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No respect?

February 14, 2014

If you are doing something that is unlawful, you should fear the police, otherwise go about your daily routine, you have nothing to be fearful of....

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Feb-14-14 4:14 AM

You can try to debate all of the details as much as you want, but there is one fact that overrides all of the others... he was going 101mph. This is all on him.

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Feb-14-14 6:05 AM

"If ever there is a possibility of trouble around me, send a cop fast!"

But not 100MPH fast. I want him to actually get there. That's one of the facts that people miss. Not only did he kill a man, but he never made it to his destination. He endangered the safety of everyone that night, including the officer he was supposed to be helping. If you travel 100 MPH on Third Street, the most likely outcome is that someone is going to die. That would be an unsafe speed if the road were closed, let along just after dark, full of traffic. I agree the police have a difficult job, but that's no excuse for doing it poorly or recklessly.

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Feb-14-14 6:46 AM

Yet, he still has his job and he's still getting paid until the Williamsport Police Department's "internal investigation" is completed.

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Feb-14-14 7:33 AM

I may have missed the facts in the last few posts/articles. Was he doing 88 AFTER he was called off or not? Or will we have to wait for the trial to learn this for a fact? My opinion on it is if he had been called off, then it was a joy ride under the disguise of law enforcement. If he wasn't called off, it's a different scenario... not less tragic or easier to cope with. I've read where its the officers discretion with speed and to not endanger someones life, so does that mean if no one was hurt, he was ok for doing 88 (or more)? The speed limit is 35mph in that area i believe? If so, if he was doing 45mph and killed someone, is he still a villian? Where is that line for an officer needs assistance call? It's a judgement call. Poor judgement that should cost him his job as he knows it either way, but criminally, I only believe that if he had been called off should any criminal trial continue. I think civilly though, the victims family can bring a lawsuit regardless.

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Feb-14-14 7:51 AM

enigma, Whatever you may think of me from a previous LTE comment of mine, I completely agree with your comment on this letter.

The letter writer mentions "two lives have been changed forever", but that is not quite true. One of those lives is not merely changed, it is gone. Mr. Robinson's life was taken from him.

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Feb-14-14 2:05 PM

Let me add this, When a person does not do his job in the safest manner possible(I realize this covers a LOT of ground) And a bad result occurs--He not only effects himself or in this case a victim, but his employer, by extension possibly the victims employer, but very importantly families. In this case at least 2 families, the innocent victims become badly scarred.-Scott

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Feb-14-14 3:15 PM

"I only believe that if he had been called off should any criminal trial continue." - ericwilliamsport

Are you saying that as far as you are concerned, that an officer in the performance of his duty can act recklessly with complete disregard of human life and that's OK with you? What I'm saying is that the officer's actions in this case were obviously wrong and illegal. The police are not above the law and because they are tasked with enforcing the law, they need to be beyond reproach. A police officer who holds the law and the citizens he protects in such high regard, that he would never do anything to harm either is to be admired. An officer who endangers the people or disregards the law needs to be shown the door and prosecuted. It is too important a position not to be held to the highest standard.

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Feb-14-14 3:22 PM

The officer is still being paid? I respect the police for what they do,but I also feel at times some may use their authority to their benefit. My daughter was driving in newberry a few weeks ago and was stopped by a Williamsport police officer, she pulled over and was told by the officer that the reason he pulled her over was because she had something hanging from her rear view mirror (some type of thing that smells good) she told him ok that she would take it down, but it did not end there. I am not sure if you are familiar with the solar flowers you can get them at 5 below,well she had one stuck on her dash, it did not obstruct her view at all. I also drive her car occasionaly and has never been an issue of obstruction. It measures about 3-3 1/2 inches ,he literally reached inside her vehicle and ripped it off her dash and told her that it had to go also. I can not believe that with all the drug crime in the city of Williamsport that he had the time to pull her over for something

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Feb-14-14 3:30 PM

cont. so dumb. The fact that he reached into her car is crazy. The only thing she was guilty of is wanting her car to smell good. How many others have things hanging fron thier rear view mirrors. I understand not to obstruct your view, but a small flower and a string of beads that smell good. I just feel he was totally out of line for reaching into my daughters car.

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Feb-14-14 4:46 PM

Enigma: "Are you saying that as far as you are concerned, that an officer in the performance of his duty can act recklessly with complete disregard of human life and that's OK with you?"

I am saying, that if he was responding to an officer needs assistance, weapons drawn, he's going to break the law to assist. Where is recklessly? 45 mph in a 35mph? 55mph? It was a judgement, poor as it may be, by the officer. I'm only arguing that point IF the officer was still in response. If not, it turns into a criminal joyride. If it was in the pursuit of assisting the officer with weapon drawn, well I think you'd probably break the law too to get to a family member in the same decision. Police, Fire, Military, its a family, tasked with protecting the lives of others, putting themselves in harms way and things like this are inevitable in that pursuit. I'm not saying it isn't tragic, it obviously resulted in the worst possible outcome.

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Feb-14-14 6:12 PM

The response was called off a minute earlier. Aside from that though, I can't seem to understand why people don't understand how fast 100mph is, even if he was on route to someone, that was far too fast for the area regardless of his intent. Actually think about that speed once, on that road.

