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Anti-fracking crowd uses logs, pipe to block Dam Run Road

March 21, 2014

SALLADASBURG — Workers en route Thursday morning to a gas drilling site on Dam Run Road were unable to get there because three protesters had chained and apparently cemented their arms to the......

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Mar-25-14 11:07 AM

Hey Mercury2 why won't the gas industry make public all of the toxins used in the fracking process? We all know why!

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Mar-25-14 11:00 AM

gee billybob, you are quite a generous gashole!

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Mar-24-14 12:12 PM


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Mar-23-14 1:58 PM

Pa. was used as one big science experiment and the test failed. Ban fracking NOW!!

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Mar-23-14 10:58 AM

No water? No life.

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Mar-23-14 4:50 AM

MsMac and BornHere-Mercury (biobabe, radio, which ever personality it is today) is a female who has been drinking "purified" slurry water for years =) Genetics of the Common sense, Common Core or Commonwealth MECURY2?

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Mar-23-14 4:30 AM

Anyone can profit or work for the gas company should they so desire. People who don't want to enjoy the boost in economic growth should not try to deprive others who want to work or grow in potential for future resources.

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Mar-22-14 1:37 PM

I think Mercury should offer to have an injection well put in his backyard.

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Mar-22-14 12:46 PM

Hey Mecury2, I hate to burst your little bubble but I am a woman and NOT a man, and thank you for your wonderful compliments.

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Mar-22-14 12:27 PM

LauhIn: Ok to 'poke fun' but, put that rectal thermometer away,you scare me!

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Mar-22-14 12:25 PM

LaughIn: "Got you on the run and having fun!" You should have clarified that comment by saying, "if you have COMMONSENSE re-read the entire blog for clarity"!People with no commonsense will not understand my comment!ie:LaughIn for one.

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Mar-22-14 12:17 PM

Garben78: Nice try but, remember who you are dealing with,no answer will be good enough! "BornHere" is a very "negative" person knowing with past comments from him. So,If I were you I would overlook his comments,you will save a lot of time with nonsense! If you tell him it's red,he would say it's not red enough, you know,"mine is bigger than yours"or "mine is better",you won't win!

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Mar-22-14 12:12 PM

See what happens when you poke fun at MECURY2 =)

Please re-read the entire blog for clarity

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Mar-22-14 12:09 PM

BornHere:Number one, We are talking about drilling aka:fracking polluting are water wells. Number two,The companies that were fined "illegal dumping" was in our streams and yes I'm piss*d about that but, again we're talking about water wells,there is a difference. Number three: The one that was blamed for the Dimock well water being contaminating was proven to be wrong by the Federal EPA and State EPA plus independent labs!I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

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Mar-22-14 11:51 AM

nobud74: Thank you for explaining that to LaughIn maybe he/she will get the point but, I wouldn't count on it and watch out,he/she has a 'rectal thermometer'!

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Mar-22-14 11:45 AM

LaughIn:If I had a choose between who I believed in,the Government or LaughIn,I'll let you guess! Isn't this funny? By the way, when is the six grade party?

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Mar-22-14 11:39 AM

LaughIn: Ok, I'm now out in 'left field' and I'm full of BS (the offer is off to play with my rectum)with all that BS. Still I get no information on this 'TOXIC SLURRY" you were talking about,still waiting. As far as the question,where my neighbor gets his N/G from your lame as* reply the "stork",a little more thought in your answer please! Now, As far as the rate increase,we had a very MILD winter this year,right? And number two,yes we do have a lot of N/G in the area but, the problem is we don't have the "infrastructure" in place yet (Rome built in a day)get my point,look who I'm talking I'm sure you won't! LaughIn,Till you get some REAL facts besides the "stork" sh*t stop running your mouth cause there is nothing coming out of it!Excuse me, I have to get back out to 'left field'and hope that 'stork' doesn't sh*t on me!

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Mar-22-14 9:46 AM

lookout, you're naive, VERY NAIVE. The things being paid for, the roads and the new 'lands being given the gas company', this and that, the damage to these things CAME from the Gas Company and FYI, there are actually LESS jobs here now that the Gas Company is in town because the Gas Industry has driven a lot of businesses into the ground. The Rental Prices have gone through the roof to the point that anyone not working for the Gas Industry cannot afford them.

My guess lookout is that you work for a gas industry or are related to or married to someone who does. Good for you, glad you benefit. The rest of us, not so much.

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Mar-22-14 7:16 AM

All jokes aside, I am thankful for any drilling here. We needed the jobs and can't imagine how bad things would be here without the gas boom. Can't read the paper or listen to the news where something isn't being paid for without gas funds collected.

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Mar-22-14 7:09 AM

Charge them and put them to work. Seems to me they need something to do. Way to much time on their hands if they don't have anything better to do with them! I doubt any of them have even paid enough taxes to call it their land!

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Mar-22-14 4:47 AM

Garben78, do you have any idea what these violations were for? The majority of the violations were in the categories of "major" violations.

Discharge of pollutants to waters of Commonwealth. 87 violations

Failure to properly store or manage waste or pollutants. 77 violations

Failure to minimize erosion or stabilize/restore site. 21 violations

Well casing violations. 17 violations

These violations were more serious then forgetting to put on a fluorescent vest.

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Mar-22-14 3:43 AM

"This put the firefighters at risk"??

By sitting peacefully in some backwoods road? Where were these same concerned citizens when a reckless Texas fracker crashed his Gibson Oil company truck though a powerline pole on busy route 87 last week? That little frack-up had high voltage wires all over a major highway for most of that evening placing everyone's lives in danger, including firefighters. Traffic was blocked for 10 miles causing an hour detour both ways. An ambulance or other needed rescue vehicles were not able to pass because of the downed wires, neighbors were in jeopardy for most of the night had they needed paramedics, fire or rescue themselves. Took us 2 extra hours to get to the drugstore for needed medications for our elders. Will Gibson Oil be billed for that?

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Mar-21-14 9:47 PM

Of the 250 violations none were alarming citations heck we get them where we work for something as simple as not wearing a fluorescent vest

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Mar-21-14 8:26 PM

Still using the same old arguments Texas.

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Mar-21-14 8:16 PM

Texas, "don't pee in the woods"! Love it!

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