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Enlightenment on AARP

March 28, 2014

Gun owners need to know this: There was a letter from Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms in the latest issue of NRA's publication, America's 1st Freedo....

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Apr-02-14 3:08 AM

now alot of us can not comment on these letters now we started talking about aout constitutional rights now another one has been taken away fredom of press now you have to 100.00 a yaer just to read and post internet is there are other sites that are not greedy

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Mar-29-14 11:43 AM

AMAC. An organization for seniors who are politically conservative. LOL

The alternative is conservative. We wonder why there is so much division. They separate themselves from everyone.

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Mar-29-14 9:48 AM

Proof evolution can go in reverse see: Rick424 post

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Mar-28-14 6:47 PM

Join the NRA today great people doing great things and remember guns don't kill people people kill people along with cancer and bombs and gasoline and mudslides and chainsaws and automobiles etc etc

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Mar-28-14 5:41 PM

Yes, Rick, we want to kill masses of elderly but save the life of babies.

Rick's choice is we either give-in to total socialism and crony capitalism or we kill the elderly.

This is the mind of a liberal trying to be intellectual in an argument.

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Mar-28-14 5:01 PM

I joined AMAC, the other alternative to AARP. Viscous rumor is that AARP will make about one billion for pushing the Un-affordable Care Act but thats those evil TEA party people in their lawn chairs waving American Flags say Sham. I too canceled my AARP membership long ago. Not enough "male enhancement" ads, 'ya know....

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Mar-28-14 3:22 PM

Soylent Green. No more old people. Look at all the money we can save. Plus more food for the poor. That should make the right happy.

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Mar-28-14 2:27 PM

AARP stands to make millions off Obamacare because they get to offer their insurance plans...that is why the group supported the legislation...they were paid off.

But we will not see any liberals condemn that crony capitalism...because it furthers their agenda.

If the NRA backed legislation that required all concealed carry holders to pass an NRA sanctioned course (on which the NRA makes money), we would hear the howling of the hypocritical hyenas on the left.

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Mar-28-14 2:00 PM

Anyone beside me see the irony of people with government health care (Medicare) quitting the AARP (the single biggest defender of Medicare) because of its support for the ACA (government support for healthcare)


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Mar-28-14 12:04 PM

Burrows,Good for you and E,I,E,I,O and we don't care! I always pictured my grandmother carrying an AR-15 and hanging it over the fireplace and don't forget,you get 10% off being an AARP member!? No more knitting for grandma!?

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Mar-28-14 11:56 AM

Good for you LTE author, you'll show the AARP! I don't get the correlation though why you'd drop the AARP because of the ACA, though. Isn't the ACA keeping Medicare costs stable and in some cases reducing them? If you have Medicare, you aren't required to signup for individual health insurance, to my understanding. Is this not true? What negatives from the ACA do seniors realize?

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Mar-28-14 11:00 AM

You still belong to the Not Really Americans?

As for AARP--we need to start ANTI-AARP. Stop old people from voting and we will stop draining our US Treasury on needless luxuries like SSI; Medicare; Medicade! Why is it that you can't vote until you are 18, but you can still vote when you are a senile old person of 40? Going to be too warm soon to put the old Baby Boomers out on the ice so I guess the country is stuck with us until next winter.

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Mar-28-14 9:57 AM

I personally don't make a move in life unless I run it by the president of Henry Repeating Arms.

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Mar-28-14 9:54 AM

"The "Significant problem", Comrad Shaman..." - Sullivan11


Uhhhhhhh....that'd be C-o-m-r-a-d-e....a term, for which ALL you Putin-fans must be familiar!!!



Big Vladdy - Semi-Delusional Autocrats - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 03/06/14 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

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Mar-28-14 9:44 AM

"Yes, there are a lot of organizations and things with nice sounding names on the outside!" - ToTEXASfromPA


No the "Family Research Council"...and, the "Council of Conservative Citizens"!



Tony Perkins | Right Wing Watch


Council of Conservative Citizens | Right Wing Watch

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Mar-28-14 9:40 AM

Thanks Cap, I will look into that.

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Mar-28-14 9:31 AM

For all you military veterans, check into Armed Services Mutual Benefits Association (ASMBA), a truly non-profit organization that looks out for the needs of veterans and their families. It's free to join, you get 5k accidental life insurance free along with many other benefits, and their rates for other plans are very reasonable.

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Mar-28-14 9:19 AM

What types of ads are in the magazine from the NRA? BTW I have read that magazine in the past.

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Mar-28-14 9:16 AM

Want to limit yourself go ahead, that is your choice.

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Mar-28-14 9:13 AM

So did we.

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Mar-28-14 8:51 AM

Exactly, Jerry. Vote with your wallet and your time. Let the market sort it out. If moves such as this hurt them, they will change. If not, there are many other groups to join that have your interests in mind.

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Mar-28-14 8:30 AM

There are many organizations that do not advertise for gun manufacturers along with publications. The real reason for dissing the AARP was their support for ACA.

spike2 did you have Mr. Boston for German too?

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Mar-28-14 8:10 AM

Holy cow! Mr. Boston. Ich spreche Deutsch. Thanks! Now we both are eligible for AARP.

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Mar-28-14 8:02 AM

I wasn't thrilled to be eligible for membership to AARP but now I have a very good reason to join.

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Mar-28-14 7:23 AM

Looks like I will now join AARP. thanks for the letter. Old people rule!!

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