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History repeating?

February 6, 2014

A member of the local clergy wrote that our society is facing the same violent crisis as pass societies have and that we have a choice, reason or faith. He wrote of the increase in mass shooting....

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Feb-06-14 3:08 AM

Mr. Reeder, are you naive enough to think that if the gov't confiscated every gun from legal/registered gun owner it would eliminate mass shootings and other crimes commited with guns? The reality is people hellbent on commiting crimes and killing lots of people will still manage to get/keep guns. In the event of a mass shooting, just one other armed person can make the difference between 1 person being killed or 100.Which do you choose?

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Feb-06-14 5:17 AM

"We also have an increase in gun ownership in our society." - CMReeder

One of those absolutes Mr. Reeder loves to repeat.


Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline - NYT

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Feb-06-14 5:24 AM

In the United States, the percentage of households with one or more guns is reported to be:

1973: 49.1

2012: 34.4

Source: General Social Survey. 2013. ‘Question 237: Do You Happen to Have in Your Home (or Garage) Any Guns or Revolvers?.’ General Social Survey Cumulative Datafile 1972-2012. Chicago, IL: National Opinion Research Center / NORC at the University of Chicago. 3 December.

This information is only pertinent if facts actually mattered to Chuck.

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Feb-06-14 5:28 AM

Chuck, if anything politicians using these mass killings to push their agenda of gun control is what causes the spike in gun sales. IMO the 24/7 coverage of these mass shootings has only increased the incidents we see when those that have mental issues continuously see the notoriety that these perpetrators are receiving. Concentrate on tackling the mental health issues that plague this nation instead of thinking you can legislate away gun violence. How many gun laws are already on the books and what effect have they have?

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Feb-06-14 5:53 AM

"Our society has an organization that every time there is a mass shooting step forward and tells us we need more guns and gun owners."

Well this should be easy. Please direct us to the to the videos that show an NRA spokesperson saying we need more guns because of this mass shooting or that mass shooting.

You liberals have helped sell more guns and increase NRA membership more than anything that organization could have done on their own.

Congrats Chuck, you may have just helped sell a few more guns this morning.

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Feb-06-14 6:20 AM

"There is no repeating of history just a rewrite." Just look at Common Core for the re-writes of history. History is simply a map of human nature, repeating itself unless we learn from the past. It is the record of events that happened which, when analyzed, show that many historical events have something in common whether it is war, peace, progress or revolution. They all have some common characteristics and a general tendency to repeat themselves.

"Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people." Larry Correia I have no respect for anybody who believes gun control or gun free zones actually work. If you are going to commit felonies, up to and including mass murder, you really believe one is going to refrain because there is a gun free zone? That is just pathetic wishful thinking! Criminals do not follow the law, that's why they are called a criminal.

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Feb-06-14 6:22 AM

If one guy with a gun can stop a mass shooting, and there are more gun owners now, then why have we not read about a gun owner thwarting a mass shooting?

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Feb-06-14 6:25 AM

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." —Wayne LaPierre

Makes perfect sense.

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Feb-06-14 6:30 AM

Over the last fifty years, with only one single exception, Gabby Giffords, every single mass shooting event with more than four casualties has taken place where guns were not allowed. This can be confirmed from FBI stats. So buy your guns and ammo and protect you families and yourselves as only you can do.

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Feb-06-14 6:35 AM

"So the answer is not faith but faith backed with a weapon of violence to combat violence in our society."


We have faith in Jesus Christ that he will take our sins away so we can spend eternity with him and not separated from him. We have faith in God that he will provide for our basic needs and send rains, sunshine, etc to allow food to grow that we can live.

But God also allows free choice and man/woman can sin and choose to go kill another. In these cases, we need to be wise enough to use appropriate means of protection for ourselves and family. It may be to flee, dead bolt our house, have an attack dog, call police, hand to hand combat, or have a firearm. You need to be able to match or exceed the armament of the attacker.

It is morally right to protect ourselves and those we love; we need to use good judgment in selection of the appropriate means.

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Feb-06-14 7:05 AM

Didn't I read in the bible Jesus will lead the attack at armageddon? We'll, if it's good enough for the Christ, it's good enough for me. Tote your gun, smoke a reefer.

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Feb-06-14 7:21 AM

Thou shall not kill.

I don't see the word except anywhere in there. But believe what you want. There are too many guns in this country. Plain and simple. The problem will only get worse. Something needs to be done. Go ahead and hit the disagree button, I don't care.

