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Fire tax – Muncy

February 12, 2014

If there is to be a fire tax passed by Muncy Borough, I agree with Elaine McAleer. I suggest the following scenario for Fire Chief Scott Delaney. I pay $200 in another unfair tax....

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Feb-15-14 10:22 AM

In the progressive liberal world the proletariat knows ..."from each according to his ability, to each according to his need", meaning that while the working class needs fire protection, the bourgeoisie refuses to surrender their accumulated property and wealth to pay for it. Their "fair share" in other words. The classic error made by property owners is that they think they are members of the working class because they are not "wealthy". The working class only has labor as an asset. Sorry property owners, you pay.

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Feb-13-14 3:39 AM


You have no idea what it would cost to pay for fire protection if not for the volunteers who spend all the time they do to reduce the cost to you. Get a grip.

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Feb-13-14 3:37 AM

I spent 14 years as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. I served in a lot of offices, including President and Deputy Chief. Some of these comments irritate me as much today as they did when I was a member.

Do you naysayers realize that your department is staffed by volunteers? Have you any idea how many hours are put into running your local fire department? All, or at least most, of these volunteers work full time jobs, and then put in hundreds of hours of training, hundreds of hours answering the fire, ambulance and rescue calls; hundreds of hours doing maintenance on and preparing equipment and gear to be ready to answer those calls; meetings and administrative work; and preparation for and working all the various fundraising events. If you are paying a small $200 tax to support your local department, consider that the tax makes up just a fraction of the costs to purchase and maintain gear and equipment. Cont'd

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Feb-12-14 6:13 PM

The letter write posed an important question about this fire tax. Private fire companies can sometimes ignore homes who do not pay for their services, or they charge them extra if their services are called upon. As Chief239 pointed out, because the question was raised, is that this tax is not really an additional tax (that was reported to be 2.0 mil, not .2), but it is an adjustment to the current allocation of funds they already receive. If this was a Pay to be Served Tax, then all should pay the same, which is what the SG article made it sound like.

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Feb-12-14 6:06 PM

Liberalism is all about one person paying more than another for exactly the same service.-eriklatranyi

A noun, a verb, & liberalism. Erik--you sir seem to have a serious phobia pertaining to anybody whom does not follow your religion-like views of the far right. You may want to talk to someone about it- just a suggestion--Scott

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Feb-12-14 5:50 PM

This letter is absolutely pathetic.-Capricorn1

Well said!!! Anyone who volunteers deserves respect, & support IMHO.-Scott

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Feb-12-14 5:42 PM

Too bad certain posters on here are more worried about hurt feelings than the real issues. If people would get their facts straight before writing letters to the editor we wouldn't have these problems. People continue to make claims or create stories about a fire tax or a volunteer fire company and create dollar amounts and post sentence fragments from a fire chief to make a point. That's brilliant! I thought the letter was moronic myself. If that word was too harsh enigma, I have a towel you can cry in.

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Feb-12-14 1:53 PM

Chief139, I refer you to the comment of Chief239. These are professional and informative, while yours were personal an insulting. You both disagreed with the letter writer, but he did it in a way that was much more suited to a person identifying himself as a public servant. You are correct, I do not know who you are, nor do I care. I was merely pointing out that a public servant, whether paid or unpaid, should act in a more professional manner. If you want to insult the writer, I would suggest that you use a name that does not indicate your official capacity. It would be perfectly acceptable then.

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Feb-12-14 1:43 PM

Chuck, See, this is one of the times I agree with you. It's unconscionable to even joke about letting the man's house burn because you don't agree with him. I don't agree with his letter either, but I respect his opinion. Of course, my disagreement with him is for completely different reasons than most of the people here, but I'll leave that for another time.

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Feb-12-14 1:05 PM

Great! I don't like what he said so let his house burn. You can just feel the love.

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Feb-12-14 12:59 PM

Starting today I would recommend that if Donald P. Edwards house catches on fire that the volunteers simply don't have time to volunteer. But judging by most volunteers I know they would try to help him anyway.

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Feb-12-14 10:28 AM

Chief I am surprised he took the time to write and complain about having to pay a couple hundred dollars for a necessary service performed by an all volunteer force. IMO his time would have been better served complaining about the BILLIONS in tax dollars that are wasted by government each year.

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Feb-12-14 10:23 AM

Well said Chief!

