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Pleasant surprise

March 25, 2014

What a surprise to see in the paper Captain Timothy Miller being promoted to Assistant Police Chief of the City of Williamsport. I’ve known him since he was knee high to a grasshopper....

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Mar-26-14 7:48 PM

another miller police who knew lol

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Mar-26-14 7:47 PM

Did I make anyone laugh???

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Mar-26-14 7:42 PM

I think he would be the one to get the water authority to change their policy that forces landlords to pay thousands of dollars in unpaid water bills,and allows tenants to get water turned on at their next location without paying their previous bill,Now we would be getting our moneys worth!!

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Mar-26-14 7:02 PM

" It's almost a shame the police, the "government workers" and so forth don't walk off the job on the same day and let you go for yourselves."

I hope they would walk off for a day, it may negate their contract for overpaid pensions and healthcare.But for the answer to your question $18-$23/hr is more than enough to be paying them, even with experience, offer a 401k matched to 4%, no pension bs. Overtime limited to 5hrs/person/week. Health benefits in line with most employers around the area

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Mar-26-14 8:21 AM

OK Scott. What should prison guards be paid? You think Dr.'s come in contact with strange contagious illnesses, mental health problems, etc. Talk to the intake officers, talk to the MH workers. Once again, overpaid government employees, right? Do you think maybe the police come in contact with many of the same folks who populate the ER waiting room? Only difference is you have forewarning in the ER. Shulski, how do you know when a cop will get shot? Because it hasn't happened recently, it won't?Let's pay them minimum wage and then raise the scale when and if an officer is seriously injured. Is that your sliding fee wage scale option? It's almost a shame the police, the "government workers" and so forth don't walk off the job on the same day and let you go for yourselves.

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Mar-26-14 8:00 AM

Hey all forgot about the pay raise...$$$$$$....the chief got a bump too!!!!....more $$$$$ down the tubes!!!!

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Mar-26-14 2:31 AM

Let the guy havr his moment in the sun, he wont be around long before he does something pops up to prove how corrupt he is. Lets paint another mural!

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Mar-25-14 10:26 PM

@Spike, so you feel that a Doctor's job is low risk?-LaughIn

Interesting point to discuss. As a rule, Doctors work with sick people, Some with contagious diseases. At times, I would imagine, they come across some with severe psychological problems, which could cause them to be very unpredictable, possibly dangerous. In emergency rooms, drunks, and addicts could add to the fun. All the while, these people go to the doctor because they do not know what is wrong--Neither does the doctor until a diagnosis is arrived at. JMO, but it certainly takes some guts, & a special type of person to work under these conditions--for an entire career.-LaughIn, you brought up a very interesting question.-Be Safe, & Happy!!!-Scott

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Mar-25-14 9:31 PM

Enigma, you must be related to a former county commissioner. You must also be in the real estate business. Marijuana by mail. sound familiar? it is all making sense now.

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Mar-25-14 8:32 PM

Not that the choice was bad or the pay for a position such as A.C. of the WPD off, but, why the need?

@Spike, so you feel that a Doctor's job is low risk? Ask the insurance companies paying out for lawsuits, money hungry lawyers willing to take money to sue anyone for anything, and people who pay outragous healthcare premiums because of sue happy people =)

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Mar-25-14 4:12 PM

Spike2 when was the last time you even heard of a cop getting hurt around here? Let alone killed. 1950s was the only time, I believe a cop was killed in this city. Having said that, I support paying cops good salaries because it makes them above bribes and attracts better people to the position.

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Mar-25-14 4:10 PM

Nice letter. Figures the comments would get ugly. Like when I watched Fox News yesterday and Hannity was agreeing with everything the conservatives said about internet regulation. They just had to get nasty and pick on Hannity anyway. When are these right wingers going to wake up to the fact that they are bullies. It's why I get so angry. Just countering the hate.

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Mar-25-14 3:56 PM

Doctors and lawyers have low risk jobs compared to police or military. I believe the police required a a 2 year degree for a period of time, Not sure if they still do. I bet most of the city police have served in the military. I also believe they take multiple types of tests before they are hired and or promoted. I do think it would be great if military received higher pay.Anyone who sees combat should certainly receive a decent wage. I doubt if you can find many who disagree.

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Mar-25-14 3:31 PM

Time will tell if this position is "paying off". If it is nothing more than a spot created to pay someone with some sort of promotion--probably money wasted. If however this helps make it a more efficient force, & crime goes down, then, IMO--money well spent.-Scott

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Mar-25-14 1:44 PM

Congratulation! Hey Spike2...How about our active duty military, give them $80,ooo a year please.... regardless of their rank and EDUCATION! What education and requirements did the applicant need for this position? I know the current chief has NO college degree, but yearly training-and life experience. Teachers, Lawyers, Nurses, and Doctors all have Licensees. Big difference Spike when it comes to pay. Don't ever undercut the life savers in this world, but there is NO need to OVER pay either.

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Mar-25-14 10:15 AM

Mim, you seriously think $80,000 is a lot of money for an Asst. Police Chief? i know you are a crime and slumlord denier, but seriously? Figure out the hourly wage. How much do you think nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business execs, etc. make per hour (to name a few). They all are great professions but I am completely willing o have my tax dollars go to $80,000(before taxes). Maybe the real problem is Tim Miller might try to restore some order to those lovely "tradesmen blocks", that are doing nothing but sinking the city further. let's play some more of pretend their isn't crime and it won't be real.

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Mar-25-14 9:45 AM

Wow, enigma!! Seams like a smart guy, 80 k a year is a lot for taxpayers to pay in my humble opinion. He did get Shirley Abernathys(ran Mayors campaign) tenant ordinance passed. Although it took a year, unknowingly the mayor showed his wrath towards all landlords when Gabe was actually mad at Shirleys neighbor, on Hepburn street. I hope it is worth the time and money,I guess time will tell!! good luck Tim!!!

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Mar-25-14 8:45 AM

Yeah, it's a pleasant surprise if you like a police state. Interestingly, this promotion came not too long after Capt. Miller blamed the victim of a crime for the crime,,, but only because the crime was committed by a police officer. Throughout that investigation, even though he had to know the officer was totally at fault, he blamed the victim while telling us to wait for the details of the investigation. Details that he had, but hadn't yet been released to the public.

Yep, that's what we need, an Assistant Police Chief who will allow a police officer to get away with anything, including murder.

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