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False claim

February 16, 2014

I would like to point out that the statement "scientific studies have found no evidence that GMOs are more harmful than foods without genetic modifications" cited in the GMO article that ran in Jan......

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Feb-19-14 7:50 AM

If you only knew that it is government employees who certify food as "organic" do you really trust that? L m a o fool

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Feb-19-14 7:48 AM

Maybe time to do what family has done forever and don't be reliant on others to grow your food if you think you can survive.

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Feb-17-14 7:54 PM

BTW is anyone aware of how many individuals that are associated with Monsanto are appointed to high ranking positions in the federal government that make decisions that directly benefit Monsanto's con ag financially with government subsidies? Look into it, it is quite interesting. A rule to go by if it is cheap food it contains GMO's almost guaranteed. Another point to consider is the latest attack on farmers that refuse to buy seeds that are genetically modified and chose to hold back or save a certain amount of their crop to plant next season. Monsanto is known to employ private investigators to weed out farmers that chose not to "follow the program". Look into it I would almost bet my bottom dollar that there is no soy beans or for that matter corn grown on a large scale that is not genetically modified and if there is Monsanto will eliminate that within 5-10 years. Our food supply has been genetically modified from the start of the food chain, scary!!

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Feb-17-14 7:10 AM

What's really pathetic about all this is that the FDA approves GMO and gets all bent out of shape about prescription drugs coming from over seas. It's plain to see that big pharma does not like competition and they carry a big stick in Washington.

I know this is about GMO, but I couldn't resist the tie in with the FDA allowing one while dissing another. It's as if to say that only the U.S. is capable of good health.

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Feb-17-14 6:21 AM

Phil....don't lump everyone into the global warming group....I'm fussy about my food.....climate is what it is.....!

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Feb-17-14 6:19 AM

I happen to agree with Godzilla....anytime Big Chemical needs to genetically modify any food product...I need to stay away from it! I'll stick with my heirloom varieties....keep a garden and avoid Frankenfood!

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Feb-17-14 1:38 AM

Every now and again the PIVOT channel on dish will run a documentary called Food, Inc. If you watch you will get it. Monsanto has a huge effect on food production in this country. They are a dangerous conglomerate that wants nothing less than to control the entire food supply in America. Genetic modification is not even close to hybrid farmer is right. Hybrids are selective cross pollination to develop bigger, better through selective human influence. If you have ever driven outside of Jersey Shore and seen corn rows that have 5 short rows then 2 tall rows that is the creating of a hybrid corn ie human intervention in natural selection done in a field. Take a drive eric. Genetic modification is done in a lab it is not natural! There is no way that you can cross pollinate a soy bean to ever be roundup resistant. A soy bean is alive and roundup is a chemical. It is an unnatural pairing, period. GMO's are altered at the cellular level by big business to make more money period!

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Feb-16-14 10:24 AM

Underwood: No. You are just trying to avert the subject of GMO's.

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Feb-16-14 9:43 AM

Does anyone else notice that the same people opposing GMO foods are the ones crying global warming is caused by big corporations?

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Feb-16-14 8:50 AM

Companies like Wegmans are loving the GMO hysteria. That's why half their store is now "organic" and they wouldn't dedicate that much of a footprint if they weren't making a mint.

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Feb-16-14 8:41 AM

Well Texas, I'm glad we agree on something. I'm sure we will get the chance to trade views on the other two in the future. That's the way it's supposed to work. Have a good day.

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Feb-16-14 8:33 AM

Farmer, I was with you on the first two paragraphs.

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Feb-16-14 8:21 AM

Are people in this area really this stupid? Eat the GMO laced food, have more butter, grab an extra pound of bacon, eat lots of nice fatty meat and enjoy your eventual trip to the E.R., where you may or may not stand up again. Well fed? Seriously? Do you read labels. Did you take classes I missed? Where did you ever get the idea that the contents in most processed food, or for simplicity, sugar and salt are good for you? Look Are we lazy or has technological advancement allowed us to do far less?

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Feb-16-14 8:07 AM

"The hysteria from the anti-GMO side makes me think their claims are overblown..."


I read these words and had an image in my head, a house is on fire, dozens of people are fleeing in panic and along comes Eric walking down the street but does not yet see the fire. Now he sees the panicked people, he then judges for himself that because of the level of hysteria, the people must be wrong, everything is fine.

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Feb-16-14 7:18 AM

eriklatranyi: Genetically modifying foods gas been around for hundreds of was called hybrids."

If you opened your 7th grade science book you would realize how very wrong you are. Hybrids come about when cross pollinate. i.e. A brown boy cow with a white girl cow we get a brown and white cow. You with me so far? Genetic modification involves the mutation, insertion, or deletion of genes. When genes are inserted, they usually come from a different species, meaning the new organism is really a new species. Very God like some would say.

Of course that science book also teaches about climate change and evolution, so you really can't take it too seriously.

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Feb-16-14 7:03 AM

eriklatranyi: "I do not see large swaths of this nation suddenly dying or becoming I'll since the introduction of GMO foods have arrived onto the scene."

So Eric, if foods containing GMO where potentially dangerous, you would need, say,,,the population of Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana to drop dead. That would be a large swath.

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Feb-16-14 6:49 AM

I do not see large swaths of this nation suddenly dying or becoming I'll since the introduction of GMO foods have arrived onto the scene.

Genetically modifying foods gas been around for hundreds of was called hybrids.

The hysteria from the anti-GMO side makes me think their claims are overblown and rooted in anti-large corporations more than scientific data.

Could some of these GMOs be harmful? Yes.

Should they all be banned? No.

It is a new form of an old technology that requires new testing methods to ensure safety.

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Feb-16-14 6:26 AM

There is a ton of info about GMOs. As with most industry funded studies, only those studies that the seed companies approve ever see the light of a peer-reviewed journal. Those that have been privately researched are usually limited but do show questionable negatives. I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. At a minimum, private studies provide proof of safety concerns and that more studies are needed by non-business related independent researchers. Agritech companies have utilized user agreements to explicitly forbid the use of their seeds for any independent research. Using the threat of litigation, scientists cannot test a seed to explore the different conditions. They cannot examine whether they lead to unintended health or environmental side effects. This alone provides more than enough proof that "all" biotech studies by the Monsanto's of the world should be made public knowledge and that it is time for government to address health and environmental concerns

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Feb-16-14 6:03 AM

Cancer rates are on the rise because of better methods used to detect them. And, obesity is on the rise because we are well-fed, underworked and sit on our butts, most of the time. As far as GMO foods causing health problems, you may have a point. Seems we are seeing an increase in allergies in our young people.

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