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Feb-12-14 10:03 AM

country. We are all entitled to our opinions. This also applies to your statement regarding my abuse of power. I have nothing to gain regarding my statements. Inclosing, if you would like to discuss this further my number is in the book. I do not hide behind my keyboard! Jamie Brelsford - Chief 1-39

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Feb-12-14 9:59 AM

To enigma.....Perhaps you should not attempt to change the context of the definition if "imbecility" which I used in my statement. If you would have read it carefully you should be able to comprehend that I was referring to his statements. I will still stand by that his statements were utterly foolish. Your comment shows that you have no idea who I am either. I am a fourth generation firefighter and have been for 26 years. I also have asked, nor expect, anything in return. I do it for the communities I serve because my forefathers taught me that as an individual you should give back to your community. I also enjoy it and have taken great comfort being able to help others in their time of need. I also have been taught that respect is earned, not given, so if you or anyone else would like to make uneducated statements and disrespect me, or the organization I belong to you should not be surprised when it is rebutted. That is one of the great advantages of living in this

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Feb-12-14 9:26 AM

Will the tax go to an ONLY Fire Department account?

What is your life worth?

Does the Fire Department charge for making a call? Do they charge the owner for a false alarm?

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Feb-12-14 9:16 AM

Chief139, I don't think that it's appropriate for you to call one of the citizens you work for an imbecile. You must be one of those public servants who thinks the public should serve him. You don't have to agree with the writer, but you should show a certain amount of respect for those who pay to support your department. Your statements show that you have one idea of how taxes should work, while the writer has another. You are free to disagree with the writer, but you should not use your official position to belittle and bully him. Shame on you.

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Feb-12-14 8:56 AM


Muncy is a liberal bastion. Who knew. Everyone will pay the same tax but the property with more value will be served first, how very conservative.

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Feb-12-14 8:43 AM

Liberalism is all about one person paying more than another for exactly the same service.

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Feb-12-14 8:41 AM

I was pleased to see the amount of support generated in support of the fire company. I must admit while reading this article I was taken aback by the sheer imbecility of the statements made by Mr. Edwards. So what you are saying sir is that you feel you should pay the same amount of taxation as a company such as Andritz and children should not get the same education in schools because one parent pays more taxes than the other? On the other end of the spectrum..someone that makes more money than the other should have the same amount of taxation taken out of their pay check as someone who makes much less? As Chief 2-39 said the MAVFC is not asking for more money. Due to many historical reasons,we are asking it to be switched from a "stipend" to a "tax". If done correctly by Council the tax millage would be instituted into a fire tax and the general budget would be reduced the same amount. Hence, generating no more taxation for Borough residents. CHIEF 1-39

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Feb-12-14 7:17 AM

The people complaining about this small tax will be the same complaining about their house burning to the ground because the department does not have the proper equipment.

While you are paying taxes for this service it is not a paid service. These guys's are risking their lives for no type of payment. How many of you complaining about the tax would be willing to do this? If I were one who was volunteering and risking my life for others, I would expect the most up to date and safest equipment available, or it would make me rethink my decision of serving.

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Feb-12-14 6:39 AM

@Capricorn1 - agreed. When I read the letter I was going to echo that sentiment.

My father has been a volunteer fireman for years. He's missed holiday meals, regular meals with the family, been out half the night at someone's house fire, only to work a full shift the next day. The men and women who volunteer to protect us are priceless, and there's fewer and fewer volunteering every year.

I have some advice for the letter writer. If you're able, become a volunteer.

As far as the tax, we'll all be paying it at some point. With the decline in volunteers and less fundraising, eventually we'll need a paid department, and the $200 tax you're complaining about now will seem like a small price to pay.

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Feb-12-14 6:23 AM

This letter is absolutely pathetic. The men and women in an all volunteer fire department dedicate countless hours to ensure the safety of the borough and you have the audacity to complain about paying a minimal tax to ensure that these men and women have the tools and training they need. Perhaps you are also for disarming our military so you don't have your taxes going to support our troops too.

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Feb-12-14 3:00 AM


(which includes a stipend for the fire department), now if you add a .2 mill fire tax and reduce the general tax by .2 mills there should be no difference. Fire tax or no fire tax Station 39 will continue to provide you with the best possible service that we can afford. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact the Fire Dept. we are always willing to listen to suggestions.

Greg Delany

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Feb-12-14 2:58 AM

The Fire tax was requested because some on council have tried to reduce the budget for the fire department time and time again. The fire company has requested that the fire tax cover what is already being paid by the borough just in a tax form so that the game stop. As far as the question about property value, do you pay the same as other residence for Police Protection? Or how about the Street Department? The answer is NO you don’t, so how or why is the fire department different? How many times have you seen either of those departments doing fundraisers for new equipment? Never! Your fire department does them almost every month and that doesn’t count the hours training, running calls, and checking equipment. On top of all of this we must find time to be an active/involved family member as well. The fire department understands that times are tough, but if you look at it logically we are not trying to get any more money from your pocket. The tax in Muncy is about 2.35 mills

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