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Flight 370

April 1, 2014

One important question that nobody is asking about flight 370 is if the transponders were turned off, do the cell phones still work? Most everybody who travels carries a cell phone with the....

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Apr-02-14 2:21 PM


I said nothing against the "black/white" man in the WH. Please choose to accuse rightly. And, assumptions aren't your strong point. Where, pray tell....did I speak to losing control of the country?

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Apr-02-14 1:32 PM

look it up Lazy the Liar. of course facts never was your strong point.

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Apr-02-14 12:07 PM

Wow bobbie, never thought you could go lower than what I already considered you to be. But that comment plunges you into the abyss. Many people are dead due to faulty ignition switches, which GM has openly admitted to installing, and you come on here and spew your filthy bilge that it was the people hanging too many charms on their key rings. That ranks right down there with the fools blaming the guy who got killed by the cop doing 101 mph in the wrong lane because he didn't signal his left turn to the oncoming idiot with a badge. I know you're incapable of feeling any, but shame on you, bobbie2.

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Apr-02-14 12:01 PM

Rmiller displays the desperation of the wing nuts feeling they've lost control of the country(and make no mistake, control is what they've always been about. Control and entitled white privilege), by feeding into any crackpot conspiracy against the black man in the White House.

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Apr-02-14 9:43 AM

Looks like Rickie has a dozen or so foolish peers, whodda thunk.

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Apr-01-14 11:33 PM

I won't pay, either. Truth be told, the SG has more readers on the "letters to the editor" merit alone, not to mention the rest of us in the playground entertaining others for free! If this stops at some point, take care everyone!

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Apr-01-14 11:31 PM

Are we going to have to pay to react? :) I haven't been on for a few days and come back to this? BTW, IMO....and only my opinion, this flight 370 has been the best distractor I've seen in years. We will find the plane when it does com back a missle....

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Apr-01-14 10:16 PM

Strangely I will miss you too Bobbie or whomever you are. Take care.

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Apr-01-14 9:44 PM

Rickie "Actually I do. Reminds me of Ford and the Pinto. Profits over safety when a known problem exists."

Known problem? Known problem would be what? The problem is *******s like Rickie hang 10 pounds of key ring danglers on the ignition. Remember nothing can be made fool proof because fools like Rickie are to ingenious.

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Apr-01-14 9:08 PM

Take care rick, I have enjoyed our conversations over the years. O hen yon, go in peace, bye.

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Apr-01-14 8:45 PM

Looks like all ready started. :-(

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Apr-01-14 8:41 PM

I guess we will find out tomorrow how this new format works. If it is pay. See ya! I will miss you Bornhere. You seem like one awesome person.

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Apr-01-14 8:14 PM

They want us to pay now to read the paper??

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Apr-01-14 7:34 PM

OH NO!!!

The Sun-Gazette just went to pay per view!!

It's over. This will never save them!

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Apr-01-14 6:24 PM

The real question no one has brought up is if a trucking company has GPS tracking on a $130,000 truck why don't they have them on a 270 million dollar airplane that can't be disabled?

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Apr-01-14 2:53 PM

Actually I do. Reminds me of Ford and the Pinto. Profits over safety when a known problem exists. They weigh their options. Will it cost more to fix? or will it cost more to pay for the few deaths it may create. Pray for the ones that are suffering their loss and leave your stupid politics out of this one.

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Apr-01-14 2:50 PM

FortySixand2, that's an interesting theory and, not being an engineer, as a layman I would think that may not be a far-fetched theory. And in that case I don't know if there would be any kind of seepage from the plane that would show up on the surface of the water or even be noticeable like a huge oil spill would be. I can't help but consider the terror those passengers likely experienced and hope it was short-lived, but I sure wish there were some answers for the families, although I fear that there will never be.

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Apr-01-14 2:27 PM


Yes, how dare I point out incompetence when it is caused by bloated government.

Meanwhile, I bet you think GM is evil for its recent news.

You are the sad one.

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Apr-01-14 2:26 PM


Your theory has too many holes.

First, not everyone on the flight has a window seat. Second, as CitizenX said, most are not looking outside.

So, looking at odds, one passenger might notice the plane is flying in the wrong direction.

One passenger stands up and starts screaming that they are going the wrong way.

What do you think is going to happen?

The passenger will be ignored, told to stay quiet or have the pulp beaten out of him/her and handcuffed by the flight attendants.

Sorry, you are thinking, but not deep enough.

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Apr-01-14 2:21 PM

My guess is that the plane didn't crash. I think it somehow made a soft landing like the one did on the Hudson river. It landed softly and sank in one piece. How it landed softly, I have no idea. But that is my theory. Just have to love the anti-gov't rants of some of the wing nuts. We all know how much gov'ts can be trusted when wing nuts are in charge!

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Apr-01-14 1:06 PM

No, johnny, not a pessimist, a realist. Many people take a 'red eye' flight for the explicit purpose of being able to sleep through the flight rather than waste a significant part of a day in transit. And yes, likely some people can't sleep, however, do you really think that many of those people are constantly watching the sky? Maybe to spend a few minutes of the fight looking to try to orient yourself in relation to the constellations, but it is highly unlikely that anyone is keeping a constant vigil on the sky--whether they have had a good science education or not. The next time you take a 6 hour flight, particularly an overnight flight, look around after an hour and see how many people are gazing out the window, or even just glancing out the window. And, if that plane had been full to capacity of the most knowledgeable astronomers in the world, what do you think would have changed the circumstances? There still would have been no way to communicate with the ground.

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Apr-01-14 11:57 AM

You are a pessimist aren't you X. A question was asked and I tried to answer it. I'm not sure why you are making this a big issue.

Ok, here goes-They call it red eye because a lot of people like me can't sleep on a jet and end up staying up all night. So there will be some people awake. Second-A good case why science is important in the schools. You have good points on 3 and 4 but Mike asked a question.

I hope your day gets better.

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Apr-01-14 11:55 AM

bobbae2, Google is your friend and takes less time to find an answer to your question than it took you (or me) to write these comments!

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Apr-01-14 11:38 AM

OOPS! That should be "astronomy" not 'astrology', LOL

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Apr-01-14 11:36 AM

Unless they are an astrology buff, most passengers on any long flight, especially a night flight over the ocean, are sleeping or at least trying to pass the time in a distracting way like reading or listening to an ipod or something. Even on a daytime 3 hour flight I notice that most people are trying to trying to distract and entertain themselves, not trying to orient themselves to their location in the sky. And, lastly, even if every single passenger on that plane was very well aware that there was an immanently disastrous problem, there isn't a thing they could do---and in fact, we have no way of even knowing that that isn't the case since there was no method for passengers to communicate with anyone outside the airplane at that point.

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