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Come on

March 31, 2014

If college athletes are permitted to unionize with the purpose of being paid and have the right to strike, then they should forfeit all scholarships, grants, etc....

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Apr-03-14 10:07 PM

Nice mouth Agnostic!

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Apr-02-14 2:26 PM

"How can anyone say that making players practice 50 hours a week is not "work"? "

That's a choice....sports is a choice.

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Apr-02-14 2:25 PM

I agree with the writer...sports has become a god in this country. It's either or....but to have both is not fair, especially for those who use brains instead of brawn...

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Apr-01-14 2:28 PM

I support the student athletes in this fight. The scholarships are their compensation as employees. They are generating profits for these universities, and therefore deserve some democracy in their workplace. This hating of democracy is really what is at the core of conservative contempt for collective bargaining. They much prefer business models resembling dictatorships and kingdoms over democracies in the workplace.

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Mar-31-14 12:48 PM

I am so glad that I dont support any of the sports in any way, it has got way out of hand. Nobody is worth the ridiculous amounts of money these people are paid. Glad it is not my money.

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Mar-31-14 11:31 AM

This all could have been avoided if the NCAA would have got off their high horse and granted these players the small things they were asking for such as medical attention. Nothing they were asking or was unreasonable but once again the NCAA looks to short change the students, much like they did the players at Penn State who had absolutely nothing to do with that whole fiasco, but they are still paying the price.

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Mar-31-14 10:38 AM

I have no doubt that if the college football players win the appeal that legislative bodies in the south will pass legislation preventing college football players in the south from unionizing.

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Mar-31-14 10:35 AM

The NCAA and colleges make a lot of money off college players. Matter of fact more and more people connected with athletics are beginning to raise their voices over the unfair treatment they are getting.

Northwestern is appealing the decision and this fight over whether student athletes can unionize is not over.

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Mar-31-14 8:58 AM

Friend of mine had a scholarship to play football at University of Virginia where he severely damaged his knees. Guy has had difficulty walking for 40 years with no medical help at all from the college.

How can anyone say that making players practice 50 hours a week is not "work"?

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Mar-31-14 7:53 AM

Most college athletes will NOT go on to play professional sports. The Northwestern athletes who were looking to unionize are not looking to make money but rather secure their medical attention and educational expenses in the event they get injured.

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Mar-31-14 7:32 AM

Mr. McBride - They are being paid now. That was what the decision to allow them to unionize was based on. Their scholarships are their salary and that meets the definition of a paid employee. I heard Kain Colter (the leader of this movement) speak about what they are asking for, and it wasn't unreasonable. Did you know that colleges are not automatically obligated to treat injuries a player receives while training or playing their sport? I didn't and that seems to me to be a reasonable thing to demand.

I am not in favor of labor unions today. They have been obsolete for 50 years. But I favor this one. Seems like college athletics are in the same place today that industry was 75 years ago.

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Mar-31-14 5:35 AM

Isn't part of the unionizing and sponsorship income sharing to go towards helping athletes finish their education instead doing the mandatory minimum before they go pro?

Let's not forget how much money large programs make off of student athletes. A successful football or basketball program can virtually fund all other athletics of the school. Not to mention, look at coaching staff salaries for allegedly "non-profit" organizations. Joe Paterno was a good example.

I just don't know at what level every school will be able to support a unionized sport without closing its doors to other opportunities or offerings to keep up with the costs that can be involved.

I dont know this, but do colleges provide athletes with medical coverage already when they are in sports or do they rely on their parents insurance?

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