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Lessons not taught

February 23, 2014

On the program “Breakpoint” by Eric Metaxas, he tells this account: In the year 1869, abortion was declared illegal in New York, but there were those who continued to run abortion facilities....

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Feb-24-14 4:00 PM

Farmer, your welcome. Thank you for clarifying your statement.

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Feb-24-14 3:23 PM

Lauri, I wanted to let you know my comment should have included the male side of the equation. My response was more to point out how foolish Mrs. Koontz's comment was. Thank you for correcting me.

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Feb-24-14 9:28 AM

The fact that 7 people would agree that "a girl should be taught how not to get pregnant" no mention of boys at all just proves my point. If it is all about the girl than she alone should have that choice.

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Feb-24-14 8:58 AM

I must say how surprised I am to find that no one with such strong anti abortion views is challenging anything that I said. Maybe the Republicans finally have a clue to stop running on social issues such as abortion, because they are losing supporters fast. Abortion is a personal choice for a woman, not to be decided by the government or any of you for that matter.

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Feb-23-14 8:16 PM

What I am saying is why, when a woman makes a decesion for herself and her life she is made to go through an ultrasound to somehow change her mind or guilt her into changing or even questioning her decesion to have an abortion. The enduring was not meant on a pain level but an emotional one. Should people who want to get a gun permit have to look atpictures of the 20 children gunned down at Sandy Hook,Columbine,or any other mass shootings?

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Feb-23-14 7:51 PM

LauriH- Please explain how an ultrasound is so bad that it has to be endured??

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Feb-23-14 6:43 PM

Farmer, I am sure it was an oversite but you can't get pregnant without a boy, so they to need to be educated on how to protect themselves also.That could be some of the problem right there in your statement. Most of the girls having abortions are not supported by the boy either way,so when they make the choice to have an abortion then everyone is "fathers have rights to" well many of those boys took off as soon as the words "I'm pregnant" came out of these girls mouths.

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Feb-23-14 5:40 PM

Spike, I don't know which is worse, the abortion rate of black babies, or the 75% illegitimacy rate of black children. Either way they don't have very good odds. But of course no one in leadership wants to discuss those difficult facts.

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Feb-23-14 2:30 PM many on the side of pro-life were also against that also, that subject should be taught at home many said well how is that working for you? So what is your solution to help prevent the need for abortions in young women?

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Feb-23-14 2:24 PM

cont.. to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I would much rather pay for that before I would want to have anything to do with demanding a woman, who has chosen to have an abortion have to endure an ultrasound. Lets try to prevent it from happening. The letter writer is correct girls need support and open communication with their parents, it does start at home. Sad but todays families are not like the Cleavers or the Bradys many come from broken homes and have nothing but the streets and bad choices. Instead of cutting off a life line for many lets give them the knowledge in our schools, put sex ed back in the classroom. The reason sex ed was discontinued in many schools was due

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Feb-23-14 2:16 PM

Spike2, you are right about closing free clinics and family planning services to inner cities and the poor are the ones who suffer. In the 80s Williamsport had a family planning building on 4th street, where young girls could go and get free or discounted birth control, have pelvic exams, and yes they performed pregnancy tests as well as STD tests. At no time to my knowledge did they ever perform abortions. Many confuse family planning with abortion services, they are not the same. Why are some so against family planning? Family planning was a place for young women, some who have no support system at home or have no one to talk to about birthcontrol could go and be educated on taking care of themselves and their bodies. I am pro-choice, I do understand where pro-life supporters are coming from to a point. What I do not understand is why close down a service that helps young women take control of what happens to their bodies by supplying them with birthcontrol

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Feb-23-14 1:25 PM

Please enlighten us as to what you want to happen to any woman who has/had an abortion? You feel it is murder so do you want these women to be tried and executed for murder or not? Yes or No?

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Feb-23-14 1:12 PM

Here we go. 34 abortion clinics in NYC. About 400 at each clinic annually. 13,600 per year. Clinics service, African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians and others. Lets be really crazy and say 75% were black. 10,200 is the answer. How many black children were born in NYC in a year. Go ahead and take, Limbaugh, Beck or Breitbart 3's. Hmmm. Nothing adds up. Big surprise. Those who perform abortions illegally don't keep numbers. let's whine about the numbers and deny free birth control in inner cities. Cities have higher pregnancy rates than rural areas. Sorry folks, these are spun numbers in an attempt to convince blacks they are being murdered off by Democrats. Horse pucky.

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Feb-23-14 9:12 AM

"I believe there are so many young girls having abortions because they have not been taught that life begins at conception"

No I think girls are having abortions because they aren't taught how not to get pregnant.

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Feb-23-14 6:20 AM

Here is a stunning statistic:

In 2012, more black babies were aborted in NYC than were born.

Margaret Sanger and the segregationist liberals are celebrating in Hell.

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