current administration, with its strategy of narrative over truth and ideology over everything else, has made the coming congressional elections look ever more favorable for the opposition and......

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Feb-04-14 12:33 AM

Good letter, Phil.

Lots of voters are turned off by all the lies and incompetence. That doesn't bode well for Hillary, who only offers more of the same.

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Feb-04-14 6:38 AM

Unfortunately, imo, the same people who elected and then re-elected both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama will vote for and elect Hillary.

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Feb-04-14 6:54 AM

Liberalism always fails.

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Feb-04-14 6:55 AM


I still have faith in the people to choose wisely.

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Feb-04-14 7:01 AM

Hi Phil. Good letter.

Hey, you're a pretty level headed guy, how about you use your next letter to offer constructive criticism to our friends on the right. Passing a massive gasoline tax increase and appointing folks with investments in the gas industry to oversee the gas industry are two examples of which a libertarian such as yourself might find disagreement.

To your letter, both Coco-Cola and General Mills (Cheerios) both ran Superbowl ads that run contrary to your perception of momentum of the pendulums swing.

And I also draw your attention to the recent actions of Pope Francis.

Best Regards.

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Feb-04-14 7:08 AM

Roger, I agree. Unless Republicans can find an extremely attractive candidate to get the majority of Independent vote, they will have a tough time swaying the Obama followers away from Hillary.

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Feb-04-14 7:42 AM

Jerry, as a libertarian (small l) I believe in individual rights, limited and fiscally strong government. I’m critical of politicians of any political affiliation that don’t support those beliefs. That puts me at odds with liberals and social conservatives. As for any given legislation, it must be evaluated within the framework of our present political situation, not our ideals.

My observation in this letter is it looks like polls show the left has over played its hand and we’re seeing a change in general political direction coming.

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Feb-04-14 7:43 AM

Hillary was absent on the job and neglected her responsibilties of the position of Secretarty of State and people died, then said whats the difference. In my mind she is not even eligible for the position of the Presidency. Anyone who can't see through the Clintons is blind, our country deserves better than the Clintons.

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Feb-04-14 7:54 AM

Another old saying, "they shot themselves in the foot."

RogerM, If Hillary is the best the Dem's have, they are in serious trouble. Aside from all the other dirt in the Clinton legacy, one should recall the statement made when Defense Secretary Hillary said (after a fraction of truth over Benghazi began to surface) "After all, what's the big deal?"

If one of the four American Citizens who died (manner of deaths perhaps unimaginable) would have been Chelsea, I doubt her crude flippancy would have surfaced.

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Feb-04-14 7:54 AM

The Cheerios and Coca-Cola adds were a reflection of advertisers attitudes concerning social, not political, views. As many of my previous letters and comments show, I personally have no problem with the adds. I think that the statements made by some on the left were narrative intended to besmirch the *******, NASCAR crowd they try so hard to eliminate from the political and social picture.

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Feb-04-14 8:08 AM

The only house Hillary is going to see is the "Big House", and it ain't going to be white.

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Feb-04-14 8:08 AM

It is swinging away from liberalism, but I don't think it will be enough to regain the White House in 2016?

With whom?

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Feb-04-14 8:46 AM

As long as the Libs keep handing out money to those who feel they deserve it for doing nothing, they will be in office for a long time!

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Feb-04-14 9:02 AM

"and has weakened attitudes toward liberalism in general."

A lot of you here need to get out more often. I understand attitudes here in the "T" of PA might not like liberalism but that is not reflective of the country as a whole.

Regarding Hillary, the Republicans best bet is/was Christie. I saw a poll on Sunday that if the elections were held today, Hillary would beat Christie by 25 points.

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Feb-04-14 9:12 AM

Don't celebrate too much Phil. Most of the people running the Republican Party are just as much big government people as the Democrats. If we just replace the Democrats who forced ObamaCare on us with candidates hand picked by the Republican Party, we won't see significant change for the better. We need to elect people who will fight for us and not for the party. But it is up to Republicans to fix it, because nearly all Democrats are goose-stepping to the party platform.

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Feb-04-14 9:21 AM

Sure. 2016 will be retain the White House. You need Democrats to vote with you. Who do you have besides Christie (who is now in trouble) that can flip any voters. Don't use your heart or personal beliefs, use your brain. The answer is no one.

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Feb-04-14 9:49 AM

This is a good letter but I am willing to bet that our resident determiner of such things will not give it his "Good Letter" seal of approval because it does not agree with his ideology. Nevertheless, it is a good letter.

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Feb-04-14 9:49 AM

The narrative! In the meantime the GOP is trotting out their narrative that people hate liberalism because of Obamacare. They are doing this in the hopes that their problems with ethics and minorities, women and the poor will dissipate.

Both sides have a narrative even the Tea party has one.

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Feb-04-14 10:14 AM

Enigma, I’m not celebrating, just pointing out attitudes expressed in current polls. People usually do express attitudes consistent with individual rights, freedom and limited government, but end up voting for whomever appears to be the lesser of the poor choices available to them.

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Feb-04-14 10:18 AM

I disagree with your observations Phil. I feel that the left has not overplayed it's hand. This next election will, unfortunately, be won mostly by social issues. This country is in growing pains mode and the right is still behind the 8 ball. The Coke ad proves this. Another big problem, I feel, is the left and right news media. We are spoon fed our own views to the point that is all we see. And when we go to voting booth that is the way we vote. There will be a democrat in the white house next term. There really is no savior for the right. The republican party is still trying to find itself socially. Be it woman's rights, gay rights or whatever. They do not have that candidate to sweep the independents. Just my opinion.

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Feb-04-14 10:19 AM

I'm just waiting for the 'old narrative' used by the Lib Dems that there is a GOP staged 'war on women'.


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Feb-04-14 10:39 AM

Rick, the letter referred to people’s attitude, not how they’ll vote. Democrats will run someone who will present him or herself as moderate and Republicans will no doubt run someone who will try and siphon off Democrat voters by presenting him or herself as Democrat light. You’re right there’s a good chance the Democrat will win because if people want liberal government they’ll pass on Democrat light and vote for a real Democrat. Republicans have a track record of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Feb-04-14 10:51 AM

I'm guessing it is the resident determiner of "Good Letter" that disagreed with my comment since his is right after mine. If so, I will wear that disagree like a badge of honor.

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Feb-04-14 11:05 AM

Spike, we run Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio, or Paul Ryan, or Rand Paul, or Mitt Romney or Chris Christie, or Dr Ben Carson........ we have choices, the libs dont have many good ones, you should worry about your tired party and not ours, we will figure out who is the best to run. Who do the dems have other than Hillary Clinton ? Ya gonna run Joe Biden??? LOL

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Feb-04-14 11:17 AM

Spike, don't take the victory lap just yet. The elections this year will be a good indicator of how people are feeling towards your liberal party. Good luck with that.

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