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Feb-14-14 7:09 PM


What happened to your daughter is IMO, totally out of line--reaching into the vehicle,& "confiscating"(however small the article) is just plain wrong. In every occupation there are good, & bad people. The good should weed out the bad, to protect the honor of their profession. Some think that the badge "Excuses" them. IMO, with the power that comes with the badge(it is a lot), they should be held to a higher standard. If they do not like it, get another job. Have a safe & happy evening!!-Scott

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Feb-14-14 8:31 PM

DKMDKM, I completely agree. 100mph is crazy scary, even on a highway! And, this was a 2-lane/2-way city street with no passing allowed, with dips in the road and nowhere to pull over. And it was dark outside by that time, which contributes to difficulty judging distance. Mr. Robinson didn't have a chance against someone driving so recklessly.

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Feb-15-14 12:08 AM

The thrill of the chase overrode the common sense to let the race go to others in better fitted position to handle this individual. There is a delicate balance between getting their perp, and choosing safety in lieu of the catch. One thing we seem to concur on is the 101 mph that is the elephant in the room. To top it off, this particular gentleman that was killed many in the community knew. Someone said on this letter, there are no winners in this situation and that is so truth.

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Feb-15-14 12:09 AM

Oh Kelaine, BTW, Hello....hope your New Year is starting out good! How have you been?

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Feb-15-14 5:58 AM

Why aren't they stacking up the charges like they would do to a regular "citizen"? Ever been to court for something? There are multiple charges for a single crime. Why only the 3 charges...I say "Throw the book at him" they will do it to you so why not him?....OOOOHH now I remember...he's a cop ...afforded the luxury of knowing and working with ALL of the prosecutors and judges that he will be facing. Sounds like conflict of interest to me! Just like the $25,000 bail...UNHEARD OF IF YOU WERE IN HIS POSITION AS DEFENDANT. Your bail would be at least $100,000 if not more...He needs to be in jail awaiting the trial!! He might be a flight risk! They would bring the flight risk on an ordinary person and demand that YOU be kept in jail to await trial. The system is so corrupt from fed to local. THE "NOD AND WINK" stuff HAS TO GO! If there is NOT a conviction I will be in front of the courthouse PROTESTING!! And BTW I DO respect LAW ABIDING police officers, NOT

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Feb-15-14 7:43 AM

Bud: I think he did have 4 or 5 different things counted against him didn't he? Reckless, Veh Homicide, Inv Manslaughter and some other minors I believe.

To those talking about the 88 or 101 mph, What would have been an acceptable speed where you weren't concerned and the same accident happened and a person died? If he was doing 45 mph in a 35mph and the same thing happened, how would you feel about that?

The fact people knew the victim in the community and he is well liked is sad, but irrelevant. His life is no more important than anyone elses. It would be like saying, the officer mowed down a homeless person that no one knew anyone or the victim was a jerk, so no big loss. A person died.

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Feb-15-14 8:01 AM

Follow me. 101 was apparently his highest rate of speed. I believe it was 88 at the time of the accident. this means he was de-accelerating. it also means he hit his highest rate at a point further west of the accident.We don't really know much without the complete reconstruction. Is 100 a ridiculous speed. It seems so. However, i will not be so self-righteous as to deny having hit 90 on the highway. Whether or not you notice depends in part on the vehicle itself. We still don't have enough facts. As to buds..... so you would not respect a jury verdict? How many other verdicts have you out protesting.

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Feb-15-14 10:54 AM

I was watching 20/20 last night on tv and they actually did a story about policemen speeding just because they can,they were not going to help a fellow officer or on their way to a crime in progress. The reporter and cameraman followed some of these officers to their destination which were: picking up their lunch,one was actually pulled over by another officer only to be told the reason he was speeding is because he was late for work. The worst culprit was traveling at 80 miles an hour swerving in and out of cars on a 3 lane highway,only to be followed by the reporter to his destination,the police training office and guess who he was, the driving instructor. The main story line was an accident that involved 2 teenagers being hit and killed by a speeding police officer with no lights on and actually passed another officer going 94 miles an hour. That is abuse of power in my eyes.

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Feb-15-14 12:56 PM

Respect is earned, it doesn't just come with a badge. However, what does come with the badge are expectations of honesty, integrity, good judgment and protection. The administration has failed to research,supervise, train or lead by example. As citizens of Williamsport, we should not accept more of the same.

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Feb-15-14 1:43 PM

I personally think that the majority of Williamsport police officers are good people, but I must admit over the years we have all heard the many stories of abuse in the department. I think a few of them seem to act above the law,ex. Ungard and Kreitz, not to mention the little league pin incident.

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Feb-15-14 2:23 PM

Respect is earned, it doesn't just come with a badge.-millwe

Bingo!!!- We should all respect the badge and what it stands for. But the person standing behind the badge needs to earn respect for himself-personally. Too many people get into a position of authority, and automatically think that they(personally) have just hit the lottery of respect. Again respect a position-yes, but individuals need to earn their own respect.-Scott

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Feb-15-14 7:33 PM

Laura H did your daughter file a complaint against that officer? It's real easy you walk in the back of city hall go to the window and ask for a complaint form, copy it before she turns it in. Nothing is ever going to change if citizens keep tolerating bad police behavior! If you get no response to her complaint take the copy, make more copies and send it the mayor and everyone on city council! Respect is earned period and the level of the public respect for the WPD is at an all time low great job Foresman do we really pay your salary with tax dollars?? I think the public is due a refund!

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Feb-15-14 11:55 PM

Godzilla, you are right.

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Feb-19-14 12:11 AM

I don't know how Ungard and Kreitz got into this (old news) but their activities in no way even came close to what happened with this officer or the confiscated pins. Out of 13 charges only 1 remained, I think? We will probably never know the real truth surrounding that grand scheme. We sure could use a Drug Task force right about now!

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