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Susquehanna County home to many productive wells

February 23, 2014

KINGSLEY (AP) — Dale Empet is a retired farmer and stone quarrier whose son grows corn and hay and raises dairy cattle in Harford Township....

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Mar-06-14 8:06 PM

The liberal jealousy of wealth and no complaints flies in the face of their multiple, repeated lies about the gas industry.

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Mar-02-14 10:29 AM

....and kiss my hardworking , white , overtaxed a s s-Garben78

A very revealing statement.

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Mar-02-14 5:51 AM

I live out 87 you moron. So a couple of rigs sitting in the middle of cornfields not really as ugly as the neighbors pink siding or the yellow one either and as for road funding be glad gas is here or instead of the recent $.50 tax it would've been over $1.00 so bow to your knees judgeanddisillusioned and kiss my hardworking , white , overtaxed a s s

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Mar-01-14 8:17 AM

Empet gets wealthy and the rest of us have to pay all the ancillary costs. We all have to deal with the traffic, with the air pollution, the decreased water quality, the damaged roads and all the other very real negative issues. Garben and all the other anti-environment fools can deny the reality, but one only needs to drive out Rt 118, or travel to Susquehanna County or even just out Rt 87 now to see, smell and hear this damage. When the industry and all those that leased are willing to pay ALL the price for this behavior, then and only then will they have any leg to stand on. They can't pay those costs, so they ignore them and claim they don't exist so they can continue to profit at others expense, claiming we need the fuel. We don't need the fuel, we have the technology to eliminate the vast majority of fossil fuels use, but that doesn't further their agenda and profit either. Parasites is all they are, so many short sighted fools allow and support the behavior.

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Feb-28-14 8:49 AM

Gases coming off well sites? Hum my dairy cows and my dogs and goats and horses are surrounded by gas pads and not one has falling ill hmm just must be where your at I suppose

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Feb-28-14 8:47 AM

I agree with you on the Cabot issue unfortunately a bad egg can soil the bunch. If it wasn't for natural resources like this and coal in our past we wouldn't really have much of what we do today

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Feb-27-14 1:27 PM

I have wells bored under my property and I get royalties (which stink) on 100 acres and I still say throw these thiefs out of here. They lie and will do anything they can to decrease your royalties. They could less care about you or your land. If I had it to do over again I would say take a walk.

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Feb-26-14 9:20 AM

Sorry Garben78, you got your facts wrong once again. I turned down a lease on several hundred acres...not that I need to answer to you but just thought I would pass that along...also have you traveled to Wyoming to see the devastation from fracking? I bet not, but I have, and the people can't let their kids outside to play due to the gases coming off of the well sites because it is harmful to breathe.

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Feb-26-14 9:08 AM

what, I see you didn't mention anything about bad water...oh that rights lets through the poor people of Dimock under the rug because we don't want anyone to know that all f their water is ruined at the hands of Cabot and then Cabot took them to Court so they didn't have to pay for them to have water....thats real nice...I would want to be associated with Cabot too!

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Feb-26-14 7:06 AM

And please pinecr give us an example of the bad air please

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Feb-26-14 7:05 AM

Pinecr you are nothing but non landowning anti environment scum so mind your own and ps don't badger other landowners because of their new found wealth

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Feb-24-14 9:34 AM

oh, that rights, I will just move away with your millions and to*****with anyone else in the area that is not making the kind of money to move out of the area. They will be left with no water and no clean air, but at least you were able to make your millions.

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Feb-24-14 9:33 AM

Empet, really, you want us to believe you are not getting rich off the the gas drilling...just hope you water hold out because no matter how rich you are you need water to live and we all know Cabot's record on that issue!

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