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Feb-06-14 7:25 AM

Chuck, gun free zones don't work. That is typically where the mass shootings happen because the perp has no fear of retaliation. If there were guns there and this person is stopped there is no mass shooting. Why is it we always know about the killer but never about the person who stops a killer? We write all about him and give him all kinds of notoriety, but nothing for the person who stops a killer. Let them die in anonymity. Take away their ultimate goal of fame.

There will always be crazies, you can't fix that with legislation. But, you can arm the people to prevent it.

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Feb-06-14 7:26 AM


There are thousands of stories about gun owners stopping criminals. There are also where where an armed citizen stops a potential mass shooter.

You must read the wrong news sources as these are only reported at the local level and then picked up by honest national news services that do not have an agenda.

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Feb-06-14 7:28 AM

And, Chuck, religion won't work either. Just as many nuts in churches as not. As a tool unto itself, religion has some impact in promoting people to live better lives, but it certainly is not capable of controlling the masses any longer and it is not capable of preventing mass killings. (Let's use that term instead of shooting because we have bombers, knifers--see China and run away drivers.)

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Feb-06-14 7:38 AM

Chuck, Do you never proofread your letters, or do you just not get the whole fifth grade grammar thing? It might also help if you didn't tell outright lies about what people said or did in your letters. By the way, do you object to the ever increasing military weapons used by police or is it just Joe Citizen that you want disarmed? You are a fool, and just the kind of fool that those in control love to use. Hitler referred to people like you as "useful idiots". You just keep on toeing the government control line and when the iron fist comes down, you'll be smashed along with everyone else.

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Feb-06-14 7:40 AM

Spigotz-"If one guy with a gun can stop a mass shooting, and there are more gun owners now, then why have we not read about a gun owner thwarting a mass shooting?"

Just a wild guess, but maybe it's because us law-abiding folks don't take our guns to the 'Gun Free Zones' where most of the mass shootings occur.

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Feb-06-14 7:47 AM

"Thou shall not kill. I don't see the word except anywhere in there." - rick424

Actually Rick, the word kill is not in there either. The proper translation is murder, meaning to kill without justification. The Bible does not prohibit killing in self defense or in defense of one's country. You say there are too many guns in this country. What would be the right number? There are not too many guns, there are too many murderers, and even if there were no guns, the number of murderers would not change. You act as if guns is the only way to kill someone. It is not and murder statistics bear that out. Guns are not even the most popular murder weapon, but then I suppose that blunt instruments would be hard to outlaw. Maybe we should just make murder illegal. That would fix the problem. It makes as much sense as thinking that taking guns away would stop murder.

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Feb-06-14 8:06 AM

The way I read it, it is kill. But go ahead and justify it all you want my friend. God will be the judge. You people are funny.

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Feb-06-14 8:07 AM

Let us ban cars. There I beat you to it!

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Feb-06-14 8:12 AM

"No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms" -Thomas Jefferson

"The Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms" -Samuel Adams

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Feb-06-14 8:35 AM

When someone pulls a home invasion on you are you to call 911 and wait? If you are unfortunate enough to be in a street attack do you just plead for your life? People ask me why I carry a gun, and I tell them that a cop is too heavy. Remember, when seconds count the police will be there in minutes.

Did I always carry a gun? No, but the way the world is now I have to, and would I hesitate to use it ? NO. If my life or that of a loved one was in danger it's a no brainer.

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Feb-06-14 8:48 AM

So the answer is not faith but faith backed with a weapon of violence to combat violence in our society. CMReeder In Proverbs 25:26 we read that "A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well." Certainly, we would be faltering before the wicked if we chose to be unarmed and unable to resist an assailant who might be threatening our life. In other words, we have no right to hand over our life, which is a gift from God to the unrighteous. It is a serious mistake to equate a civilized society with one in which the decent people are doormats for the evil to trample on.

It is not to combat but to protect from the violence in our society

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Feb-06-14 9:01 AM

According to the FBI, murder by firearm rates are declining in the United States.

Also, according to the FBI, 75% of all murders are gang-related.

Another approximately, 10% are self-defense killings or police officers shooting criminals.

There is no data on "crimes of passion" that would be committed by any object available.

So, the actual number of murders, outside gangs, is actually very small.

But, I know some liberals will not let facts change their minds.

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Feb-06-14 9:04 AM

I guess Jordan Davis will not enjoy life because some moron shot him. I guess that loud music was a real threat and justified the killing. Maybe he should have thrown a box of popcorn at him, that would have made a difference.

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